Personal Essay Topics

Let's make a quick guess about what has drawn you here. You are probably a high school student, or simply pursuing graduation. And you are here to determine the range of personal essay topics that you can go about writing in your assignment. Right? But you might also appreciate it if you could also get a more clear idea of what the personal essay writing incorporates - probably the style, the tone, the objective, best practices, dos, and don'ts, etc., along with some examples.

If any of the above topics remotely resembles your concern, then you are in the right place. It is because we are going to take a pretty deep dive into the affairs of personal essay writing, and to some extent, the art of writing a gorgeous piece for your personal essay writing assignment. Sounds good? Let's get straight into it!

The Objectives of Personal Essay Writing and the Topics Involved

The purpose of personal essay writing in the academic curriculum is to create reverberation in the untapped regions of the students' mind concerned with narration, and further, to call it upon for the broadening of their outlook towards their majors, and of course, their personal lives. However, this is probably a much inclusive view of the objectives of personal essay writing, and several things can be drawn to achieve a greater understanding of the objectives. Narration, for instance, is about the innumerable forms of expression to which the students have either been the first-hand/passive audience or a part of the production of such narratives. And because such instances can mostly happen outside the academic/professional circles, personal essay topics are qualified to range between personal achievements, failures, adventures, good and bad experiences, life-changing events, or even, this time a bit more subjectively, a short meeting with a special one.

Therefore, as you understood, there can be various instances that you not only remember, but also have an experience of it moving you in some way or the other. Which in turn, must have caused you to progress in your perceiving and decision-making capacities. In all such moments, you could feel various emotions introducing themselves to you in a more or less subtle way. Writing all of it down and your experiences with them make you an observer, fathoming all the facets of it; and an author who is capable of capturing them in writing. This shall be the born of a scholar in you. Although a scholar is unimaginably more than just an observer and an author, adhering to the point-of-view of an oversimplifier due to time constraints, they essentially are those. Let's discuss what else is in store for the students, particularly in those personal essay topics.

However, before we move further, let's first give you what you were initially looking for – the topics.

Explore some of them here, or get the entire PDF by reaching out to us. Assignment Hippo is the pioneer in making students' academic lives easier by imparting them the best assignment writing tips, and all sorts of help like this one where we are cherished to share with you the best personal essay topics online.

Personal Essay Topics: Best Practices

Let's begin with eliminating all the doubts for you. And, thorough them, let's also attempt to find the best practices in personal essay writing.

Doubt #1 - 'Can I be me in Terms of my Beliefs, Biases?'

Writing a personal essay may involve the use of both fairness and biases. It is because personal essays are meant to be all about your beliefs, expectations, inferences, applications, etc. All in all, it is about you, and your character. Being open with your beliefs can help readers better comprehend that character and the reasons behind your views.

Using fairness and biases also reaches the reader better since you sound more human. Moreover, it allows accuracy in conveying the significance of the event.

Doubt #2 - 'Is it okay to Write a Personal Essay as a Story?'

Aren't memoirs, stories? Then why not your personal essay? It is allowed to have a plot, characters, a culmination, and a lesson/reason drawn. A good literary structure gives any write-up the honor of being considered a work of art and academe. It allows a professional, systematic, and consistent vibe. All these elements make the story worthwhile from the perspective of technicalities.

Doubt #3 - 'Does the Objective of the Story need to be Grand?'

One straightforward answer to this question is, 'no, it does not'. Your teachers and professors are aware of your nascency in life. The fact that they still want you to write a personal essay with an objective in it, is to explore and assess the quality of your observation and inferences articulately penned down into a narrative. This should clear your doubt over incorporating a "grand objective". Personal essays are more about the quality of those moments in your life and your memories rather than how spectacular is the end.

Doubt #4 - 'Is it okay to Improvise?'

That is exactly what the purpose of this very guide, i.e., to make you understand that there is no need to follow a strict guideline regarding the kind of personal essay you should write. In fact, the list of personal essay topics that we have shared is not important to even look at if you already have a story, which has much to say about your character, the depth of your experience, the quality of the time, the vulnerability, the emotions, etc. It is always welcome to improvise and add your tint to the essay.

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