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Description of the Business

Medic Mobile is a nonprofit business organization that deals in technology and specializes in m health (medicmobile.org 2018). The health workers generally uses medic mobile to register pregnancy, tracking disease, any kind of chronic diseases, faster outbreaks and most importantly maintains an effective and well formulated set of stocked medicines that helps to ensure a proper management of the health organizations in case of emergency. Apart from this Medic Mobile also provides a proper channel of communication in special cases and serious emergency cases. The company has been able to promote and market its product to over more than 20 countries all over the globe and has been able to establish business and strategic partnerships with more or less 39 different partners (medicmobile.org 2018). The company boasts itself of its product as the medic mobile is currently being used by close to ten thousand individual health workers. The product generally can be described by two main characteristics. First of all the capability to text simple messages makes the health workers capable of real time communication with the health supervisors or the doctors at any given time (medicmobile.org 2018). This helps the health workers to provide one of the best health services to the patients and maintain the presence of a professional and technological health service. An example in this regard is as follows;

A health worker when texts P3 Mary it has a inner meaning. The P refers to pregnancy while 3 refer to the number of weeks and the name of the patient is Mary. Therefore to complete the following text in a proper way it can be said that P3Mary refers to Mary is pregnant for 3 weeks. The Medic Mobile in this particular data has some special applications installed in it that helps it to register the pregnancy, create an ID of the patient, calculating the expected date of delivery as well as schedules the different dates of check up for the patient. The product has also a SIM Application for the users with more complex reporting needs. This helps to apply a SIM in the Mobile to make it perform like any other mobiles and communicate with the help of it (medicmobile.org 2018).

Social Impact of the Business

The nonprofit based approach of the company and the initiative to serve the society without any aim of achieving profit is surely a great cause (Baines Jindal and Kathan 2015). The partnership and establishment of agreements with a number of different companies in the globe along the different continents is surely one of the most important achievements of the company in the recent years. According to, the management of the company, the year 2016 was a special year for the organization as because it was a year of unprecedented expansion for Medic Mobile. The year saw an overall growth rate of 96.8% in the number of health workers who used the tools produced by the organization. The growth of the following organization exemplifies all the different contributions from each and every of the team members at Medic Mobile who work to design, build and deliver stable, appropriate and some tools that have a great social impact in the society (Devarapalli and Figueira 2015). The management of the company has seen that the partners of the company in Asia, Africa as well as Latin Americas has been equipping and supporting health workers with new tools that improves the care for the communities. The health worker who uses the mobile technology generally does the health care work with motivation to serve the patients (Meyers et al. 2017). The latest technology that gets available to them through the help of the medic mobile makes them capable of serving the patients in a much better and advanced way. The social Impact of the following technology thus cannot be neglected as the following m health technology is much more superior to the other kinds of technologies.  Apart from this the company is also able to establish new models of data driven care that strengthen the role of the community health workers and also creates a human centered design as a way of undertaking and studying the complex process of health systems strengthening. This also helps to create a proper and effective social role of the community workers and help them to serve the community in a much better way.

Justification and Expectation of the choice

The main reason behind the selection of the following company is its impact on the society and most importantly its non-profit mentality. The organization has a great reputation from the users as well as the health services where they are used (Gichimu Adam and Nyatigo 2018). A number of new additional applications that have been implemented in the following m health technology have made the device much more capable and much more accurate. The improvement in the capability and the accuracy of the device and its use for delivering a much more advanced, updated and world class health services have been the main reasons for the selection of this particular medical organization (Meyers et al. 2016).


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