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Project introduction

The project involves a fundraising event organized by Help-Big Company in support of orphans from one of the charitable organizations. Help-Big companies have been in existence for 5 years engaging itself with fundraising, mobilization and capacity building activities. The fundraising event for both local and international guests will be a one day event but organized, and planned for a period of three months. Funds received from the event will be handed to the charitable organization.

Project scope management

It covers project objectives, milestones, technical requirements, limits and exclusions, and review of customer (Barker 2014. p.34).

Project fundraising objective.

To organize a one day fundraising event in aid of orphans for a charitable organization to be held on 5/08/2016 for a budget of $ 830.

Project fundraising deliverables

The project deliverables include; venue identification, guests sourcing, invitations, materials sourcing, formal compliances, and welfare.

Event milestones

Milestones define project activities timelines (Burke 2013, p.34). The fundraising event milestones will include three months activities:

1/05/16- Formation of fundraising committee

5/05/16- Pre-event initial planning

7/05/16- Formal compliance and venue seeking

19/05/16 to 29/05/16- Sourcing for main and other guests

2/06/16- Printing of invitation cards

15/06/16- Publicity and issuing of invitation cards

1/07/16- Evaluation of outsourcing service providers

20/07/16- Sourcing for event materials

3/08/16- Eve-day preparations

5/08/16- Fundraising event execution

6/08/16- Fundraising event closure

Technical requirements

It will cover requirements of approximately 180 quests. Requirements will consists of stationaries, sound systems (3 speakers & 2 microphones), meals, refreshments, 200 printed invitation cards, and, assorted venue decorations. Other requirements will be represented by technical support team of 5 ushers and a master of ceremony.

Limits and exclusions

The refreshments and daytime meal will be provided to the guests. Transport and accommodation will be excluded from the event budget. Others will be outsourced competitively this will include catering event organizers and master of ceremony.

Review with customer

The Help-Big project team will review with the charitable organization representatives on project activities and events. Both will sign in agreement.

Project manager..sign..dat..


Project priority matrix

The priority matrix provides justifications of triple three constraints of a project. Project managers can use the priority matrix to make decision regarding project (Chandra 2014, p.123). Table 1 shows fundraising project priority matrix.

Table 1 Fundraising priority matrix

















Table 1 shows that: Costs are constraints to fundraising project it means that the project team need to use limited resources to enable raise funds. Although costs cannot be eliminated the project team will need to optimize the costs. To enable the event to be successful the entire project activities need to be enhanced this is by improving performance (Kezner 2013, p. 24). The available time for fundraising event is short, and project team must accept that they do not have sufficient time, and ensure specified milestones are achieved (Schmidt 2014, p.23).

Work breakdown structure

WBS is a useful tool in allocating resources and time (Berkun 2013, p. 34). The fundraising project is scheduled and divided to work packages. Figure 1 fundraising WBS.

Figure 1 fundraising WBS

Level 1- it will be a one day event and it will be covering fundraising planning, organizing, execution and closure.

Level 11- it consists of project deliverables of venue preparation, sourcing of guests, sourcing for materials, welfare services, legal and formal compliance, and publicity and invitations.

Level III- it consists of project work packages which include project activities

Site selection- it will involve visiting various venues and evaluating them to be able to identify the most appropriate venue in terms of facilities and supporting services.

Venue booking- after appropriate venue has been identified bookings will be done and that will enable the organizers to plan for it.

Venue decoration- an event organizing firm will be outsourced to facilitate arrangement and decoration of the venue.

Guest meetings and visits- pre visit meetings will be done in order to ensure that those who cannot attend the fundraising day can contribute in advance.

Ringing international guests and sending invitation cards- this is to provide communication with foreign guests to assure their attendance.

Stationery sourcing- it is a will involve buying stationery that will be used during invitation and registration of guests.  

Decoration sourcing- it will involve buying materials and items that will be used by outsourced service provider to decorate the venue.

Sound system sourcing- that will be used by master of ceremony, and guest for communication during the function.

Catering service providers sourcing and buying foods & refreshments- evaluation will be held to identify a competitive catering service provider who will help in serving meal and refreshments to guests.

Sourcing of master of ceremony- evaluation will be done to source a competitive master of ceremony who will moderate the occasion.

Compliance of environmental aspects- will involve seeking formal legislations on matters regarding to environment management.

Seeking local and other licenses that will ensure that rules and regulations are followed and no stoppages are made during the event day (Clark 2012, p.67).

Training ushers- who will help as guide during the eventful day, they will help giving directions and welcoming guests to the venue.

Media advertising- the event will be broadcasted in various media to create awareness of the fundraising events and attract more audiences (Verzuh 2013, p.24).

Printing invitation cards- cards will be printed earlier enough and sent to respective guest for invitations.

Project closure- event where the proceeding from the fundraising is handed over.  

Cost estimates

It covers the bottom-up, top-down estimate and time phased estimates

Bottom up and top- bottom estimates: Table 2 shows a summary of both top-bottom estimates

Table 2 Bottom-up cost estimates.







Calling cards





Visiting local guests


10 guests



Legality compliance





Print media





Printing cards





Booking venue





Postage for cards





Stationery buying





Decoration buying





Hiring microphones





Hiring master of ceremony





Hiring catering service provider





Buying refreshment


200 guests



Buying meals


200 guest



Guest reminders calling cards


50 cards



Hiring loud speakers





Training ushers





Media audio





Hiring of technician





Miscellaneous expense






Top –down estimates

The top-down estimate is based on apportion method done theoretically using the WBS. The apportion top-down estimate follows a process where estimates are broken down to work packages and allocated estimates (Bigelow 2016, p.46). The total cost estimate for the entire event will be $830, which is further divided into three levels. The initiation level will contain 52.4% of the total budget a total of $415, organizing and planning will represent a total of 38.1% which is $150, and event execution will consist of 9.5% cost of the total estimate of $12. The budget is apportioned from project goal, planning, execution, and closure.

Time phased estimate.

The time phased estimate is based on schedules of various project activities (Bigelow 2016, p.46). Figure 3 shows the time phase estimate.

Figure 3 Time phase budget

Figure 2 shows costs decreasing from initiation to execution and closure. The time phase estimate is prepared, first to act as a planning tool where project team is able to allocate resources according to time period. Secondly, it shows the flow of activities which will act as a cost control chart for scheduled activities (Bigelow 2016, p.730).


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