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Hire seasoned petrophysics assignment help from experienced writers at Assignment Hippo, Australia. Here, we bridge the gap between students and industry veterans who are dedicated to this field of study and have excelled in the task of bringing our high-quality solutions for guiding students in the last ten years.

Rocks are characterised by different properties. Similarly, different reservoirs consisting of oil, gas and water have different fluid properties. The science of evaluating these properties is what petrophysics concerns itself with. This is done through acquiring physical samples that are collected with the help of techniques such as wireline sondes, surface logging, drilling and more. Naturally, it is not a subject that fetches stellar grades to students easily; our online petrophysics assignment help writers are well-versed with this fact and thus, have mastered all the concepts in petrophysics to aid students to understand them instantly.

Are you aware of the 4 conventional petrophysical properties? The infographic below will help you understand them easily.

Over the years, a lot of students have opted to seek our online assignment help in Australia for getting reliable solutions to all their queries. The professional aboard with us possess scholarly degrees in petrophysics and also have gained a great industry experience of over ten years now.

Don’t believe us? Have a look at the following petrophysics assignment sample drafted by us to get an idea of the diverse knowledge that we possess in this discipline.

Here’s A High-quality Sample Drafted By Our Petrophysics Assignment Help Experts For Your Reference!

This is a subject that does not fall under the conventional subjects for which there is always a scarcity of relevant information available for students. This creates havoc in the lives of students while writing a petrophysics assignment. Realising this, we have set up a steadfast team of over 2,500 highly-qualified and experienced writers who understand the plight of students and have tried their hands over all the major topics that are rolled out to students enrolled in petrophysics.

In the last decade, we have successfully provided reliable academic guidance to students worldwide and made it possible for them to come out with flying colours. We have covered several samples for them that have become a source of support for students. Among them, we will now discuss some excerpts from one of the best petrophysics assignment solutions available with us to give you an insight into such assessments.

In the first question, students were asked to enlist the main sources of data in the context of sub-surface rocks. For this, our petrophysics assignment help writers enumerated them one-by-one in a tabular form as shown in the image below.

Notice how our experts segregate the source and the data types for each of the sources here.

Next, we have also aided students in finding the volume of the hydrocarbon in place. For this, we use this formula:

The main objective is to represent this formula in the form of a diagram. This is how our petrophysics assignment help writers present this formula in the form of a diagram as shown in the image below.

Here, water volume and matrix volume are considered to calculate the volume of hydrocarbons in place.

Additionally, we have also guided a lot of students on finding the propagation of errors in calculations of STOOIP.

As you can see in the image above, our petrophysics assignment help experts have calculated different parameters that are required for this question, we have helped students in understanding these technical questions with ease. These are just a few questions that we have discussed now. There are several others that we have guided students on, so, if you have any of your questions and want us to help you solve them, then give us a call right away!

10 Topics Covered By Our Online Petrophysics Assignment Help Experts

In the recent few years, we have got ample topics from students to help them with. Among them, there are some of the topics that we have received recurrent times. Therefore, our petrophysics assignment help experts have created a large repository out of such topics. We have catered to all the queries of students for these topics.

  1. Analysis of complex reservoirs

  2. Determining movable fluids

  3. Gas-bearing dolomites

  4. Water saturation Archie method

  5. Porosity in interpretation

  6. Capillary pressure

  7. Petrophysical model

  8. Logging methods

  9. Saturation height functions

  10. AVO and AVA relationships

Though these topics are considered to be the most crucial ones from the assignments and examination point of views for students, our petrophysics assignment help writers have also tried their hands over other complex topics like cross plot methods, velocity surveys, tangent diagrams, FDC nuclear methods, diameter and wellbore image logs and many other such topics and handed over premium-quality work to students instantly. Additionally, a lot of students have also talked to our experts regarding their doubts via our live one-on-one sessions and we have never turned a deaf ear to their requests. Our online petrophysics assignment help experts are available 24*7 at your disposal. So, if you have any questions, then you can contact us directly and get the answers from us at the earliest!

What Distinguishes Assignment Hippo From The Other Organisations Functioning In This Industry?

Though we have become the industry leaders now, we were not born this way. It is due to the consistent efforts that we have reached this zenith; Assignment Hippo encompasses a steadfast client support team, quality assurance experts and prolific academic writers. With their combined expertise, it has become possible to bring out the best versions of assignments for students, as per their customised requirements.

Talking about our petrophysics assignment help experts, we have recruited some of the world-class experts in our team to cater to the assignments of students which fall under this category. Being thorough of the technicalities involved in these assignments, they have been engaged in doing research in this field and this way, have transcended all the boundaries to furnish students with marketing-rubric focussed assignments at their doorstep!

Other than being the one-stop destination for all the queries of students, we also hand over an amazing range of value-added services to our clients, to lessen their academic burden. These include:

Unlimited Samples

Just like the petrophysics assignment solution that we discussed above, we have maintained a large storehouse of valuable samples for you that you can refer while writing your assignments. These ready-to-use samples are handcrafted by us, keeping in mind all the guidelines provided to us. Naturally, they not only give a brief idea of the approach that is to be used for a particular assignment but also gives an insight into the most important questions related to the subject.

There’s a lot of samples to choose from, so go ahead and get in touch with us.

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Gone are the days when you had to approach us separately, for different queries. Now, with our newly-launched mobile application, you can get the answers to all your questions sitting at your homes through this app. Just download it and stay updated on all our new offers and schemes, track the assignment process. Additionally, you can also request for unlimited revisions from us, in case you are not satisfied with our work. And most importantly, we won’t close your case, until you are completely satisfied!

Get in touch with our petrophysics assignment help experts and solve all your assignment blues within a jiffy!

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