Personal Narrative Essay

For university students, it is an ongoing struggle to manage time effectively between various pursuits. College life is a complete frenzy! Anyone who has been to university knows that getting a qualifying grade in all your courses is Herculean. As if the periodic tests are not stressful enough, the research paper submissions are like the icing on the cake. To add to that there is the pressure of working part-time jobs and trying to build a social life. Writing noteworthy essays can be extremely time-consuming. Finding the right resources, compiling the relevant data and presenting the facts skilfully require a painstaking approach. The students often have relatively little experience in writing elaborate essays and thus writing a personal narrative essay can seem like a problem. The pressure of academics can be overwhelming even for the best of students. It is, therefore, a wise option to consult an expert. Assignment Help Era, the students can help and assistance of essay writing experts to help them put together profound personal narrative essays.

What is a Personal Narrative Essay?

Writing an essay requires the students to have a well-founded knowledge of the style of writing required for the essay. It is also important that the student has the necessary knowledge and prowess in the subject that they have to write on. Writing an impressive paper is going to take a lot more than a superficial reading of a random internet page or the last minute skim through DIY homework help book. Remember that although it may be difficult to collate the factual data required to put together your essay, getting the literary design correct is relatively easier. Writing a personal narrative essay is all about writing a personal account of an event or a discipline. It could also be as specific as a time-bound phenomenon or as broad as a doctrinal theory encompassing several kinds of different phenomena. A personal narrative essay consists of a personal account of the writer’s experience and thus it is written in the first person.

A personal narrative essay presents a strong narrative that describes the writer’s first-hand experience in the form of an engaging and compelling recital. The most important thing in a personal narrative essay is the perspective of the writer. The key differentiation between a personal narrative essay and a regular essay is that in a personal narrative essay, the writer is expected to incorporate unique elements of expression and prose to strengthen his narrative. The student is expected to provide an eloquent and elucidate account on the given subject. The essay must be written from a unique focal point. It is prudent to remember that the students will be graded on the novel value addition that they provide to the subject of the essay with their analytical skills. The students are expected to deduce logical deductions from the research that they have performed. It is therefore only natural that a personal narrative essay is opinionated. Although it may be opinionated, it must not be biased.

  • A personal narrative essay is deliberated in a way to invoke an emotional response in the reader.
  • A personal narrative essay tries to bring about an affirmative public discourse in favour of the subject.
  • It is usually written in the first person.
  • A narrative personal essay is a descriptive account of the event. It aims at providing a novel frame of reference to a given situation.
  • The biggest objective of a personal narrative essay is that it should provide a distinct and unique opinion.

Since a personal narrative essay is written from the viewpoint of the writer, it is essential that the writer skilfully employs literary devices to adjust the pace of the narrative to make it more appealing. The recital must be written with certain rhetoric to engage and engross the reader. The essay also must contain plenty of instances and analogical deductions to effectively portray the experience.

Here Are Some Other Essentials Of A Personal Narrative Essay


The works of the original creators that have been used for inference must be cited. It is not only an established scholarly practice to give due credit where required, but it is also a part of the standard code of ethical practices that a writer is expected to follow.

The narrative form of writing:

No doubt writing in the format of a narrative has many benefits overwriting a regular explanatory or descriptive account. A narrative essay can help the writer touch a chord with his readers. A powerful narrative also helps the writer capitalize on the emotions of the reader.

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