3016Ccj : Race Crime And Assessment Answer

1) What are the myths and realities of race and crime in respect to laws and political inspiration in the United States ?
Books that are used in class : Punished by Victor M. Rios and Why Are So Many Black Men In Prison? by Demico Boothe 



The topic on race, crime and justice has been a subject of debate in the United States for over a decade. The discussion on crimes related to races has been increasingly extensive in the US since the 180s due to the increase in population (The Relationship race and crime in the United States, 2018). According to several investigations, black people have committed slightly higher number of crimes compared to the white race. Most of the African-American men are languishing in prisons due to crimes. It is therefore mandatory that this situation is extensively examined. It is necessary to find out why black people are associated to more crimes compared to white people.

Realities of Race and Crime in the United States

The perennial debate on the African-American crime and justice issues could lead to the reawakening of a modern day phase of the slavery of black men, women and children in the US (Boothe, 2007). The rate at which black people in the USA are being targeted for crimes in the USA and thus being put in prisons, can be compared to genocide. The black politicians can barely bring themselves to publically criticize the situation. When the black women residing in the areas majorly occupied by blacks are asked about the whereabouts of the men, they say that they are either languishing in jail or they are somehow headed to jail or they just got released from jail. However, nobody seems to care about the challenge facing the black race. Demico Boothe, a young African-American boy was arrested with a few grams of cocaine that would have cost him a few months in jail according to the law in the US. Boothe was instead granted 10 years in jail and 5 years on probation simply because he was black. Even the law that is meant to protect the rights of people is used to punish the black people.

When a group of people is marginalized, they tend to do certain actions that incline to resistance. A lot of young men act stupid in order to discredit the biased system that seeks to punish them (Rios, 2011). A deviant form of politics is used in order to frustrate agents like schools and policemen. The frustration however, leads to more punishments. But most importantly, the agents lose social control and order over people and according to the defiant ones, this is a win already. They have managed to disrupt the system. The law and the system should be able to make those who feel oppressed believe in them.

According to the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) in the US the number of interracial killings has increased tremendously (Krivo & Peterson, 2000). Even though most people are killed by their own race, those who they know, this has progressively decreased overtime thereby making interracial killings more common. A number of cops killed have been related to black orchestrated homicides. Many victims that have succumbed to fatal police shootings in the US are whites (11 Critical Points on Race and Crime in America - Encounter Books, 2018). Therefore the system cannot be entirely said to be racist. Just as the blacks are prosecuted and criminalized, whites are also victims. One race tends to feel more oppressed than others because of the size of their population. Whites are about 62% while blacks are 26% of the population in US. When a quarter of each population is criminalized, whites will still be many compared to the greatly reduced population of blacks.

The difference in the patterns of offenses by different races is the reason why there is a variation in way criminal justice is served to the different races in the US. The differences can however not be referred to as racism. The reason why many blacks are in jail or heading to jail is because most of them tend to have committed several crimes prior to the ones they are charged for. The emergence of the drug enforcement criminal and justice system plays a major role in the disparities between the populations of different races in prisons. This is because there is a race that is more inclined to drug related crimes than other races. Even though there seems to be racial discrimination during criminal justice proceedings there is little evidence that the discrimination is direct and intentional (Sampson, Robert & Lauritsen, 1997). Direct victimization is not evident during these proceedings. Some people just tend to be disadvantaged by the proceedings and crimes they get involved in.

Myths about race and crime in the US

There is false information that people spread all over the world concerning crimes. These myths have been retold over and over again such that they have become accepted as truths. These myths are majorly relayed through the media as well as criminal justice process (Robinson, 2000). Some of the myths being spread in the US are; black on black crimes are bad, crimes related to violence are on the rise, there is equal justice applied to everyone, black children have issue with their how they behave and the rate of crimes is higher among the blacks (Five Myths About Crime in Black America--and the Statistical Truths, 2012). It is believed that when a person from one race commits crime to a person from his or her race, it is absurd and very wrong. However, most crimes are intraracial and it is as separated to the rest of America.

People believe that justice is equally dispensed to everyone in the US. However, there are certain crime enforcement and prevention policies that aim at affecting a certain race inappropriately. The issue of black children having behavioral problems is also a myth that aims at punishing a certain group of people more than others even if they commit the same offenses. The groups of people believed to commit more crimes are actually not engaging in any crime. It is therefore necessary that people have a clear and non-judgmental opinion about crimes in order for equal justice to be served.


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