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You must know that praxeology is a study of the logic of human actions. We human beings behave purposefully all the time. Praxeology is a science that helps us understand why humans act or behave in a purposeful manner. It also gives us the universal laws of action.

Fun Fact- Did You Know? Praxeology Came Into Existence From Economics

There was a time when economists believed that economic logic is not the only thing that explains the increase or decrease in prices as well as it is not the only thing that explains different market phenomena. It is widely believed that there is something more which justifies the entire process of human decision making.

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Are You Confused About Why You Should Study Praxeology?

Let's have the answer to the question with another question. Why should you study physics? Why should you study medicine? The same thing goes with, why should you study praxeology?

The simple answer to the question is you should study praxeology because of the fact that it is useful, like any other science. Physics can tell you that you can get hurt if you come into contact with electricity. It can also tell you that you can harness its power if you use it in a proper manner like, for example, with the invention of the bulb. Similarly, you can study human actions from a broader perspective.

It also focuses on the limitations of human planning. For example, if Roger decides to repair his roof by himself, then he can save a lot of money by doing so because he does not have to pay a penny to someone else except for the material. Professionals can charge up to $5000, whereas Roger can build it for $1000. But if he would go to his real job, then he would've earned $10,000. That means he would get his roof fixed as well as he would have $5000 so, if his sole goal was to save money, then he is at a loss. Praxeology would try to decipher his decision.

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Do not confuse it with psychology as these two are different fields of study. Many times students do get confused between psychology and praxeology. Thus, instead of searching for a praxeology assignment solution, they end up searching for psychology. Well, they are almost similar to one another but have the core differences.

Psychology Vs. Praxeology

Psychology is a science that focuses on experience, behavior, cognitive development, etc. More or less, it focuses on the "why" aspect of a person's actions. For example, why a person acts in a particular way?

On the other hand, praxeology is a study of the actions of the person. Not only it is limited with that but, it also studies the limitations of human planning and the long-term effects of the action.

If we look at another definition of praxeology, then we can define it as- a science that enlightens us to the nature of actions and interactions of humans in a logical manner. With the help of praxeology, we can dig deeper into the origin of our civilization.

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