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Phytochemistry is the sub-field of chemistry and botany. A study of phytochemistry help you understand the concepts of pharmacognosy and plant physiology. Students studying phytochemistry need to understand the concepts of various metabolic compounds in plants and their functions in plant biology and everyday life.

Moreover, it plays a crucial role in identifying the medical importance of the plant substances; hence the course expects students to come up with extensive knowledge and practicality for availing a successful career. Owing to the demand and complexities, students in Australia strive for the most reliable online phytochemistry assignment help.

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What is Phytochemistry

Phytochemistry is the study of various phytochemicals, and it deals with plants and plant products. It is an essential branch of chemistry that regulates multiple chemical processes and chemical compounds in the plants. An extensive botany assignment help can offer you a comprehensive idea of this.

Phytochemicals: The Integral Part of Phytochemistry

Phytochemicals are an integral part of phytochemistry, which are naturally available in most plants, and most of them are biologically significant. The plants secret such chemicals against the predators and pathogenic microbes as a mode of self-protection.

On the other hand, the phytochemical compounds in plants differ from plant to plant; some are quite helpful, whereas few are dangerous to us. The phytochemical compounds, usually in fruits and vegetables, contain dietary fibers and antioxidants and are instrumental in minimizing cancer risk.

So, there is a huge requirement of these chemical compounds in the pharmaceutical, especially natural medicine manufacturing companies who analyze the plant extracts like seed, leaves, stem, and roots.

These are the non-nutritive chemical compounds of plants that feature a significant role in preventing diseases. Phytochemicals are the natural compounds and feature a great significance in food color, taste, and smell.

They are also responsible for arming antioxidant enzymes and offer a direct effect on cancer & metastasis.

Types of Phytochemicals

  • Terpenoids, also called Isoprenoids

  • Phenolic Compounds

  • Glucosinolates

  • Betalains

  • Chlorophylls

Among all the terpenoids, also known as isoprenoids, are the large class of organic chemicals produced through 5 carbon compound isoprene and terpenes. Terpenoids are there are more than 60% natural products and multicyclic. These phytochemical compounds are used for enhancing the aroma in food and mostly as a key ingredient in herbal medicines.

The exciting flavors of cloves, cinnamon, ginger, the smell of eucalyptus, and color of tomatoes are for the contribution of terpenoids, including organic elements like citral and menthol.

A study of Phytochemistry is stimulating due to its significance to every sphere of our life. It plays a key role in our food, medicine, and for curing dreadful diseases as well. Hence students need to concentrate on the core concepts, elements of phytochemicals, and its usage.

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