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Jessica Hemauer's memoir- Farm Girl is an excellent example of putting personal experiences, a memoir which clearly articulates that 'be different' is an excellent choice. You don't have to fear or worry about the choices you made in life or you were forced to. It teaches us all in one way or another.
Farm Girl being a simple account of Hemauer's personal experience in the event that has been written to make the readers aware of all that goes into to be an effective and efficient person who can manage time well and thus life pays back.
The 'Girl' who didn't only taught us how to manage time well but also how to actually take advantage of being different. Growing of up on a farm made Jessica a different kid all together in school but as and when she tried doing something new she wasn't demotivated by her parents straight away. 
A girl who managed house chores not only before school and but also after the school always had an effective plan in her head which made her a pro in not only doing things right in every sphere of her life but also was active in all kinds of extra- circular activities. 
Writer's main aim of making us experience the way she has been born and brought up throws light on her style of writing. She gives readers a taste of her own life and teaching the lessons she has learnt by being different.
"From an early age, I had to learn how to manage my time so that I could do my chores and attend school."- This quote clearly states that she is reflecting back to her childhood which taught her time management. "Each day of my life there are times when I reflect back to working on the farm. And everyday people notice that I am different from my peers."
Audience who are targeted, no doubt, are teenagers and young adults who can definitely relate to 'being different' from others. For the purpose of not only to express her own personal feelings of being different but to make a change in the thinking and affect her audience is an excellent way of writing.
People who may feel a bit out of place when it comes to adjusting in their friend group are the ones like Jessica in her teenage life.
Here her writing style is an effective use of ethos, pathos and logos which made this small essay a complete one.
"We all proceed with our normal morning routine..." gives the readers a sense of her being normal yet different. Henceforth the logical arrangement of her experiences and the smooth flow from her school life to higher education has an effect on audience the way she wants. This clearly shows that Jessica is clear in 'how she wants the people to read her memoir' and learn something from it.
The girl who used to feel different because her friends used to never include her in their lunch discussions was learning her 'lifetime of responsibilities' which made her manage all hee activities without stress.

To put it differently sympathizing with the writer, audience was made to see her hardships with the lessons she learnt in the process. This is all because of which she is at this stage of her life. As a result of the chronological order helped audience to relate to her emotional journey. 
Hardships presented in this rhetorical way have always a great effect on the audience. Thus a great use of pathos because this is where emotional attachment with Jessica comes in picture. 

A salute to Jessica as can be seen who made sure that the people who are sacred of doing something different, being different now knows that it’s beneficial for them only in a long run.

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