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Our business intelligent assignment help service is a part of the power BI assignment help service. If you want our statistics assignment's help to help professionals finish the BI assignment, you can get our business intelligence experts who have in-depth knowledge and experience writing the Power BI assignments solutions. Our power BI assignment will assist you in securing flying grades in the examination. We are the leaders in providing Power BI Assignment help, homework help and project help. Our experts are well-versed with data analysis in Australia, UK and USA and all over the globe. Our power BI assignment help professionals can help you with data warehouse, data mining, process mining, de-normalization, statistical inference, and real-time reporting. Thus, whenever you get the power BI assignment, you don't require going through the assignment's stress instead of hiring us.

What is Power BI: -

Power BI has a set of cloud applications and services that let the companies assemble information from various sources. It presents the information on a user-friendly edge. This is shown in the form of visuals. Power BI is the general term that is used to represent the Power BI desktop. It requires much practice to work with various features that are available in this tool. Power BI helps you to generate reports and get insights based on the inputted company's information.

Take A Quick Glimpse At How Power BI is Used In Businesses?

Power BI is a powerful tool that helps companies and businesses make smart decisions based on the analysis of the data you have captured over the past few years. Power BI helps to evaluate the performance of your sales and marketing strategies and offers solutions to improve or implement an African or alternate plan from scratch. So, whenever you are trying to deal with a business question, try to figure out which SQL Server features and products you need to answer your question. Do you know today, due to technological progression, businesses have to give time to search, manage and analyze data from different sources? Power BI acts as a solution to this issue. It helps you in matching your databases to a data model, accessing the data model, creating reports and sharing the same, and publishing your reports on the web.

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Under our Power BI assignment help services, we cover almost every Power BI assignment topic. Our Power BI assignment help services cover every type of Power BI assignment, whether it includes writing a Power BI reports, doing research, designing or any other Power BI homework assignment. Under our Power BI assignment help services, we cover almost every Power BI assignment topic. I will help you with useful tips and guidelines on writing the best Power BI assignment. We will help you make an outline of your Power BI assignments and help you with suitable ideas and opinions. The topics of your Power BI assignment will help you with a critical evaluation of Power BI and its use in business environments.

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Our online Power BI assignment help services cover every type of Power BI assignment, whether it includes writing a Power BI reports or doing research or designing or any other Power BI homework assignment. Moreover, our assignment help services cover almost every Power BI assignment, whether it includes general Power BI assignments or technical assignments or sophisticated assignments or simple assignments. We will provide you with the best Power BI assignment help and the most cost-effective Power BI assignments. You will also get an experienced and skilled Power BI tutor who will assign you a Power BI project to work on and hire you for good-quality Power BI assignments and homework.

Power BI tools Used by Power BI Assignment Help Experts at Assignment Hippo

  • Data gateway: -Data gateway would perform as a bridge between the on-premise and power bi service data sources. Various types of sources are direct queries; import and live queries are used. If you face difficulty in the middle of writing the assignment using this tool, you can contact us. Our group is ready to help at any time.
  • Report Server: -Power BI desktop reports, mobile reports, and KPIs are the dissimilar types of reports hosted on this service. The best thing is that it gives users access to alterations to the other development teams' information.
  • Power BI Desktop: -Power BI is the authoring and publishing tool. This is accessible for free cost. Our professionals will help you if you are stuck in generating the report from scratch using this tool.
  • Power BI service: -This service is a protected service on the cloud that lets users review the reports and dashboards. You can access this kind of service from android or a web browser.
  • Power BI Mobile apps: - These are obtainable to work on android, IOS, and Windows. It is easier for one to manage with the help of Microsoft intune. This tool permits you to review the reports and dashboards hosted on the Power BI report service.

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  • Visualization in Power BI: -Visualization is presented on the tool that lets you accomplish an objective. There is a solo screen on which the information is displayed. Visualization is aware sent to the users where there are any issues in the performance and operations.
  • Datasets in Power BI: -The datasets allocates you to import or connect. You can remove, rename, and explore the datasets.
  • Dashboards: - It has plenty of tiles and widgets. Dashboard permits you to view the subset of a dataset.
  • Reports: -Report can have single, or multiple visualize pages. It is easier for you to make the report from scratch or import it to a dashboard.

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Data Visualisation & Forecasting Sample Assignment Solved by Our Power BI Assignment Help Experts

Adventure Hardware Group (AHG) is a global manufacturing organization with operations in America, Europe, and Asia. AHG has been experiencing a shift in the marketplace towards digital as well as change in customer demographic, possibly leading to declining in its store sales. To make the strategic shift toward a greater digital share of wallet and overall growth, AHG has engaged Kernel Decision Science Limited to help it find a solution to this problem. Among its requirements, AHG needs Kernel to develop a Business Intelligence and Insight Visualisation capability to better understand and monitor key trends over time. The goal is to create a commercial action plan as well as integrated data visualization and a dynamic analytics system using traditional software tools. The system must auto-fresh whenever new data sources are ingested into the system; use Excel, Tableau, QlikView, Business Objects, or similar as your data visualization software. Your final solution must help senior stakeholders, users achieve the following;

a.Frame a solution structure for the problem and come up with a robust methodology for separating and dealing with the components of the problem.

b.Carry out problem domain evaluation through extensive data discovery, highlighting where the areas of focus must be and propose action steps and gain buy-in from your analytics lead in Kernel Limited as well as leadership teams in TeleNet. You will argue your case and agree on the next steps in your conference call before you begin the project in full.

Your Solution Plan MUST include the following;

1. Identify areas where AHG could improve existing processes (i.e, where costs are too high, pricing is inadequate, inefficient supply chain processes, inadequate discounting policy (check industry average or method against % of discount across most products), inefficient supplier management, poor quality operations) and reduce cost and must track change over time across regions.

2. Create a 5-year forecast of quarterly sales for each region. Are sales growing as fast as the market or not? Either way, using evidence from the data only, what can AHG do to continue to improve its position in the market (Which market are we referring to here)? DS – USE PYTHON, IA USE – SAS ENTERPRISE GUIDE

3. Identify which products and regions are doing better or worse against the market, benchmarked against manufacturers of similar products e.g. Halfords and similar, as well as online hardware retailers in a similar space as AHG. (Present this part in a 15-20 page deck). Is there readily available information out there?

4. If products were to be shelved in the stores, or advertised online, what products may be shelved together given that these products are historically purchased together. Association analysis? DS – USE PYTHON, IA USE – SAS MINER

5. What should AHG Digital strategy be? Should it close its stores(it doesn’t have a store, only resellers, which resellers have a low impact- can we move end terms with them?) and migrate fully online across all regions, some regions(some resellers based on regions)? If some, which regions should be migrated fully online, and what is the likely impact of this aggressive strategy (cost-benefit analysis – volume and revenue)?