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This study deals with Human Resource Management. In this particular scenario, HR Director needs to undertake instant decision on change of policies for the benefit of the organization. In a recent meeting, HR Director was shocked in hearing vital issue prevailing in the particular organization. This particular have lost major customer who used to contribute 50% of the revenue for the company (Armstrong & Armstrong, 2011. . Due to unavoidable circumstances, these particular customers left the company and went to their competitors. This major issue needs urgent consideration by the HR Director by less than 24 hours of time.

Selection of protocol

HR Director should select the method of “At-will employment” in the final decision-making process. It is important to understand the fact that potential customers are very important for an organization. This particular method will help in terminating the employees that is showing low performance from past 3 months (Byars & Rue, 2011). This particular method is a famous term used in the US Labour law. Under this method, an employer for any reason can dismiss employee.

Method for selecting the protocol

It is easy to use the selected protocol for terminating the underperformed employees in an organization (Werner, Schuler & Jackson, 2012). It is advisable to use this method and terminate employee because low performance cannot generate revenue in the business organization.

Federal and state laws governing layoffs

It is necessary to understand the fact that wrong human policies will harm organization and costly on the other hand. HR Director should involve the correct laws for taking the final decisions for solving the issues faced by the particular organization. Violation implies fines, penalties as well as lawsuits that will harm the goodwill as well as reputation of the business organization (Torrington, 2011). There are several laws that govern fair treatment of employee from interview to the stage of termination in an overall manner.  

Department of Labour

It is advisable at federal level for gathering reliable information on department of labour association. It mainly focuses on the multiple agencies for charging various enforcement employment laws.

Fair Credit Reporting Act

Most of the HR hiring practices are not aligned with Fair Credit Reporting Act in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission.

Warn Act

It is essential for the HR Director for having clear and concise policies on matters relating to layoffs concerning multiple employees for the same (Stone, 2011). Addition to that, Worker Adjustment as well as Retraining of Notification Act reveals various specific guidelines for the advancement of employees working in an organization.

State Laws

Federal laws require various compliance measures. Most of the State Laws shows generous attitude for the employee and provide with the additional protections in an overall manner.

Collective bargaining agreements

Decisions undertaken by the HR Director will ensure huge collective bargaining from the employees in the near future. Collective Bargaining is a platform that helps in enhancing in the relationships between employees as well as employer for the same. It implies offering professional for speaking for his or her own rights (Dessler, 2013). Most of the professional uses collective bargaining technique for ensuring integrity as well as respect in an overall manner. It will help in creating safe as well as rewarding work environment for the same. Employees have the right for negotiating in their compensation, and addressing the issues in an effective manner. This particular method helps in addressing the grievances of the employees and provide with specified guidelines in an overall manner.

Investigation on employee termination

HR Director should indulge in fair decisions that will benefit employees as well as organization in an overall manner. It is necessary for investigating on the termination issues faced by any employees at the time of working in an organization.

Purpose of lay-offs for saving money

Owners and Founders of the organization need proper layout by the HR Director for dealing the issues in the most appropriate way (Byars and Rue, 2011). Organization can easily save money by hiring new employees who are equally efficient in working for the business enterprise.

Checklist items

Employee Redressal Measures

Transparent Communication

Retention of existing employees who are performing best for serving the organization

Alternative to terminations

HR Director should suggest alternative method for termination that includes warnings to the employees for working hard and enhancing the level of performance in the nera future. Loss of potential customer is loss to the company but it is important to consider the fact that employees are the real assets of any business organization.

HR Director should suggest employee termination alternatives. These include:


It is a myth that underperformed employees are bad employees and cost to the company. The job role and specifications are aligned with the particular work. It is advisable to reassign employees to the back office and understand the skills and expertise for the same.

It is important to focus on the employees fails to perform the job in proper manner. It is the case of improper training at the beginning of the working organization. Most of the employees face big trouble in managing with the change in job roles and responsibilities. This hampers the level of productivity and hampering the smooth functioning of the business enterprise. It is advisable to alter the schedule and design temporary suspension.

Holistic approach

From the above discussion, it is necessary to gather the information on Human Resource Management. Holistic Approach will help the organization for retaining back the position and ensure smooth functioning of the business enterprise.

New plans and policies will ensure bringing change in the management and boost up the confidence among the employees as well as higher authorities for the same. HR Director should ensure conduction of employee redressal measures whereby every employee are free for citing their issues and problems to the business organization.

Figure: Holistic Approach

(Source: Armstrong & Armstrong, 2011)

Holistic Approach helps in engaging development of a whole person. HR Director should use this approach and understand the needs of the employees at different levels. It mainly engages with the concept of human beings for multi-dimensional aspects in an overall manner. It relates purely with the rational as well as irrational concepts.

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