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In this report, the main the main themes that will be looked upon are ‘know yourself’, ‘know your sector’ and ‘let them know you’. Along with that, this report also contains a critical appraisal of the Gallop and Johari theories. It has analyzed the qualification of the Chartered Institute of Personal development and evaluates the importance of them for a candidate (Armstrong, 2012). Besides that, this report will also demonstrate how my Curriculum Vitae and LinkedIn profile matches the required skill of an HR Manager as well as reflect on the interview process.

Analysis of the Johari theory

Considering the fact that the above-mentioned window model was devised by two of the most eminent psychologists, Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham in the year 1950, the theory was named ‘Johari'. The Johari window model can be defined as a communication tool which is designed to invite personnel so that they can focus on themselves through other lens and thus can gain a vivid and clear idea o their strengths and weaknesses. Along with that, this model is also referred to a feedback and disclosure model since it focuses on both self-awareness of an individual and the thoughts of other individuals that create trust amongst an individual (Bhattacharyya, 2009). The above-mentioned model is comprised of four quadrants, namely, the open area, the hidden area, the blind and the unknown. The open area comprises of the adjectives that both the individual along with the peers have selected. The Hidden Area, also known as the Façade Area is consists of adjective selected by the individual but not by any of the peers. The peers are either unaware of the adjective selected by the subject or consider the adjective as untrue. The third area is known as the Blind Spot. This area consists of adjectives that are selected by the peers but are not selected by the individual or the subject. This area represents what the peers of the individual perceive but the subject does not. The fourth quadrant of the mentioned model is called the unknown. This area consists of adjectives that are neither selected by the subject nor by the peer of the subject (Saxena 2015). These adjectives represent the motives and behaviors of the individual that is recognized by nobody for two probable reasons, either they do not apply or because of collective ignorance of these traits.

This theory helps to built trust in the individual. Trust is built when an individual is able to understand their own strength and how their strengths are viewed by his peers. Respectful and thoughtful feedbacks given by the peers help the individual to grow. Therefore, it can be understood that responses should be constructive and should not create misunderstanding.

Analysis of the Gallup theory

When it comes to the Gallup theory, it was designed by Clifton and his team of scientists. The Gallup theory can e defined as an online assessment test that accesses the self-awareness of an individual by assessing his traits as well as characters. The top five strengths generated with the help of this tool are considered to be the most dominant ones. These strengths also provide in-depth information about the themes. This tool is highly used in organizations since it allows the participants to obtain in-depth knowledge of their strength (Gatewood, Feild & Barrick, 2010). This knowledge, in turn, allows them to set a goal and achieve it. In order to successfully met a career goal, it is highly crucial for every employee to understand his strengths as well as to invest in other employee's strengths. For managers, having a clear understanding of his own strength as well as the strength of his employees and managers, helps him to manage the employees as well as the consumer efficiently (Bach, 2009). The gallop theory is an effective tool that is used to enhance the confidence of an employee by identifying his unique strengths and thus provides the ability to the individual to achieve any career goal set by him.

Both of the theories discussed here are about characters and straits related to self-awareness of an individual. While the gallop test helps me to identify my strengths ignoring the weaknesses in me, the Johari window model helps me to identify myself and the thoughts of other individuals about me (Malcolm Martin, 2016). I consider both the models to be highly beneficial for me. Knowing my strengths enabled me to understand my own personality in a better way. Along with that, it also enabled me to identify my areas of potential. I am able to understand my peers and employees which will help me to work as a team in future. On the other hand, I am able to understand my weaknesses as an HR manager. Assessing my weaknesses will enable to eradicate them and achieve success in future.

Career sector and related professional standards

The Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CPID) is a UK based institution for Human Resource management professionals. The chief professional qualifications required in the Human resource are recognized by the above-mentioned institution. According to me, it is highly crucial to obtain professional standards in order to build knowledge as well as to demonstrate expertise in the workplace. Being a highly renowned institution, CIPD provides recognition of the applicability of the knowledge in a good number of organizations (Mick Marchingo, 2016). A CIPD certificate, diploma or award certifies an individual as an HR professional.

