POL60419 Advanced Diploma of Police Search and Rescue Management Assessment Answer

POL60419 Advanced Diploma of Police Search and Rescue Management

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Police investigations are known as the first step in any criminal proceedings. This domain is an exclusive part of the police department. It serves as an important step in giving punishment to the offender. The police investigation process includes investigation process in criminal activities and other enquiry related matters. The domain of operations taking place in police intelligence has always battlefield function that contributes to supporting the process of protection and operations process by giving police information and intelligence activities for the enhancement of understanding of the situations, the protection force and other securities.

Identification of the problems and issues

The next observation said that from this the following years face loss in sales below the set budgets. From the survey conducted the items which were offered to the customers visiting the place regularly. As for the flow of the customers, it could be noticed on the changes by the market surveys being done and the staff providing insights on the type of customers coming and when. In the case of the external catering, it was gathered from the meeting summaries that events and the annual Christmas parties were low with limited catering or pricing for hiring the caterer. There are times that there is overproduction of food times be hot food items or cold food time. Due to the overproduction of the food item, there can be wastage of the food time present.

Role of social media

Social media plays a very key role in promotions and advertisements of food items and make them trending and catch the eyes of the clients on it. Online food delivery could help in eliminating a few barriers which are time constraints, distance constraints, client's movements and disabilities. Through online deals, you can any food item at your doorstep in the given timeline. Social media also provides extra credits to the stores. Few examples of social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter which helps in getting more and more clients which grow the business and its development. It helps in getting recognition at a widely level and expand the business to new places. It helps in recognizing other key players and competitors in the market and provide you with a better implementation plan for your business. Quick response is offered with fast delivery of the food items. It connects you with good chefs and bloggers who can help you in designing good menu styles and selection of the ingredients.

Role of referrals

Referrals are used to get these kinds of jobs in catering services. This takes place by the previous clients who give referrals to the new clients in getting into the business. Lack of referral affects the limited external catering to take place. This option of referrals is cost-effective. This can take place by a potential client who can connect well with coffee Ville.

Role of technology

Several techniques are used to check on the validity and reliability of the data and information collected by monitoring the social media pages with a similar kind of background as coffee Ville to develop a better understanding to create plans. It also helped in identifying who the current is the updates can the use of social media be to get the clients to request for catering service. As for reliability and accuracy, it is checked by whether the social media page and post is classified as the business page type.

Formal and informal networks

It helps in assisting the process for the identification of the problems occurring in the business and among the team members in the workplace. The staff directly contact the customers who come to the café. Another way for the identification could be achieved by monitoring the information gathered from clients for hiring the catering services purpose. Therefore, with the help of social media and a developed client network, the identification of the problems and solutions to resolve them would be easier by taking appropriate step and actions against them.

To analyse the skills and knowledge required to develop and maintain information processing systems to support decision making, and to optimize the use of knowledge and learning throughout the organization.

Description of the qualification

There is no certain qualification for the role, but an individual is required to be creative and innovative with the necessary skills. The individuals, who work at higher levels use a wide variety of managerial skills and sufficient knowledge in the management process such as building the scenario, look after each process and activity, plan and implement and look after the stage events. They are usually multi-tasking and operate important autonomy and they are behind the implementation of the strategies business and event management decisions. There are different types of events that execute different skills and requirements. Event is different from each other and the qualification and knowledge that the student would acquire would provide a pathway to them to work as an efficient event manager or would be able to work significantly in exhibition organization which is very broadly spread such as tourism and travel, hospitality, sports, medical events, and cultural and societal sectors. The wide variety of the scope where employers could find a suitable earning includes events or exhibitions organized by the management companies, venues. Work can also be taken under the office environment because business and even office companies organize various events and conferences, on-site venues where they require managers to perform every duty sincerely. The job titles associated with the course are event director, assistant manager, project or venue manager, producer, or the one who holds up the meeting and look after the exhibition, and many more.

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We are offering students with the concepts and strategies on Advanced Diploma of Police search and rescue management and introduces you to the regulatory framework which includes the process of creating execution plans and how it is communicated. We will take you through practical knowledge and skills which are important for strategic analysis and implementing plans for better management. We will develop an understanding of the different techniques involved in creating these plans and types of analysis and reporting. The units provided in the course will make you understand the basic concepts related to project management and how it is implemented and run, what are the acts and regulations behind it.

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