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A good resume is what stands between a dream job and your choices. A weak resume can make you sit for weeks, months, years even. A resume is professional writing that tells about your strengths and weaknesses, achievements and improvements, your degrees, and best skills. It is a portfolio consisting of all your best works throughout your career. Well-designed resumes will lay a good impression on the interviewers.

A resume alone is 30% responsible for hiring eligible candidates for a job. It is a written impression of an interviewee sorted and designed in the stateliest way. Therefore, a good resume defines your calibre and shows how rightfully eligible you are for the work. It states your true potential and speaks a lot about you, even more than you. Since it is such an important piece of professional writing, it has to be in the hands of the professionals to make your resume look clean and transparent, and that would give good vibes about you. So, we at, provide our users with professional resume writers who are highly experienced, and they know their job better. There are three ideal types of resume formats that our certified professional resume writers follow to write your resume:-

  1. Reverse chronological resume format – These are the most popular resume format used and is ideal for people who have plenty of work experience relevant to the particular position they are interested in. This resume is suitable for all the high position top-notch jobs where the achievements and experience can be written a correct sequence. Reverse Chronological resume format is written in a backward manner in which the most recent and current position and work experience is mentioned first and then followed by the rest of the experience in the reverse format. This type of resume highlights the current status of the candidate, and it becomes easy for the interviewers to filter out the best applicants who fulfill the requirements for the job according to their work experience. So, our resume professionals know how to impress the interviewers, so they usually opt for this format.
  2. Functional /skills-based resume format – This is often chosen by students/ graduates are having a lack of relevant work experience to look at your resume to make a career change; the skills–based format is a better choice. It is skill-based. The work history of the applicant is mentioned in the functional-based resumes. Candidates who have just finished their education and looking for some part-time jobs or are new beginners do have work experience. All they have are degrees and academic achievements. So, those skills are the only assets they can show in their resumes. Therefore, our professional resume writers know which format is the most suitable for the users who are students. They always go for a skills-based resume format.
  3. Combination resume format – Great choice for job aspirants with a very diverse skill – set. It is of importance for those having expertise in 3-4 fields. It is a combination format of both reverse chronology and a skill-based resume.
Professional resume writers

First, the skills are mentioned that the applicant is capable of and then followed by work experiences in reverse chronological order. So, it is an innovative and interesting format of writing resumes that raises the standard of the candidate.

Our certified professional writers also include important information about the applicant. According to them, the content of the resume should include a clear recent passport size photograph, contact details, professional resume objectives, work achievements or experiences, education, qualifications, skills, known languages, publications, part-time jobs, and leisure time activities.

What are the components of an ideal resume?

  • Contact information- It is very critical. Misspelling email or contact numbers is a blunder in your resume. You need to check it twice thrice to ensure every contact information is correct and up-to-date. This must contain first name, last name, phone number, email address, professional title (if any), social media profile, website, and blogs. So, before confirming the resume, our professional writers recheck this sensitive information.
  • Resume Summary – Resume summary is a 2-3 sentences summary of your own career. Your job should be mentioned and years of work experiences too along with 1–2 achievements and lastly desired goal. A resume objective is the goal of your resume. It demonstrates your motivation to get into this new field. It gives a previous idea to the interviewers what exactly you are expecting from the job and how enthusiastic you are to seize this opportunity. Here, you mention your skills, education, certifications, the experience of the previous job description, and types of responsibilities you can manage successfully. It gives a priori knowledge about your resume. Therefore, our qualified resume writers understand the importance of a good set of objectives and summaries, so they give their best to make you look promising by stating proper objectives in the resume.
  • Work experience – This is by far the most important part of your resume. This is where you put your real self-displaying your accomplishments and responsibilities. Utterly express your job title or position, company name, location and description, dates employed for recruitments, your achievements in a brief way, and tailor your own resume to the current job you are applying for. Describe your level of experience as job hunters with no experience or entry-level candidates or mid–level professionals or senior professionals. To make the interviewers believe that you know the job you are applying for. Adoring the space of work experience is the soul of the resume. Even if the applicant is a graduate with no field knowledge, they should still jot down the skills they have.
  • Education – Clearly demarcate your program name, university name, years attended, GPA, honors in various subjects, and academic achievements. These academic details are the assets of every applicant. These are the base of every resume. So starting from the primary level to secondary level to higher secondary to tertiary level, every degree should be proudly mentioned in the resume. Our professionals are very particular about academic information and achievements.
  • Skills – Emphasize both your hard skills (measurable abilities) and your soft skills (personal skills). Soft skills are social skills, communication abilities, personality traits, career attributes, leadership qualities, critical thinking, stress management, artistic skills, group work, computer knowledge, etc. On the contrary, hard skills include experience levels like beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert. Don’t lie about your skill level because this will, in turn, put you in danger. It might also make you look bad in front of the interviewers if you could not prove your skills to them on the spot. Also, include some universal skills. Lastly, tailor your skills to the current job you are applying for; the interviewers will hire you according to the requirements of the job. The skills mentioned should be relatable to work. Our resume writers expect the users to give the correct information on the skills they possess.
  • Known languages – It is very important to mention whether the applicant is bi-lingual or multi–lingual in nature. Assign appropriate levels to your language like native, fluent, proficient, intermediate, or basic. The known languages will make you look superior and informative in the resume. It improves the communication skills of the candidate and gives a tad of diversity to the resume. So, the more known languages mentioned in the portfolio, the impressive the applicant look.
  • Hobbies, pass times, and genuine interests – Volunteering experiences should also be included. Other certificates, awards, achievements must be further included. This part covers the extracurricular activities. It shows the efficiency and talents of the candidates which away from the academics and degrees. It acts as an add-on to the resume. The achievements will show the sportsman spirit of the candidate and how actively they participate in the work assigned. Our resume experts know how to put stars on the resume to shine out the best points of the applicants.

Resume layouts are of significant importance for a job recruiter. The presentation of the resume also matters; it should be not only informative but also be eye-catching and spick and span. This includes:

  • one page in maximum length clear section headings with a brief description
  • ample white – spacing around the page
  • easily read font options
  • appropriate font size selection
  • saving your resume as a PDF is a monster resume service provider website that provides top resume writers to customers in an orderly format within a very short period of time. Our professionals understand the need for a professional qualitative resume in an ambitious person’s life. So, we never step back to provide the best online resume writing services to the customers with the correct set of information and properly sequenced skills and experiences.

A lot of applicants face problems in writing the correct form of the resume, so they end up ruining this important piece of professional writing. So, to avoid this blunder, the applicants can for help to our website. Our professional resume writers are always available for the candidates to help them get their desired jobs easily and efficiently. Our professionals are always are your services.