In order to enhance my knowledge and obtain expertise in the field of HR, I have planned to enroll myself in CIP for a 13 months long course. Along with the course, I will continue my degree in HR in a centre situated in London at a level 5 intermediate. The HR course, I am studying at the London centre costs approximately 3,495 pounds. Being a student, I pay the fees in an installment of 171.19 pounds per month. In order to handle my studies along with the CIPD program, I have already organized myself. Besides that, it will be advantageous for me to directly reach the CIPD centre directly from my school. Along with that, I found the CIPD course to be highly affordable on the basis of the payment methods.

 I think the HR department is one of the most crucial sectors of an organization. The overall growth of the organization is highly dependent on the effectiveness of the HR department (Hendry 2012). This is because the productivity and the enhancement of the overall revenue of an organization are highly dependent on the effectiveness and experience of the employees recruited. The chief role of an HR professional includes recruitment, selection of the most appropriate candidates for a specific job role and providing appropriate training and development to the employees to enhance their skills. Other roles of an HR professional include looking after the work-life balance and other issues of the employees in order to keep them motivated. HR professional needs to ensure that performance appraisals are conducted appropriately so that efficient and highly skilled employees can be retained. Additional to all of these, a Her professional also looks after whether all the laws and regulations set by an organization is followed properly or not. Therefore it can be clearly understood that in order to manage an organization effectively, it is highly crucial to acquire qualification and knowledge in order to handle both the employers and the employees effectively in an organization.

Gaining Professional Standards

In this era of high competition, it is highly crucial to have a CIPD degree to apply for the post of an HR Manager (Gold et al. 2013). Companies who are offering jobs for the role of Hr professionals are opting for the most qualified candidates from the numerous application submitted to them. Considering the fact that the CIPD degree is considered to be of high value when it comes to HR related job roles, I will get an added advantage while applying for jobs associated to my field of study. Moreover, gaining professional standard under the banner of a highly reputed organization like CIPD will enhance my possibility of high earning. Due to the high demand for HR professionals who have a degree from CIPD, I will be able to negotiate with organizations when it will come to my salary. These are some of the chief reason behind my decision of pursuing the mentioned professional qualification since it will equip me with the skills and advantages in the highly competitive world of today.

Job Description

After my completion of the professional course along with my studies, I have planned to apply for the post of the Human Resource Manager. Considering the fact that I have a really limited amount of Jo experience, I will start as a fresher and will eventually achieve my goal by achieving each step in my professional life. The job description of my role as an HR Manager will be as follows:

  • Recruiting employees for the organization
  • Departmental planning of the organization
  • Improving systems and performance management (Kerzner and Kerzner)
  • Ensuring development of the organization
  • compliance with regulatory concerns regarding employees
  • requirement assessments of the employees along with proving appropriate training to the employees for development of their skills
  • Finally, policy development and documentation

Skills highlighted in my CV

Both my LinkedIn profile as well as my curriculum vitae (CV) highlights my strengths obtained from the Clifton Strength Analysis as well as my skills that I have acquired during my previous work experiences and from the numerous activities I had taken part in. Along with my skills, I have also mentioned in both my CV as well as in my LinkedIn profile that I am currently pursuing my professional course for being an HR professional. This can be considered as an essential requirement when applying for the post of the Human Resource manager.  

While preparing my CV, I have also highlighted my strengths that have been detected by the Clifton’s Strength tool. Four of my major strengths is being restorative, relater, include, positive thinker and ideation. When it comes to my professional skills, the majority of my professional skills are the result of the knowledge I have acquired in my academic career along with my professional experience and most crucially, from my current course in CIPD institution.

Interview Feedback

My lecturer had overseen the whole interview process. Since the interview conducted was a planned one, I had prepared myself on the basis of appropriate dress aspects and psychologically. One of the remember worth question asked to me by the interviewer was to explain a phenomenon in my life which I am proud of. I had answered the question by implementing the star method. In turn, I was highly praised by the interviewer since my answer was well defined as well as well structured. The approach and feedback given by the interviewer were highly encouraging and has boosted my self-confidence to a great level.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that both the theories namely the Johari and Gallup Theory have enabled me to understand and assess my strength and weaknesses successfully. While my strength encouraged me to pursue the education related to my chosen career, the weaknesses help me understand and eradicate the loopholes of my personality and character so that I can be an efficient HR manager. The professional course offered by CIPD, on the other hand, ensures to add value to my qualification. Finally, keeping all these in mind, I have designed my LinkedIn profile to demonstrate that I possess all the required skills as well as knowledge of to bean HR Manager. 


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