A6030 Strategic Communications Management A Assessment Answer

Select an international business or company and write a formal business report on the organisation's Communication and E-Communication strategies.
The nominated company must be approved by your lecturer. Each group must do their report on a different company. This will be approved on a first-come first-served basis.
You will be required to perform academic research on the nominated company to identify and assess the effectiveness of its current Communication and E-Communication strategies.
Section 1: Synopsis of the key non-electronic communication methods and practices that the company uses to engage customers, suppliers, staff members and the public.
Section 2: Overview of the key electronic media and communication strategies used by the company, including websites, social media and electronic platforms.
Section 3: Perform a SWOT Analysis on the company's overall communication methods and practices, and describe your findings.
Section 4: Assess and compare the communication practices of the company's 2 main competitors
Section 5: Provide an assessment of your suggestions and recommendations for how the company can improve its communication Analysis of Company Communication Strategies 6 Assessment of SWOT and Recommendations.



Communication is the lifeline of the human race because without he communication none of the humans can survive. Communication helps people to express themselves. Like the human, the company r the organisation adapted the communication process from the very beginning because this is also the lifeline of any business. Interpersonal communication is the communication where an n individual can develop themselves I the working place. The interpersonal communication helps to motivate the individual. The e-communication means to support the communication with the help of electronic media as mobile, emails, internet or the social media. This is the media which helps to develop or modernised the communication process. In this project, there are some points which have been focused those are upon the electronic communication, non-electronic communication, key electronic media for the communication and upon the assessment of the project.

Company background

Jack then founded Tesco in the year 1919 in the London. This was a normal departmental store in the beginning then the company started to spread the branches and the business in the country. By its products and the services, it becomes one of the popular company in the London. In the beginning, the company was a clothing company, and then it began to sell all kind of product to sustains themselves and also introduce a new idea in the market of business. In the year 1950, they decided to grow or to expand their businesses and bu the year 1960 they expanded all their business in the UK. And later they launched themselves in all over the world.

Section 1: Synopsis of the key non-electronic communication methods and practices that the company uses to engage customers, suppliers, staff members and the public

The non-electronic company is called interpersonal communication. On the other hand, we can say a process of communication where no electronic media such as mobile phones, email and other electronics things are involved in it. It is a process where the person has to write an application or using the verbal communication by which they can communicate. This is an old system, and today it is not so much popular in the electronic world, but then also this is important by which the company can still communicate with their employers and the customer. The non-electronic communication is the process which is followed by the famous and the branded companies like Tesco. The company use to involve the staff and the customer with the help of the on electronic communication (Berger, 2005).

Tesco is a departmental store and they have all type of business including the online business but in the online business both the customer nad the seller has to communicate with each other I the electronic mode when the client and the seller use to meet face to face then both have to talk in the verbal mode without the help of the electronic media. Such as when the employee is working in the office that time the employee will not go for the electronic media the employee will choose to discuss the matter with his or her team mates or manager directly and face to face this made the communication stronger between the employee and the manager, and also this brings the more collaboration n between the team mates. On the other hand, if we see that the job of a customer service executive is tougher because they have to communicate with the customer via phone or by other media. But f the customer care executive officer or the sales person interact with the customer directly then it comes easier for the sales person to sell the product because the customer can see the product in front of their ey3s and can judge the product with the other product , the sales person can understand the approach, behaviour, and the intention by that the customer care executives or the sales person can brief about the product to the customer.  By these, the customer can get the proper knowledge about the product and can understand the feature of the product. This is a practice which boosts the communication of the company, and it gives confidence to the employer of the company.  The nonelectronic communication has the huge impact upon the electronic communication because the non-electronic communication is the basic step and the toughest step which gives the best inputs o the employee of he company (Southwell and Yzer, 2009).

Section 2: Overview of the key electronic media and communication strategies used by the company, including websites, social media and electronic platforms 

 Each and every company is targeting to improve the communication system and fro improving the communication process they are targeting the electronic media where they will get huge customer and can to the vast promotion of the product or the company. This will help the company t get the recognition world wide. By the help of the electronic media the company will firstly make an own website where they can add their content and details of the product and by which the customer will get to know abut the rues, service and the product of the company. The company not only made the website to for provident NEH only information but the companies like Tesco has the website for the e-commerce website where they can sell their product directly to the customer. On the other hand, they also promote on the social media sites where they can get huge customer regarding the product (Shockley-Zalabak, 2011).

The social media sites help the company to gain a lot of customer In the field of business. In the social media st s the company used to create a page o =r give advertisement where the customer will get the direct link to the companies website and can go to the website for purchasing the product. Now a days the company has introduced a social media application to order the product directly with the help of the social media application the application s are commonly used in the mobile phones and other portable device by which people can order any thing n anywhere. Peviosl the electronic media or the communication means only the phone calls where the;o a cal customer who can order the product by the help of the calls. As the days has changed, the process of the communication has been changed and has become easier. There are many other way of promoting the product and taking the help of the electronic communication, the cause to promote their product by the help of the Television, radio and, news paper advertisement which is the most common factor for the ordinary human being by which they use to get to know about he company and the product (Knapp and Daly, 2011).  

