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“You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.” With our tailored resume writing services, you get to nail that first chance - because we deliver a resume that sets you aside from the crowd and lands you your dream job.

Now that you have got yourself a fancy tailor-made suit to look your best in the next job interview, let’s get into the business of landing you that interview. In 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic has engulfed a good number of jobs, and even competent people are on the streets desperately looking for the same job opportunity that you have been preying upon, the competition is at an all-time high. To make it worse, due to the global economic slump, the job opportunities are at an all-time low.

These are not usual times by any chance and unusual times call for beyond average measures.

Imagine this, all those competent professionals would now be applying through those exact online portals that you would be applying for. Imagine a scenario where an HR is skimming through your resume and work experience, and you and your competition, both have almost the same skill set and same degree? The way your resume presents itself would then be a decisive factor.

What would happen if your Resume had an inspiring design, meticulously crafted executive summary, and compelling description of your previously held job-titles and responsibilities? Well, instead of landing in the E-shredder, it would land you an Interview!

What’s The Secret Sauce Of Our Resume Writing Service?

Well, there are three aspects to a resume; Presentation, Written Content & Intent, and with our resume writing services Canada, you can be sure your resume Nails all of it!

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Let’s Talk About Presenting ---You

Think it this way: You are the product and your resume is your advertisement. What happens to a good product with shitty advertisements? No one buys them. What happens to an average product with jaw-dropping and impactful advertisement? It gets sold!

Your primary goal should be to get hiring managers to buy whatever you are selling. In this case, this means, making sure that you land an opportunity to interview.

From right this moment, you should start seeing your resume as your marketing tool. Not only a tool but your belt buckle of hooks and tricks. This would be your power, and without it, you’d be lost, crushed, shredded, and dumped amidst the pool of cliche resumes that sell the same lies and same tricks. Snake oil is old news now, everyone can see through it, especially the HR and recruiting manager.

Decide right now, are you gonna be a snake oil seller or are you gonna give something worth buying into?

So how are we gonna present it?

Much like those glittery neons signs along the strip of Vancouver, recruiting personnel are after those well-formatted, highlighted, and neatly represented resumes. We are not just making this up on the fly, Statistics back this up!

7 out of 10 resumes are dumped within a 10-second glance! With that being said. If you want to land that interview, you better know what and where to put in the resume! Well, you don’t technically need to know it, you just need to get our professional resume writing service and we’ll handle that for you. Easy-Peezy!

We know how to draft your resume so that it quickly presents your abilities in a glance.

Let’ Write---Your Story With Our Resume Writing Help!

Sorry, we lied. We are not writing your story. We are writing what the HR manager wants to hear. Of course, it would still be your story, but written in a way that it sounds Mozart to the ears of your hiring manager. It would be tailored for your profile with all the keywords that ATS software and HR would be desperately searching for.

This would include a compelling executive summary:

A good executive summary is something that efficiently averages your skills, qualifications, and capabilities.

A perfect executive summary is the one that answers the dreaded “why should we hire you? ” It delivers your skills, qualifications, and capabilities in a manner that is tailored for the profile you are looking for.

Let’s Show Them You are Responsible!

Writing content for your resume also includes writing down all the stuff that you have done in your previous jobs. All the responsibilities you held and all the work that you did there should seamlessly look like something that was prepping you all the way for the job you are applying for. Our seasoned experts that provide tailored resume writing services Canada have got all the tricks up their sleeves to make this eerily sounding task look like a seamless transition.

With our resume writing services, your hiring manager would not only be sure that you are the one they have been looking for, but he’d be god damn sure to hire you!

They are Insecure, Let’s Hit Em With Intentions

HR managers are super insecure and for the same reasons that your Tinder dates are. They all think you would leave! Well, with our top-notch resume writing service, you can get their insecurity at bay, and represent yourself as the safest bet!

Avail Our Resume Writing Help and Super Charge Your Job Hunt Today!

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