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The study and essay aims at studying the facts and details of human dignity and also analyses a case based on the same. A novel policy being utilized by minimum one vital credit card firm analyses its buyer not unavoidably by theri credit purchases made by him as well as the payments, yet also even by the fiscal behavior of all the fellow shoppers within outlets that he stops over. In few situations, poor repayment past of the people behind the bank within line on the firm’s local store can also give an outcome in a decrease of the credit limit, that, in return, can also result in a reduction within the score of the credit. Kevin Johnson aged 29 years and belonging to Atlanta, also got caught within one financial headlock (Blackstone, 1971).

This issue is necessary when we are trying to understand details of human dignity and also evaluate the use and effect of the same. Some years past, Atlanta entrepreneur Kevin D. Johnson actually merely made his own way via the heap of the email which accumulated when he also was far away from the town for honeymoon. As he unlocked a wrapper from the American Express, he saw an unpredicted thing which even made him a consumer activist as well as ultimately a contender for the community office. This note which came was actually very straightforward and made Kevin aware about reduction of his credit limit, which also struck Johnson because he was a strange as he also said that he carried very higher score of credit as well as ideal compensation evidence along with huge credit card giver (Florencio and Herley, 2012). The bank stooping him to buy things by stopping his limit and reducing his shopping limit irritated the person badly. It was also not found ethical on the part as Kevin was a very loyal payer and always paid his credits on time and was never found late or unethical on such issues. What in reality disturbed Johnson was all that factor regarding the firm listed towards justifying its action where it said to Other people who make use of their credit card on the organizations where people currently shopped and also had very deprived repayment past along with the American Express. Kevin then decided and went public. He initially narrated his entire incident to Constitution of the Atlanta Journal, that also characterized him within the first-page print. He also came on CNN as well as was interviewed by the MacLean, who was Canada's very high-profile news published weekly. Johnson was the CEO of the marketing as well as communications firm, and even started talking before groups as well as blogging regarding his knowledge and experiences on the web site which was also created towards getting word out (Glendon, 2015).

When people talk about dignity the extent differs from person to person. Expression called as “human dignity,” might refer to many dissimilar things. And such is the reason of thinking related to basis of the human dignity dissimilarity. People’s dignity extent differs as one person’s level of feeling and assuming is different from that of other. Like in this case bank also denied to describe properly how the it used all the study of the patterns of shopping and also proverb models that are even proprietary. The holder of the American express named Norville even said that she cannot thoroughly discuss particulars of the Johnson's detail and account as it will disobey the privacy security. Yet the main question was that merely for the sake of firm’s privacy a person’s dignity was being harmed and affected. The bank also narrated that majorly vital factor is the user’s level of debt as compared to the economic resources. Within its note towards Johnson on time, bank said some other factors utilized within its choice to decrease his limit that were the level of debt, repayment past and period of the credit history. Johnson even said that he has never ever lined out any other process for the bank. Today, entrepreneurs are totally focusing upon enhancing interactions in firm he also founded 10 years before (Lipworth, Kerridge and Day, 2012)

The bank changed its rules and regulation without informing the change or alteration to its customers and this was the main reason for whatever happened with Kevin Johnson. Johnson said that he also wants to support others to learn about properly and fully protecting their made credit. He also created a proper Web site named the as well as planned to update the site regularly along with news regarding credit card sector and industry. At the time of behavioral analysis might also be demonstrating increasing utilization, it is merely the beginning towards drawing the scrutiny through regulators as well as lawmakers. Johnson was a customer of American express and thus was totally liable for all information to be delivered (O'Hara, 2013). The bank should have informed the customer about the rule changes that took place in the bank and also should have prior informed Kevin about the reduction of credit limit. Sudden change harassed Kevin and he became upset with the bank’s changing rules and alteration.

The next perspective demonstrated in the case is that the bank said that it didn’t like behavior of many other people who were shopping within stores which the firm is presently conducting the business. Thus this ensures the rising of questions regarding the firm’s ability towards repaying loan. Also it hit the dignity of the customers and then said that the process is named as "behavioral analysis" otherwise "behavioral scoring" which is a novel twist upon similar type of the analysis of data credit card firms beforehand used to protect the fraud. Generally card firms use the consumer’s buying past to actually evaluate the suspicious dealings. Like, they might also evaluate a vast extraction at the casino only if the customer also lives upon East Coast as well as does not gambles. Yet Manning might demonstrate that banks are currently utilizing all data and information towards replica of behavioral prototype of the users for trying to recognize the risk of credit. This perspective proves that bank was really unethical and never loyal on its terms. Banks do not have the authority to stop people from purchasing or even from using card anywhere (Pele, n.d.). Though it was the power of the bank to stop the customer from using card in any illegal process but the firm stopped Kevin from using the card for shopping at many shops which harassed him and then he felt irritated.