Section 3: Perform a SWOT Analysis on the company’s overall communication methods and practices, and describe your findings

Tesco is considered to be one of the top departmental sector companies in the UK that are enjoying a leadership position. Online operations are the biggest strength of Tesco that becomes effective and easier to communicate with the customers through Internet services. Consumer cards or club cards that represent the membership proof of customers in the company are the most beneficial and effective tool of information. This helps the customers to gain points that later on as a benefit to their overall purchases. This feature is much more profitable when the transaction and shopping are done online and making E-communication and effective point of customer resource. The strong portfolio of properties acts as a representative material to the customers that the get to analyse the benefits and disadvantages of a specific product while sitting at home. Online shopping has made it easier for the customers for not being able to go to the retail shops and buy the products. Product specification can be viewed online by the customers, and that is how Tesco maintains its E-communication with proper and strategic processes by gaining search strengths (Arnold and Boggs, 2015).

The weakness of Tesco involves the financial performance where it lacks in and the failure of coping up with regular financial prices. Apart from such issues, online facilities do have some drawbacks that cause dissatisfaction amongst the customers. Failure of responding to the customers gives rise to the conflicting situations. The damage of brand image and commercial income scandal of 2015 are interrelated with each other in defining bad rumour for Tesco. The serious damage was a high loss for the company that led to the financial downfall. The communication with the customers had to be grown stronger in this situation. However, Tesco has to focus more on their employees rather than on the customers where they need to build up a strong communication procedure amongst the employees. The greatest weakness of the company was a diminished moral of employees that also lead to the downfall of relying on the UK market (Hewes, 2013).

The opportunities that Tesco have been able to game the expose yours to the international market where they operate their marketing strategies through E-communication and personal advertising. Though Tesco is a multinational company, personal advertising is the main factor that acts as a promotional boon for a company. The most important thing is advertisement and promotion through digital marketing strategies. Increasing the financial service industries presence is one such factor that boosts up the electronic communication procedures of Tesco with their customers. With the increase of non-food retailing ranges, Tesco has been able to communicate with their customers more properly. The enhance Strategies and effectiveness of marketing have made the company more efficient to deal with their customers and their requirements. These all are the biggest opportunities that Tesco enjoy and can feed their overall output well (Horvitz, 2011).

The threats for the company that acts as a blessing in disguise helps the company to rejuvenate with their adapted strategies and business goals. Interpersonal Communication and Electronic Communication is a boon for the overall hike in industrialisation and development of the company. The new leadership formations are unable to turn over the business to the expected. The assumptions do not meet the ultimate results, and therefore it becomes a threat for Tesco. Tesco is unable to cope up with the sustainable cost of leadership and competitive advantage. Unless the company deals with the acute requirements of the customers, it is not possible for them or the customers to feed the company with their unwanted requirements. The currency fluctuation is the most irritating point for the company where they fail to deal with the customers. The emergence of related ethical problems usually deals with the system operation and redefined technologies used while communicating with the customers and the company. The communication within the company employees has to be done with interpersonal skills of communication. Later on, the division moves towards the behaviour of the company with customers (DeVito, 2007).

Section 4: Assess and compare the communication practices of the company's two main competitors 

 The communication process of the Tesco or the system is very much developed than the other companies in the market. Because Tesco is one of the oldest and the successful company intis world and the process or the system of the communication they had adapted ids the first one because from the beginning they had used all the format of the communication starting from the non-electronic communication t the electronic communication so it can be understandable that the communication is very much developed. Companies like Morrison has a different kind of communication the communication system completely lies upon the electronic communication though t might be advanced but not so advanced than the Tesco. Tesco is the company who not only rely upon the lone format of communication they use t take the different mode communication to develop themselves (Beebe et al. 2009).

Section 5: Provide an assessment of your suggestions and recommendations for how the company can improve its communication 

The company should follow strategy while communicating with their customers as well as the organisation. Tesco is the multinational company that deals with varied culture imply as well as per varied culture customers. Therefore to deal with every kind of people, the company has to build a strong communication network. Tesco focuses on the performance of the Employees, Finance, operations and customers. The newly added fifth dimension of the company is forming a community. As it is easy to dissociate the meaning of community from the term communication, therefore it signifies the need and objectivity of proper communication strategies that has to be applied while keeping a very good relationship with the customers as well as the employees. External communication deals with the customers and internal communication are within the company where it deals with their workforce. It is strongly recommended that company should put more stress on communicating with their customers rather than focusing on the retail market. Communication is the only procedure that will enhance the customer relationship and their ultimate productivity (Avrahami and Hudson, 2006).


The report focuses on discuss Communication Strategies and interpersonal relationship with their employees by defeating the key electronic media through which they communicate. The overview of the electronic media social media and electronic platforms has also been described in the report. The SWOT analysis of the company shows the opportunities and threats that again with the communication strategies.


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