Revision Policy

Revision requests are completely free when asked before the delivery of your assignment paper and its deadline. We understand that at times students may not be completely satisfied with our work and hence ask for a revision. To streamline the process we encourage scholars to live track the progress of their assignment work and ask for periodic drafts before the delivery of the final draft of their requested solutions.

However, if you seek revisions after the delivery of your assignment, we will gladly assist you within the gambit of our Revision Policy and the Terms and Conditions* that are stated below for your information.

  • The revision for your completed orders once delivered to you, will be accepted up to a limit of maximum 15 days post-delivery date and all approvals will be subjected to the Terms and Conditions*.
  • Please note that we will only address Revisions free of cost* for a maximum of 3 times. This is why you are requested to share all of your concerns at once instead of raising revision request multiple times.
  • If your revision request comprises of any additional writing or research requirements which were not shared earlier or at the time of placing your order, like a new subject-topic, a new case study, usage of new software, additional learning objectives etc., then it will not be considered as a revision but will be considered as new work and hence you will be required to pay an additional amount in proportion to the efforts that would be made by the expert in addressing the new requirements.
  • In case you share a new requirement with a revision request, you will receive a fresh price quote as applicable for the new task. For example, if you got a research proposal done on a topic previously agreed by you, and after competition of work, you request to change the research topic, it will be considered as a new assignment, instead of free revision. Same will be applicable on changing country-specific research, referencing guidelines etc
  • For an effective resolution of your revision request, you are required to raise your concern through the Assignment Hippo Student Portal; accessible both with web and mobile app.

All your queries raised through students portal are directly forwarded to your assigned expert and thus are resolved promptly. You can also raise an expert call-back request through your student portal dashboard.

Assignment Help Era is not liable for delays caused in addressing your concern if you raise urgent escalations through alternate communication channels such as Whatsapp and Email.

  • We would like to inform you that under a single revision cycle, only one set of revision instructions can be entertained at a time (Any extra information provided afterwards will be counted in another revision cycle). You are entitled to 3 Free Revision Cycles per assignment subjected to our terms and conditions*
  • Your availability for any kind of communication during your revision period is mandatory. In case there is any delay in your response on expert’s query, Assignment Help Era or our academic experts can not be held liable in case a submission deadline is missed owing to any communication delay on a student’s part.
  • When raising your revision request, you are required to enlist required changes on clear parameters along with detailed feedback (preferably from your professor).
  • You need to mention articulately as to what is wrong with the assignment work submitted to you and specify the changes needed precisely so the expert can make atonements in the best possible way. Generic revision comments such as “it is not good”, “I asked for something else” are not entertained or considered as valid revision requests.
  • Exclusions to our Free Revision Policy Apply as per the terms and conditions*.
  • Assignment Help Era reserves the right to refuse any revision requests as per the given terms and conditions. However, in any such case, where you are not eligible for a Free Revision, we encourage you to contact our assignment support with your concern and we will try to resolve the same with available resources at hand; but are not bound to do so as per our service agreement with you.

*Terms and Conditions

  • Free Revision requests are not applicable on assignment orders that are related to the technical subjects that include but are not limited to all Engineering subjects, Mathematics Assignments, ECTS and software-based tasks which may include but not limited to Python, R-studio, XERO, MYOB, MATLAB, SPSS, Ansys, C, C++, SQL, Java, etc.
  • Free Revisions do not apply to lengthy assignments, for example, a research thesis or dissertation. The term “Lengthy” refers to any assignment that is equal to or above the word count of 4000 words.
  • Assignment Help Era reserves the right to make any changes to the existing revision policy at the sole discretion of the company’s management without issuing any notice to the users of our services or the public in general.
  • To raise the revision request, please fill in the following details -

    We have sent you a verification code on your registered email id and phone number.

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