Human dignity refers to the inviolable as well as respected plus protected aspect where a person feels that he has been and his ego has been hurt. The vital self-respect of people is never merely a basic right, yet also comprises of base of the basic rights within the global law. In the year 1948 Universal Declaration of the Human Rights enshrines the principle within its preface which deals with ‘acknowledgment of the inherent dignity as well as of equivalent plus incontrovertible rights of every member of family which is groundwork of the freedom and justice as well as peace within world’. Intended for all such reason the actual dignity of human people is a part and parcel of substance of the rights that are protected by global human rights regulations and law. It also must, thus, be appreciated, even wherever a right also gets restricted. This was lacking in the case of the American express case of the credit card scam where the bank stopped on of its loyal customer from using the card in many shopping (SOMERVILLE, 2015).

Without dignity no protections of several legal rights of human being mechanisms could have the real meaning that is the reason why concept has also held, as well as continues to uphold, a mid place in global human rights scaffold. Criminalizing private as well as consensual sexual actions even violates right towards respecting the private life, plus might also amount towards inhuman plus degrading treatment. This was the thing in this case also (Vorster, 2012).

Typically, while referring human beings and their dignity which is extra closely related with notion of the “worth” in order to distinguish this from the “value” regarding money or even the utility. In some other words, the human worth otherwise dignity must not be appropriately measured in conditions of the monetary value otherwise usefulness. All people on earth have an equivalent fundamental moral status. These people also possess similar fundamental rights, as well as analogous interests of every person must count same within calculations which determine the social strategy and policy (Vorster, 2012). These basic and natural capacities towards the reason as well as make totally free options that are also possessed through each person, also people who actually can never right away work out these rights. The common problem related to the ground of the ethical status could be appropriately expressed like the following where it appears that this is decently allowable to utilize few things, to devour them, otherwise to experimentation upon them intended for self benefit also without the permission, otherwise perchance while they also are not capable to provide or hold back the assent, yet that this is never ethically permitted to treat some other beings within this path. The query is about where people draw line amid those dual sorts of human beings.

Here in case of the person named Kevin Johnson where he has been stopped by the bank American Express towards purchasing at several outlets and brands has highlighted the case of human dignity where the dignity and ego of the customer was hurt by the bank with which it was connected since long time and with which the person named Kevin was always loyal. This raised the question of ethical issues in the bank and also the right of information of buyers and users of the bank who were always liable to attain all the data and information and who were to be necessarily informed about any alterations in the bank’s rules and systems. Here the bank should have thought upon hundred times before doing this and taking such a harsh action.

The survey also tells us that majority of Australians mostly are very concerned and do always think about their privacy and also privacy of their money and bank accounts. Some people here are not engaging in the businesses that they consider untrustworthy. Few also complain about the privacy abuses. Yet many surveys do not get towards grips along with obvious inconsistencies amid the consumer behavior as well as stated attitudes. In such case the banks need to take proper precautions and also take care of the fact that the privacy of the customers are not hampered and that people get what they want and demand from the firm. This would supply the firm with proper benefit and actual advantage through which the firm will attain extra profit. Thus all the three perspectives mentioned here are totally related to the details of human dignity and also to the ethical issues of the firm. American express being a credit card supplier must have emphasized on right of information of the customers which would have avoided the situation that occurred in the firm due to the firm stopping Kevin and reducing his credit level with his credit card. This created a sense of irritation and agitation in mid of customer and this was the reason why the user claimed on the firm and then went to public for informing them and making them aware about the issue that happened in the Atlanta (ZEDER, 2015).

In a nutshell here are all the details related to the Kevin Johnson case and also things that happened with him and the situations that came as an outcome of the ill actions taken by the firm for stopping the customer shopping at some particular brands. The study has even dealt with the details of the human dignity that got affected in this case and even the ethical issues that the firm later has to deal with as the bank performed may ill and unethical actions against Kevin. The study has dealt with issues where firm has changed its rules without giving any prior informing to any of its customers, the second perspective it has dealt with is the banks saying that it actually didn’t like any of the behavior of several other people who actually were shopping in the stores which bank is presently not conducting business with and the last perspective was all about Human dignity which actually refers to inviolable plus even respected plus secured aspect where the person named Kevin has felt that he has been insulted and his ego also has been hurt.


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