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According to the article “THE EXECUTION TRAP” by Martin, the strategy is nothing but same as execution. A strategy will be good when execution is good and it will be poor when execution is poor as per Martin’s definition. Strategies are sometimes failed because they are not executed well. The plans and goals of a company are to be executed but sometimes they don’t know how to execute these strategies, so they are failed.

Choiceless Doer Model

The point where there is a separation between Strategy and implementation, the organization is to be divided into two categories: According to Martin, One is “choosers and the other is “Choiceless Doer”. Choosers’ means those who can make their own decisions and Choiceless Doer are those who are even left in implementing their decisions. According to the principle of the article “The Execution Trap”, the seniors thought that the strategy is to be carried out by the outside consultants then they create it and then hand over the execution to the organization. Let take an example of the human body, the decisions are to be taken by brain which is to be considered as the top management and the body parts do the task which is the organization. The brain takes the decisions and it will be executed by the body. At the creation stage, the brain decides that the fork will be picked up and then the fork is be picked up by the hand at the execution stage. Then, the hand is being called the “Choiceless Doer”. From the top level manager to middle level manager all are taking decisions. The employees give response to the customer’s queries and requests and the employees are incorporating the Choiceless Doer model. If the employees do best job and give best result then the top-level managers are being credited. When the result is poor, then it can be said that the strategy has failed and the execution process is imperfect.

The Choiceless Model will be more understandable when the example of a retail bank is to be taken. The top level managers create a strategy for the customers. This strategy is to be flowed to the branches of the bank and then the CSR will execute it. A manual is to be followed to deal with the customers, to do the transaction, to decide which product is to be promoted and to know the process to sell them. These all choices are to taken by the CSR those are considered to be Choiceless Doer (A.G. Lafley, 2015; Barrows, 2015)

Choice Cascade Model

In the choice cascade model, the comparison of brain to body example is not considered to fix the problem of the failure of the strategies. The top level managers or the CEO of the company involves in the choice of investment and the employees are taken the decisions to influence the service to the customer. It is the model to encourage the employees positively to satisfy the customers. The employees are both the brain and the body parts. They are considered as the chooser and the doer. They have the power to take their own decisions and the organization will be benefited by their decisions. The choices and decisions which are taken by the employee are to be explicated and the seniors are also helping to take the decisions. As per the article “The Execution Trap” the choices are to be explained, their parameters and to classify the reason to use it. These choices are to be delivered as per the customer’s need. If the customers are not satisfied with the choices then they have to modify their choices as per the customer’s feedback (L.Martin, 2015; Ward, 2015)

The strategy is to be integrated for the cascade of choices. Five types of choices can be stated here:

  • Winning Aspiration

An organization will win the strategy when they concentrate on their goals. The customer’s requests will be handled properly. The firm should increase their productivity to satisfy the customers. The services and resources, which will be served to the customer, should be unique. If they fail to win, then the resources are wasted.

  • Position of play

The perfect position is to be identified regarding where to compete, the mode of channels and the types of products.  It shows the business process and the purpose of it. It is to be done to understand what type of business the organization is doing.

  • The winning process

Working to win means the advantages of the competitor’s services and the product qualities. The organization must do unique work and then the same is to be delivered to the customer in a separate way. This is one of the strategies that can be implemented in achieving the goals.

  • Capabilities to win

The capabilities, which are required for winning, are to align the activities need for achieving the goal. It is the key factor of success.

  • Requirement of Management system

The actual management system is to be identified and managed within the structure of the organization. The elements are to be carried out properly for the implementation process. Without the management system, the work could not be done. To understand their business strategy, first the organizational system will understand its whole business process and measure the strategic choice


In the choiceless doer model the employees are not taking their decisions in their own so that they are not to be motivated by their seniors or managers and there is no value to their work. In choice cascade model, the decisions are to be taken for the success of the strategy. The decisions are to be taken by the own choice of the employees.


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