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PHP is the programming language used for server-side scripting, Used to create Static Websites or Dynamic Websites or Web Apps. PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-Processor, for Personal Home Pages, which used to be. Only a server that has PHP built will read the PHP files. The client machines only need a web browser to view the PHP files. A PHP file contains PHP tags and ends with the ".php "extension.

Php Programming Introduction

  • PHP is one of the extremely commonly used software for Web development and server-side scripting. Using PHP, popular websites such as Twitter, Yahoo, Wikipedia etc. are being created.
  • PHP is so popular because learning, programming, and deploying on a server is very easy, so it has been the first option for beginners for decades.
  • PHP does not require any compiler, it is an interpreted language.
  • PHP runs on your servers and the result is sent to the browser in HTML as it is a server-side scripting language.

USES OF PHP in PHP Assignment Help Services

  • PHP is mostly used as creating web applications like a social network site, blogging site, eCommerce site, etc.
  • PHP is used for interacting with any back end or database server like MYSQL.
  • It is also used for interacting with a native file system of the Operating system.
  • It is also used to implement the logical layers of the business.

ADVANTAGES OF PHP for PHP Assignment Help Online

  • Cross-Platform: Can be run on many platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Mac, its easy for users to find hosting service providers
  • Easy database connection: We can connect to data using PHP easily, since many websites are data/content-driven, so the database is used frequently, this largely reduce the development time of web application.
  • Easy to use: It uses C like syntax, so if a programmer is familiar with C, it's very easy for him/her to pick up, and its also easy to create website scripts.
  • Open source: It is developed and maintained by a large group of PHP developers, this will helps in creating a support community, abundant extension library.
  • Performance: Scripts written in PHP executes faster than those written in other scripting languages, with numerous independent benchmarks, putting the languages ahead of competing alternatives like JSP,ASP.NET and PERL.
  • Stable: Since it is maintained by many developers so when bugs are found it can be fixed quickly.
  • Powerful library support: It can be easily found the functional module such as PDF, Graph, etc.

DISADVANTAGES OF PHP in PHP Homework Help Services

  • Security: Since it is an open-sourced, so all people can see the source code, if there are bugs in the source code, it can be used by people to explore the weakness of PHP.
  • Not suitable for large application: Hard to maintain since it is not modular.
  • Weak type: Implicit conversion may surprise unwary programmers and lead to unexpected bugs.

CONCLUSION of PHP for PHP Assignment Help Online

PHP is by far the most commonly used website programming language. PHP is an ideal tool for writing code for a website. Non-technical users can effortlessly learn several useful tricks to enhance the function and use of their web pages. Given That its syntax looks like most C-like languages, any student of computer science will understand them very straightforwardly. A new version of PHP which is PHP7 has been improved in a lot of things.

PHP Sample Assignment Help Solved By the Experts

Task 1 – High-Level Object-Oriented Class Specification

This assessment task requires you to analyze requirements and produce a set of high-level object-oriented class specifications for a specific object-oriented programming project. Classes are the work-horses of the design effort. They actually perform the real work of the system. The other design elements: subsystems, packages, and collaborations simply describe how classes are grouped or how they interoperate.

Capsules are also stereotyped classes, used to represent concurrent threads of execution in real-time systems. In such cases, other design classes are 'passive' classes, used within the execution context provided by the 'active' capsules. When the designer chooses not to use a design approach based on capsules, it is still possible to model concurrent behavior using 'active' classes.

Active classes are design classes that coordinate and drive the behavior of the passive classes - an active class is a class whose instances are active objects, owning their own thread of control.

The programming project is as follows:

An application that loads and unloads containers onto a ship. Offloaded containers are put on appropriate trucks or train cars. There will be several different kinds of containers but at first, there will be three kinds of containers:

  1. A normal basic container that is used for most shipping
  2. A heavy container is a kind of basic container
  3. A refrigerated container which is a kind of heavy container

Any container may have special properties for containing explosives
Any container may have special properties for containing toxics

Each ship has a capacity that may be different. The capacity has the following parts:

  1. Maximum number of toxic and explosive containers (optional for a ship)
  2. Maximum number of refrigerated containers (optional for a ship)
  3. Maximum number of heavy containers
  4. Maximum number of all containers including basic containers

The application will read an XML file that contains the name and capacity information of the ship to be loaded and a list of containers including the serial number of each and type and properties of each. When run the program will read the XML file and print a manifest including serial numbers and information about each container put on the ship. The correct answer would be to max out heavy, refrigerated, and toxic containers and explosive containers for a ship