Definition Of Human Resource Management Assessment Answer


Definition of Human Resource Management

Human resource management is an approach that helps to organise people efficiently. One of the main organisational functions is Human resource management. The Human resource management focuses on the management of, recruitment of, and delivering the direction for the employee of the organisation. Human resource management should perform by the line manager of the organisation. It is the function of the organisation that works based on some organisation issues. Those issues are hiring, compensation, safety, development of the organisation, performance management, wellness, and the motivation of an employee, training, benefits, communication and also administration. Human resource management is a strategy of maintaining the organisation effectively and it is also an approach of comprehensive to manipulate the employee and the culture of the workplace and also the organisation environment (Thacker, 2012). Human resource management is going away from traditional roles, traditional personnel, and administration. Now these are become outsourced increasingly day by day. At present Human resource management is anticipated to add the value to the employee’s strategic utilisation and that impact of the employees programmes in the organisation in tangible ways (Thacker, 2012). The Human Resource Management is involved in the various roles. These roles are strategic direction, measurement and also the HRM metrics that are mainly used to demonstrate the value of the management 

 Primary function of human resource management

An effective human resource management have some primary function. These provide the HR discipline and also the HR participation. The function of the human resource management describes as follows.


The organisation’s position in the market as well as the success of the organisation depends on the success of the employment and the recruiter. The employee is played the main role in the organisation to produce the products (Yawson, 2012).These employees are selected through the recruitment process. The organisation advertise for the job post, the candidate applies for this post by this source of advertisement, company conduct the interview and finally best candidate are chosen for the post. This is the total recruitment process.


Safety is the one of the very important benefit of any organisation. In any organisation or company HR as well as the employee should always safety first. It gives a safe environment to the employees (Yawson, 2012).For this HR must need to support some activities in the organisation.  

Employee relationship:

Employee relationship is very much affected by the workplace environment in the organisation. If the relationship among the employee is good, the organisation moves to the goal as early as possible (McClintock, 2011).

Training and development:

The training and development are very much needed to the employee for increasing the skills for earning the organisation profit (McClintock, 2011). Moreover, different programs that includes tuition reimbursement programs and tuition assistance programs that are mainly done in the training and development area of HR.

Role of human resource management in an organisation’s strategic plan

The roles of human resource management in an organisation’s strategic plans are mainly selection and staffing, development of the organisation, training and development. In the following these rules are described in briefly. If one organisation’s Human resource management is effective in nature, then this organisation can enable the employee to devote their work effectively. The overall direction of the organisation and the achievement of the goal of the organisation and objectives should be fast forwarded to success by using the strategy of human resource management.

Selection and Staffing:

Every organisation firstly needs to set the goal. When target are set in the organisation, need to achieve the goal or the target (McDonnell, 2012). This can be able only by the employee of the organisation. For this reason, the organisation needs to select the proper candidate in the selection process or the recruitment process. In the selection process, HR selects the candidate as the employee of this organisation. That is why HR needs to focus on the target market as well need to clear knowledge in the task of this particular post.

 Development of the organisation:

From the business strategy, it is decided that every organisation and any company should develop their project to achieve the goal. In the development procedure, there have strategic rules but sometime these need to change in the process of the workplace. Though departments are developed the work individually, often HR need to aware the group development of the organisation (McDonnell, 2012).

 Training and development:

Training and development evolves the increasing skills and knowledge of any organisation and company. The training and development procedure helps to achieve the goal without hard work and also the small in time. From the research, it is found that 20%workforce should be well trained (Zhang, 2012). The training and development procedure grow the strategy of the organisation.

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