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This particular report will conclude towards developing an overall marketing plan of the selected organization Tesla Motors Electric Cars. The chosen group in the report is Tesla Motors. This part of the study will evaluate about the background of the group, which will reflect the following points. The organization founded in the year 2003 in Auckland. The report will conclude what are the various elements that are required to develop a proper marketing plan, which is classified into four sections in the following part of the report. 

Task 1: Marketing Plan

Financial Plan

Fixed Cost


Building and Premises



Office Facilities



Power and telephone






Miscellaneous cost







Stuff Wages









Variable Cost





Vendor and services



Raw Materials






Financial Plan of Tesla

Marketing Research

Towards the development of a proper marketing, the most important parts, which need to investigate, is the development process of a real situation analysis process. The development process of a good situation analysis tool will evaluate both the internal environment as the external environment (Aaker, 2013). There are two important marketing tools, which need to analyze the application of the SWOT Analysis and use of PESTEL Analysis. With the help of the SWOT Analysis, the organization Tesla Motors will be able to develop an internal analysis process. On the other hand, the application of the PESTEL Analysis will allow the team to develop an overview of the external situation analysis (Barrow, Barrow, & Brown, 2012). With the help of these two tools, the organization will be able to focus on a proper market research, which will conclude the demand and wants of the customers (Bowersox, 2013). 

Supply Chain Management

It is one of the most crucial points to organize a good supply chain management in the majority of the manufacturing organizations. There are certain divisions of the supply chain management in the overall business process of the different manufacturing organization (Cateora, Gilly, & Graham, 2013). However, the team in the study needs to concentrate more in the inbound logistic as well as in the outbound logistic. All the factors of both the logistics need to investigate in a proper manner, which will conclude all the crucial elements. There are different points in the overall supply chain management to meet the customers demand. Tesla Motors towards evaluating a proper supply chain management needs to concentrate on the following factors, which include law proceeding, inventory management, material planning, and warehousing are the four crucial factors, which need to develop for the overall business operations. It will be very much beneficial for the organization to concentrate on both the objectives, which includes general goals and operating objectives (Chopra & Meindl, 2013). If the logistics, as well as the supply chain management of Tesla, is developed in a proper manner, the company will be benefited in the following way.

Logistic is the best practice of trade and business. It leads to customer’s satisfaction through superior customer service and supports critical functions like marketing and operational management. The company develops all the factors which include inbound logistic, outbound logistic, third party logistic, fourth party logistic, and reserve logistics are the five highlighted point in the overall process towards development of a proper supply chain management.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process will continue the transformation of raw material to finished goods. The primary manufacturing process of the organization, which Tesla follows in the business operations, includes the following steps. Casting and Foundry, forming or metalworking, machining, joining and assembly, rapid prototyping and other factors are some of the crucial elements, which are included in the overall manufacturing process of the organization. The company needs to develop the production process in an efficient manner, which will ensure the optimum utilization of resources (Cordon, Hald, & Seifert, 2012). It is familiar that resources of the different organization are limited. With the help of the scarce resources, it is the job of the manager to analyze the entire situation towards the development of a proper marketing plan. To ensure the optimum utilization of resources the management needs to focus on these factors, which will automatically increase the efficiency of the work and on some point of time, it automatically reduces the wastes, which take place in the overall manufacturing process (Cordon, Hald, & Seifert, 2012).

Task 2: Manufacturing Process

This point of the study will focus on different modes of production, which includes Job production batch production and mass production (Drake, 2012). However, this part will investigate the entire how similar products manufactured in this particular industry and what are the different factors, which will conclude one manufacturing layout from process, repetitive and product. Tesla Motors develop an innovative product, which will allow finding a proper solution to solve different issues of the in recent times, which includes global warming and depletion of fossil fuels. Apart from Tesla, one of the major competitors in this particular industry is Nissan, which develops Volt vehicles ("Volt Vehicles", 2016). New Zealand is one of the highly pollution free countries which follows different measures and promotes various steps to make an entire corruption free country.

Both the companies develop a modern and innovative product. It is very much important for the both the organizations to conclude the overall market structure. There is more than one firm, which is operating its business in the same industry, which can be finished as the monopolistic marketing structure. Batch, Job, and Mass production process are the three modes of production, which this two organization concentrates on the overall operational process of the business.

Among the three available methods, the company would likely to use Batch method because it will help the company to get a proper analysis of market demand and supply.  

