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Research Proposal Samples to Help You With the Proposed Study

A research proposal is an important part of a scholar's application process. It synopsis the question you are going to riposte throughout your research work. You need to answer questions such as, ‘why it is important’, ‘what you will examine’, and ‘how will you carry out your research?’ A research proposal sample is given below to help you understand how it is to be written. As a scholar, your professors might have asked you to submit a research proposal for approving your thesis. Writing a good proposal is not everyone's cup of tea. Assignment Help Era have research experts who can write an effective proposal to persuade your professor.

By the time you finish reading this page, you will understand how you can write a winning research proposal to get excellent grades. Hiring an expert who had already completed his/her studies can get you top grades. Scholars generally don’t have prior research experience and sufficient time to complete their homework help canada. The first obstacle faced by them is choosing the right topic which can be a very time-consuming process.

How Do You Write a Research Proposal?

A research proposal presents and justifies the need for studying a research problem using practical ways. The guidelines used for writing a research proposal are very much different from the project proposal. Your research proposal will comprise an all-embracing literature review to prove the authenticity of your work. In line with this, providing a rationale for your research work will give persuasive evidence that the topics you chose require investigation. you can take a look at the research proposal sample below to gain a better understanding.


The introduction includes a brief description of your research goals, objectives, and questions. This will provide the reader with a basic background about your work including some sense of literature work, general scope, an overview of the proposal, and your methods. It should be very detailed yet short in the word count. You must write an impressive introduction to hook the reader to your content. Just like the one mentioned under the previous heading.

Research hypothesis

It will comprise the achievements you will be getting from your research. It will have a clear statement defining the research goals, questions, and approach. The points you summarized in your introduction part will be mentioned in a detailed format in your research hypothesis. This is an example from the research proposal paper sample.

Literature review

This section will provide an insight into the previously conducted research, a range of theories, major themes, primary resources, and further investigations that can be carried out from your work. Given below is a literature review research proposal sample. If you wish to get the complete proposal written by our expert, simply contact us by filling up the form.


The research methodology can give you the best research proposal tag. It comprises the approach, research design, strategy, qualitative research method, quantitative analysis, target audience, sample size, and data collection methods. Additionally, it will also include the ethical considerations, reliability, validity, and statistical analysis of your research work. Our experts used this data collection method for completing the research work on the "Impact of educational leadership styles on school personnel morale". A research proposal sample on data collection methods is given below.


It is a very important part of your research proposal. Concluding all the concepts in a paragraph is not an easy task. You need to add a brief description of all the topics you have covered in your research work starting from introduction to data collection.

Gantt chart

Your professors will ask you to provide a timeline for completing your research work. You need to schedule all the tasks and add the completion date in the Gantt chart. This would impress your professor and convey to him/her that you are capable enough to answer the research question you have chosen.


Always remember to cite your work in a research proposal, dissertation, capstone, or essays. You can use old and new journals, articles, books, and newspapers for citations. Additionally, you can also add resources from databases like ProQuest, IEEE, JSTOR, Emerald, etc.

Additional Tips for Writing a Worthy Research Proposal

Research proposals used for academic purposes describe a detailed methodology for explaining the ways of conducting your research. Our experts who have drafted the above research proposal sample have designed a set of approaches for writing a research proposal. Do read them once.

  • Learn how to search for resources for writing a detailed literature review. This will help you in finding out the answer to your research question. Additionally, it will also prove that this question has not been addressed yet.
  • Advance your writing and research skills.
  • Outline the steps which you are going to consider for completing your research goals.
  • Study different research methods and find out which will be the best for researching your topic.
  • Analyze the data using different statistics and facts. How are you going to collect the data samples? Who will be the participants? Where are you going to conduct the research?

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