Recruiting Assignment Help

In simple terms recruitment is adding new members in company, organizing or any firm. This is the reason it is one of the most important process in Human Resource Management. Every year there is huge employees turnover in some of the listed companies and this responsibility is handed over to a specific unit in any organization i.e. HR department (human resource department). Depending on the qualification and experience of a candidate and requirements and vacancy for the particular profile; the entire process of recruiting is conducted. It includes sourcing, screening, selection and hiring. So, a candidate requiring job in any field needs to undergo selection process and display the skills that can benefit the selected company. The process of recruitment is not only activated in an organization or a firm, rather it also refers to the voluntary service announced in any government or non-governmental sectors for specific purpose. Thus, selecting the potential employees for specific position is done with the process of recruitment. According to Edwin B. Flippo, “It is a process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating and encouraging them to apply for jobs in an organization.” He further elaborates it, terming it both negative and positive.

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Recruiting Assignment Help

Process in recruiting

Analysis: Company or institution requiring capable candidates need to spend some time to investigate what qualities they look for in the candidate for the vacant post. This includes qualification, capabilities, experiences, knowledge, and much more.

Source: Secondly it is important to decide where will the company find the capable candidate and then post the vacancy to the related field. It is therefore important for any firm to first find out the best places to post the vacancies or see for the competent candidate. Like where in the social media should the vacancy be announced or what platform is best to get the job posting and so on.

Interviews and selection: After the job posting, many candidates will apply for the job. Now depending on the vacant post, company selects few among all applicants who suits company’s criteria and requirement which is also called short-listing. But short-listing doesn’t mean that you are selected by the company. Rather you still need to go through the process of interview which can vary from one firm to other. Some companies recruit candidates after one round of interview whereas other companies might increase the rounds and add group discussion, written test and much more. So depending on the company, the process of interview varies.

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Hiring and confirmation: When a candidate completes all the rounds of interviews, companies then does the analysis to select the best among all. The candidate who meets the criteria set by the company are recruited and called for further procedures - recruitment like submission of required documents.

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Objectives for Recruitment

Recruitment and selection doesn’t start with hiring a single employee and end’s with the signature. Undoubtedly it’s a long process for choosing competent candidates for the desired post. Thus for this HR department has specific team for recruitment who are fully responsible for designing and setting up the complete process of Recruitment. This team is headed by HR director and the process of recruitment is carried by manager of recruitment team. But before beginning the recruitment, it is important for the HR director to set up a goal for hiring and selection and then make that goal clear to the manager so that work can be carried out with clear perspective. Moreover, the major goal of recruitment that is set by almost all the companies and organization is designing strategy to implement the recruitment process. Attracting competent individuals to gain competitive advantage is another objective of Recruitment. Also recruitment is carried on with the motive of bringing diversity in the work place that targets the growth of the company.

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