Mba 610 The Information Technology Assessment Answer


The information technology has become the need of the organizations. It is important for the organization to implement the technology in order to attain the competitive advantage. The information technology is helpful in enhancing the organizational performance. IT is one of the powerful tools and the advances in the information technology the changes have occurred in the society. The information technology helps in communicating, producing the goods and share the information within the organization in an easier manner (Shaukat & Zafarullah, 2009).

All the processes and the activities of the organization are supported by the information technology as it provides with the ease to the organization to carry out the different functions (Gagnon & Dragon, 2018). The investment of the organization in the information technology helps in enhancing the image of the organization, and interest of the employees which eventually help in enhancing the performance of the organization (Liu, 2011).

The IT facilitates communication, enhance productivity, improve integration and enhance the service delivery. The growth and the change in the organization make the organization more dependent upon the information technology for the survival. The business problem s can be solved with the help of the information technology and can also make better decisions and enhance quality. The organizations can also help in competing in the global market and in the aggressive business environment (Kimani, 2015).

Part 2

  1. Shanghai Wireless Café offers contemporary Chinese cuisine with variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian food. They offer chilli prawns, steamed crab and Jicama spring rolls in starters. Snap peas, cloud ear mushrooms and shitake, crisp squab with egg noodle pancake, maple – glazed pearl onions and grilled beef and glass noodles in main course. Roasted Asian pear with Lychee sorbet and mango rice pudding with mandarin glaze in desserts.
  2. The attractions of the Wireless Café are art exhibitions, tea tastings and river cruises. The café runs exhibitions of the national Chinese and the local Shanghai artists. The tea tasting events are organized monthly for comparing finest teas of china with the guidance of the experts. The café schedules periodic cruises on Huangpu River. The cruises provide dramatic views of skyline and offers contemporary cuisines along with regal wines and cocktail. It is located on Bund which is a popular area of Shanghai. Staff of café is well trained and also provides free wireless coverage and supports the technological needs.
  3. The organizational structure of Shanghai Wireless Café is functional / bureaucratic which includes owners – Jade Leung and Jimmy Kwok, under owners - the manager (Lucy Zhao) and Chef (William Feng) are there. Under Chef, there are Sous Chefs (Tommy Ho and James Tan)(Shanghai Wireless Cafe, 2018).
  1. The head chef at Shanghai is William Feng.
  2. The Shanghai Wireless Café established relations with the commercial suppliers and the local community. The café sponsor adult education courses, local youth events and the community enhancement activities. The café promote the techniques of environmentally food production, strengthening local economy and extend ancient tradition of China. Apart from this, the café is working with fisherman and the local farmers for supplying the cuisines of café.
  3. The job opportunities that are available at Shanghai Wireless Café include the job titles of Wireless technician, assistant chef and events manager.
  4. People can contact with Shanghai Wireless café through IM, mobile phone and email.
  5. The intranet of café provides direct online communication system with suppliers, provides online inventory and the ordering system and also provides next generation wireless protocol that connects kitchen and the wait staff.
  6. Shanghai Wireless Café provides the services to the people through the online reservation which indicates that it is a digital enterprise. The people can also access to the internet at café.
  7. The hospitality industry is highly competitive in context to quality of the food and the services provided by the various restaurants(Mathews, 2000). The different techniques are used by the restaurants in order to promote the restaurants such as location, prices and the other strategies. It is important for the restaurants to manage all these aspects for attracting the customers towards their restaurants. It is important to implement the new technology and keep up to date with new technology. The systems should be technologically advance in order to establish the competitive advantage. It is necessary for Shanghai Wireless Café to make sure the website and the system are able to match with the changing technological environment.

Part 3

  1. The questions that you could be used during upcoming meeting to begin understanding more about current operations future business plans of Shanghai Wireless Café are:

Q1 Who provides the new ideas for the café?

Q2 Are the employees provided with the training related to IT for performing their jobs and the responsibilities?

Q3 What are the strategies that are used by Café for providing the good internet services to the people apart from good quality of food for earning profits?

  1. The technologies that can impact the business operations are: cloud computing, big data and mobility. The apps, mobile devices and the operating systems are used by the organizations as it helps the organizations to make good use of the mobile technology. The people use mobile devices and the apps to take the benefits of the services of the companies as it is easier for the consumers to remain connected with the companies through the apps and mobile devices. The mobility I also helpful in increasing the productivity of the workers and the companies can respond to the changes in the market rapidly.

By using the big data, the companies can understand the needs and the demands of the customers, can understand the actions of the other companies and can develop the strategies to lead in the market place through analyzing the big data. The information or the insights about the operational costs, information about the customers and the other key aspects of the business can be obtained through big data. The companies can make better decisions with the help of it.

The cloud computing helps the companies store, share as well as consume the resources in an easier manner with great flexibility at low cost. It also helps the companies to develop high performance infrastructures on the mobile devices. The companies can develop effective and efficient business processes with the help of cloud computing and can achieve the benefits (Makela, 2012).

These technologies can help in enhancing the performance of the Cafe as through the mobile devices, the Café can connect with the customers easily. The cloud computing can help in enhancing the business processes in an effective manner as the café can store the information in an easier manner and can also share the information among the key people of the café for making the right decision. Yes, I would recommend these technologies to Shanghai Wireless café as these technologies can help in improving the operation of café as well as will help in increasing the profit of the café.

  1. The competitors of Shanghai Wireless café can be:

The restaurants that can attract the visitors of Shanghai Wireless Café

The restaurants that can offer good quality of contemporary Chinese cuisine to the customers at a lower price

The café will not be able to get enough supply when there are competitors and can become unable to obtain the food items from the suppliers at low price when other restaurants are providing good price to the suppliers.

The competitors can put their efforts to provide better services to the customers like good quality of food at lower price, other services to the customers like high speed internet and other technological services to the customers apart from good food. The competitors can offer the employees more salaries to attract them. The competitors can offer the suppliers with the high price for the food items in order to reduce the ability of Shanghai Wireless Café to obtain food items from suppliers. (CGMA, 2013)

The high competition is the force that influences the competitive advantage as the increase in the number of the competitors increases the challenges. The rivalry restaurant will always try to offer their customers with the best quality food and the other services in order to attain the competitive advantage (Wilkinson, 2013).

Fulfilling the needs of the customers in a better manner is the one of the dominant competitive strategy in wireless café’s marketplace. Satisfying the needs of the customers for the café is important in order to attain the attention of the customers towards the café. The customers are the major concern of café and offering best services as per the needs of the customers is highly important. The social networking technologies and the systems can help in enhancing the visibility of the Wireless Café among the customers through posting the advertisements and the discounts at café, quality service provided by the café and the free internet services. The customers are able to shift their choice towards the café by the help of the social networking and communicating with customers through this technology (Loizos & Lycourgos, 2005). 


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