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Quantitative Methods Assignment Sample

Get highly-intricate quantitative methods assignment samples written by experienced writers at Assignment Hippo to ease off the burden of writing perfect quantitative methods assessment answers.

Every student comes across two different types of research methods in his/her university lifetime- qualitative and quantitative analysis methods. While students manage to score well in qualitative research assignments, it is a common tendency to develop an aversion towards those assignments that are based on quantitative methods. The reason lies in the involvement of different sets of numerical data that need to be analysed using a wide range of statistical and mathematical tools.

In the last decade, we have been successful in imparting all the required knowledge and clearing all the doubts of students regarding this data analysis method by providing high-quality quantitative methods assignment help to students all across the globe. Our professional panel of experts has worked consistently in bringing about resourceful samples to mitigate the challenges that students face in these assessments.

One of Our High-quality Quantitative Methods Assignment Samples Prepared By Experts

A quantitive analysis is a complicated process that is applicable in almost all the domains existing in the world today. Be it statistics, mathematics, economics, finance etc, every field of study can be analysed using quantitative methods.

Let us take an example of an economics quantitative method assignment solution that we have recently prepared for the reference purpose of a student. Using all the provided guidelines given to us, it was not a difficult task for us.

As you can see in the image below, this is the economics and quantitative analysis linear regression report assignment which we received from the student.

In this assignment, the main objective is to prepare a report that can establish the relationship between average life satisfaction and GDP per capita. Based on the data that is given in the form of a spreadsheet (linear regression data), our quantitative methods assignment help experts prepare a well-structured report for the student.

The structure that we stick to in this quantitative methods assessment answer is as follows:


In this first section, our experts state the purpose of this report clearly and concisely. Also, the data that is given for the question is talked about.

Following is the data that we received for this report.

Here in this data, different countries, the average life satisfaction and annual GDP per capita are given.


In this section of the quantitative method assignment sample, our experts conduct thorough research and then decide the most appropriate literature review that can easily establish the connection between life satisfaction and GDP and also state the reasons as to why the economists are interested to cover this specific issue.


As per our experts, this is the most important section in this report. This is because it consists of all the sources of data, empirical approach and other methods that will be used to study the relationship between GDP and life satisfaction.

As you can see in the image above, descriptive statistical analysis has been used to get different measures such as the mean, median and mode, standard deviation etc for the variables. In the image below, the results of the descriptive statistical analysis conducted have been shown.

Also, our experts have conducted the regression analysis for this quantitative methods assignment solution. Through this, we determine the coefficients of the regression equation.

In this image, it is clearly shown how we have calculated the coefficients of the regression equation.


In this last section of the report, our experts summarise all the methods and results that they have got in the previous section. This way, we deliver a complete quantitative method assignment solution right at the doorstep of students.

There are different types of quantitative methods that we use in these samples. Let us discuss each of them in detail now.

4 Major Types Of Quantitative Methods that are Used in Our Quantitative Methods Assignment Samples

While preparing the samples for students, our prolific writers explore all the possible credible sources and take care of all the nitty-gritty that might come as a hurdle in the paths of students while writing these assignments. In the last ten years, we have received numerous queries on different types of quantitative methods in which most of the students face problems. Due to this, we have written several quantitative methods assignment solution on them to give a clear picture of the application of those techniques to students.

Following are the 4 types of quantitative methods that we have covered so far:

Descriptive research

This is the first type of method that is used for analysing the given set of data quantitatively. The main purpose of this method is to recognise all the core characteristics of the variables that are provided in a fixed data set.

Correlation research

Correlation research is one of the most popular methods that has been used mostly in the quantitative method assignment samples prepared by us. As the name suggests, this method is applicable in all those situations wherein students are required to establish the relationship between two or more different variables within a fixed set of data.


Also known as the causal-comparative approach, this is the method that is used by our quantitative method assignment help experts when the question expects to investigate the effect of one variable that is independent on the one that is a dependent variable.

Experimental research

The most complicated type of quantitative method according to students in the experimental research. It deals with the application of several methods that help students in establishing the cause-effect relationship between different variables.

We are available 24*7 via the live one-on-one sessions to clarify all the doubts regarding these quantitative methods so that it becomes easier to write an HD worthy quantitative method assessment answer instantly.

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For over a decade now, our quantitative method assignment help experts have been excelling in helping students achieve stellar results in their assignments. With over 2,500+ prolific experts in our panel, we have mastered the art of curating superior-quality assignment solutions that are written strictly following the guidance provided and the instructions mentioned in the marking rubric.

Other than this, the following are some of the benefits that students grab when they place an order with us:

Timely-delivered solutions

We know the significance of deadlines, which is why we maintain a buffer time for each of the processes involved in the assignment order. As a result, we always end up delivering the complete work way before the actual deadline so that students can look into the work and request for desired changes if any.

Lucrative schemes and offers

Other than providing high-quality work, we also take into account all the other factors such as the price of the assignment packages. Throughout the year, we keep on introducing new discounts and offers so that the assignments fit the budget of students and they don’t have to burn a hole in their pockets to get their orders from us. To get access to a variety of quantitative methods assignment samples from us, just let us know. We will get back to you at the earliest and equip you with the best solutions within a jiffy!

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