Task 3: Location and Manufacturing

This point of the study will conclude what are different factors, which will find about the site and the cost of the business operations. To evaluate all the elements in a proper manner, there are three additional points, which are highlighted in the follow part of the study (Mobile marketing and advertising 2013, 2012). The first point is the notion of the location decision, which is based on low cost, which includes careful considerations. Once in place, site-related expenses are fixed in place, and it is very much difficult to reduce the overall proceedings towards determining the actual place (McKeever, 2012). The final point is the evolution of the optimum facility location is a good investment. To evaluate all the factors in a much compelling manner, the organization needs to focus more on cost, as it is one of the most significant factors which includes certain barriers and challenges (Malhotra, 2013). Towards developing a proper location strategy, there are certain key elements, which will conclude the site decision towards identifying an appropriate location in or close to Auckland.

The four factors, which need to evaluate in a proper manner, include key success elements, which are reflected in the following part of the study. Site size and cost, air, rail, highway and waterway system, zoning restrictions, the proximity to services as well as supplies and environmental impact issues are the five fundamental factors which Tesla need to evaluate in a proper manner (Lysons & Farrington, 2012). However, the company needs to focus on different factors, which affects the location decisions and includes the following elements. Exchange rates and currency risk which leads towards a significant impact on cost and prices changes over time. The other factor is cost, which includes an investment of both tangible assets as well as intangible assets (Jacobs & Chase, 2013). However, proximity to markets and proximity to suppliers are some of the additional factors, which are focused on the following ways to evaluate the factors, which concludes a proper location decision process of the organization.

The notion of the weighted factor approach reaches towards identifying a suitable location in Auckland. To enter into this particular point in an efficient manner, there are six steps, which need to develop towards finding a weighted factor approach (Hood, 2013). The following part of the study will ensure what are different kinds of factors, which needs to be evaluated in a proper manner, which will provide an appropriately weighted factor approach. Developing a list of relevant factors, which are known as the critical success factors. Assigning a weight to each factor and development of a scale for a proper measurement of each factor are analyzed in the right and efficient way (Gupta, Massisimo, & Koontz, 2013). 

Task 4: Development of a proper Project Planning

Planning is the primary step, which every organization needs to develop at the initial stage of the organizational activities. The development of an appropriate project plan includes the procedures, which needs to execute in the following ways (Drake, 2012). The development of a proper project planning includes a suitable Gantt chart, which will conclude towards identifying a completion date and its stage gate and various success criteria. However also to this particular report, the roles of the project manager are explained in a proper manner for this project. The role of the manager contributes one of the most significant aspects of the overall operational management of the organization (Cordon, Hald, & Seifert, 2012). The notion of the stage gate process includes six methods towards creating a proper stage gate process. The company needs to classify the overall stage gate process in the following divisions.  The first factor is to analyze the findings of the business case (Chopra & Meindl, 2013). The second factor includes the notion of the feasibility, which is followed by the third elements, which is known as the concept of the schematic designs. The fourth factor is known as the development process of research design. The fifth factor known as the notion of the preconstruction and the final element concludes the idea of construction (Cateora, Gilly, & Graham, 2013).

Time Horizon

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6


Task 1


Task 2


Task 3


Task 4


Task 5

Task 6

Task 7

Time horizon of Tesla Motors

The application of this particular time horizon will allow the company to develop different kinds of plans and proceedings, towards executing a proper project planning for the organization. With the application of this particular time horizon the project manager, need to incorporate all the findings in an appropriate as well as in an executed manner (Cateora, Gilly, & Graham, 2013). There are certain organizational goals and activities which majority of the firms depending upon the objectives of the business develops in the managerial operations.  However, it is one of the most challenging jobs for different management to allocate the right job for the right person. Tesla needs to hire a manager to execute all the plans and in a justified manner (Bowersox, 2013). The overall recruitment process needs to base towards maintaining an on-field requirement process, which will ensure a proper hiring process of the manager based on practical experience.


The concluding part of the study will analyze all the crucial factors, which are required by the organization towards the execution of the proper marketing plan. The overall report is classified into four sections, which includes the development process financial plan, market research that includes a correct application of situation analysis and maintaining a good supply chain management. The second point needs to be incorporated in an appropriate manner, which will support the job, batch, and mass production system which will conclude about the different firms operating its business in the same industry. The third point of the assignment will demonstrate what are the elements, which will influence as well as affect towards determining a proper geographical location for the company. The final point will assess the establishment of an appropriate production facility, which will ensure towards the achievement of the common organizational goals and activities. It includes the development process of the proper grant chart, which will maintain an appropriate time horizon and will equally distribute the task accordingly.

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