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Project Summary

Tourism is an issue that is worth rethinking and especially in the eyes of the Project Sponsors and the developer of the Tourism Project. It is especially important for most World Heritage Sites to ensure that they develop tourism by improving the facilities and entertainment sites and in this way preserve the heritage of the tourism site and make it more profitable. Funding and resources to create an appealing and popular tourism spot is often an issue since there is always a lack of support in the form of monetary and planning for such sites and also there is a resource crunch in terms of the required skills  which are required to create a business scope at such heritage sites. It is an important aspect of sustainable development and it’s vital that people exchange their ideas and help other sites develop, and in return develop their own. It’s important to make plans and think of ways to develop tourism and improve ways to generate income. In this proposal, we will outline the broader objectives and activities in order to implement the development of a tourism site in Australia in the Hyde Park Nature Reserve.

Project Background


ourism has an immense effect on an economy, it can do harm and it can bring luck. It can undoubtedly be associated with the flames in a fire pit. The flames, quite similar to what tourism can attain, can provide warmth and cook food; also it can disrupt the normal life and burn everything down like a flame. It can be seen that a large portion of people throughout the globe are associated with or resort to businesses or jobs that rely on tourism especially in the Australian Nature Reserves. By developing the tourism in the Hyde Park Nature Reserve, tourism can be a great way for the countries to generate funds and grow businesses, it can also hamper the natural biological system of a spot. Another common problem associated with the popularization of tourism at a spot is that local commodities are sold at high prices, putting pressure on the average consumers (Dr.Font, 2012). A lot of factors matter in case of the popularization of a special spot. These include location, weather, the biological diversity and more. This makes it really important to incorporate the sustainable usage of the local biodiversity. The successful and planned use of the local resources can create a profitable arrangement for the country.  (KERÄ°MOÄžLU, 2011).  The Challenge is also to make the tourism spot socially and environmentally safe for travel and for the inhabitants. It is the duty of Government officials and environmentalists and planners to create a plan for the development of a tourism spot. It needs to be noted that the team will have to work with local officials and take their help for developing a plan.  The local products and handworks can also be a great way to earn revenue from the sales and create better facilities and capacity for the Heritage Sites all around the world.

Throughout the years it has been seen that the original tourism venues have become popular around World Heritage enters and this system has shown that the tourism industry can be used for the application of Sustainable tourism, The WHC has prescribed seven do’s and don’ts for the tourism business which include creating a limitation for the local administration and their power over the industry. The other aspect is to provide training and education to locals about history of site and creating new job roles for individuals in the form of guides. (Sofield, 2003). No venture is successful without proper promotion, so the WHC instructs the administrators to look into ways to promote the World Heritage Sites to become popular in national and international levels. The WHC also instructs the locals as well as administrators to have pride in their heritage sites and ask for cooperation for creating new and attractive tourism services. The preservation of these sites need constant flow of money so the tourism revenues generated from these sites can be used to help keep the heritage site in the best condition for the future generations. Also the needed assurance is to preserve the nearby lands and find out ways to incorporate them in the planning. Lastly the WHC also asks the administrators and others to understand the functions of the WHC and create ways for people and supporters to understand the situations and changing markets. It is to be understood that handling and making a world heritage site an attraction and a popular destination requires constant change in perception from the committee and its members. Electronic media as well as print media can be used for promotions.  (Committee, 2007) 

Project Outline

Comparing all the industries and business sectors throughout the globe very few can match up to the growth and development of the Tourism sector. Itis evaluated to speak to 9% of worldwide GDP, while adding to 8.9% of aggregate occupation (266 million employees) International tourism positions fourth (after fills, chemicals and car items) in worldwide fares, with an area estimation of US$1 trillion a year, representing 30% of the world's fares of business administration’s or 6% of aggregate fares. Particularly for Least Developed Countries (LDCs) the development of tourism is of most extreme monetary significance. In roughly 50% of LDCs, tourism represents more than 40% of GDP and is the most imperative wellspring of outside trade. In 2012 the quantity of universal tourist entries achieved 1 billion (1.035 billion) surprisingly. According to the International Trade Center (ITC), LDCs, perceiving tourism's financial potential, have made the segment a focal mainstay of their financial improvement objective. Other than the positive parts of tourism development, there likewise normally exist considerable dangers as far as the debasement of the socio-social, financial and ecological resources of destinations around the world. Tourism as a transversal financial area, with its intricate supply chains and multi-partner systems can be utilized as a capable framework to methodically support the movement towards more sustainable, cleaner and low-carbon advancement development. Embracing the SCP approach in tourism outline and operations can likewise urge customers to move towards more sustainable utilization decisions(Programme, 2005).

The tourism business and WHC has issued a special program, namely the World Heritage Tourism Program which encourages the development of tourism activities and especially sustainable tourism development. The aim is to keep the site safe and usable for the future generations and increase chances of business and profits for locals and also increasing revenues. empowers sustainable tourism activities at World Heritage sites, including executing approaches, went for safeguarding the site for future eras. Potential associations between the tourism business and the World Heritage Tourism Program could put in movement a vital arrangement of activities to prepare assets for expanding specialized help to World Heritage sites and neighborhood groups and testing inventive thoughts on open private activities for site assurance and preservation (Brandl, 2015).

The action plan could be to involve the local people as they are aware of the terrain and they can help in participating in beautifying the region. It generally happens in a tourism place that the local people are more concerned with the changes being proposed and made in order to improve the tourism in that specific location. Preparing nearby individuals of a community to exercise action in improvising the tourism related exercises has a lot of advantages like there would be an ownership in terms of proposing and working towards an effective implementation of the local areas of conceivable participation incorporate backing, in order to create a program for the local guides. The local people need to be made aware of their history, provided training as and when needed and should be taught English well to help them communicate with others well. The local history and the stories need to be provided to the local guides and tour conductors to engage visitors. Reading material, leaflets, pamphlets and other products should be made available for the tourists. The actual people who have been inhabitants around the site should have knowledge about local stories, food and other destinations. Regular planning and asking for donations can ultimately provide the basis for the successful implementation of the tourism plan at heritage sites. The tourism should be seen as a medium to raise funds for preserving and betterment of the existing World Heritage site and its neighborhood. Also there could be an option to create a nature identical situation where tourists can take help of large towers or watchtowers that can be used to provide visitors with a nature identical feel.  (Baumgartner, 2000).


Tit is thus understood that the development of a Sustainable Tourism Project has the power to extend the capabilities and create new goals. It is required that more people are educated about the World Heritage sites and provide them with tools that can empower them. To create better tourism aspects and earn better revenue from increased tourists. The aim for such project is not to create new mediums or create better awareness among participants so that they can create additional means to earn revenue. The need today is a worldwide convention and planning for a way to synchronize the matter of growth for the local, international, group and also those who are to financially support the subject. The need is for all delegates and investors to disown and create a plan to conserver the tourism center,  (Dwyer, 2011).


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