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Have you ever wondered, how do animals know when it’s time to hibernate? Or, how do plants and trees know the time to lose their leaves? They do not possess calendars, so how do they come to know? There are many signals to it. Changes in season, temperature, and precipitation level help organisms to enter their new phases.

Phenology is the study of timings or happenings. It studies the various changes in biological events in plants and animals. Example- hibernation, migration, reproduction, etc. The study entails the relation between the timings of such events and the shift in climate and seasons.

The word ‘phenology’ comes from the Greek word ‘phaino’, meaning to show or appear. The subject means the ‘science of appearances’ concerning to the changes in seasons and climates. Seasonal changes are abiotic components affecting the living organisms (biotic components). It can include variations in temperature, precipitation, day length, etc. In Australia, spring brings Canberra to bloom; over one million blooms cover the Australian capital city in September and October.

Importance of Phenology

According to NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies, there is an increase in average global temperature of 0.8 degrees since 1880. If human activities persist without any drastic changes, it could lead to an increase of 2 degrees by the end of the 21st Century.

Earth’s climate change affects the timing of a place getting warm in the spring season, and also the cold in the fall. The warming process is not the same around the world; later latitudes get more warmth than the higher latitudes. This causes warm weather to arrive later in the former.

As Earth’s temperature is rising constantly due to bizarre activities of human actions, it becomes warmer earlier in the spring and it stays the same for later in the fall. This slight change in the average global temperature brings serious problems.

This shift causes changes in the transition phases of the plant life cycle (phenophases). This change is directly linked to temperature, humidity, rainfall, day length, etc. While these factors change throughout the year, but temperature and rainfall are deeply affected by the climate change caused by our destructive habits.

So, studying the changes in various organisms, and their habitats gives scientists crucial information about the adverse effects of climate change, and the measures to be incorporated to reverse this phenomenon.

Farmers have been studying the changes in climates and seasons to yield maximum production.

Changes in the phenophases greatly affect the entire ecosystem. For instance, if the flowers bloom early due to warm temperature, the process of developing from an egg to larva, and then to an insect doesn’t speed. These insects act as pollinators when they fly in search of food form one flower to another. If the larva couldn’t develop, this hampers the process. Pollens hitch a ride, inadvertently. By distributing pollens these insects play an important aspect in plant fertilisation, allowing them to grow seeds and fruits.

Mammals are affected too with the changes in phenophases. Take the above example into consideration. If the insects cannot help in pollination, the seeds won’t grow, which indicates that the insects’ growth will be hampered greatly. Without seeds and insects to eat, rodents may not survive either.

This forms a chain of events that affects humans as well. So, a change in phenological events in plants leaves a great impact on the entire ecosystem, along with the way we interact with our environment daily.

The urgency in making a constant effort to change our environment, now more than ever, was never before. The emitting of Greenhouse gases, deforestation, cattle grazing, wildfires, ozone layer depletion, etc. are creating havoc for the globe. If there is no consistent effort now, the natural resources will either get polluted or depleted.

In many parts of the world, the sign of this depletion is already being showcased; droughts, flooding, etc. are on the rise. Phenology helps in studying all these changes.

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