The Online Food Ordering Database Task 4

The Online Food Ordering Database Task 4

CPT310: Database Systems & Management

Data Definition Language or DDL is a language that we use in programming a computer program. This code can be used in tables or databases and requires at minimum a basic working knowledge of SQL. SQL is Structured Query Language is the basic requirements to be able to code a program when working on these types of platforms.

Use of DDL to do an insert will require you to some sort of SQL such as MySQL to program your code to work within the system. Use of the computer code along with the SQL and DDL will give you the information that you need to be able to communicate to the database of what needs to happen when the information is put into the database and also helps reduce the work load or redundancy of putting the same information in just by coding to get the information to work with the system and reduce the amount of input by doing less steps and being able to relate the tables and information together. Working information gets the computer to the nation of getting information together to code the program especially in high volume places that requires work and have high levels of employees and a smaller volume of human resource specialist that may be the ones having to put the information in the database for payroll purposes. Working and learning this technique has been challenging for me because one wrong key stroke throws off the entire program and you will have errors in your program so what I have done is started coding a small section then running it to ensure that there is no errors in the section before going to the next section to reduce the time that is used to attempt to find the error or recoding the whole database. Recoding a database that is backwards because of the syntax error is time consuming in finding the error especially when you have created an entire database such as the Online Food Ordering Database that we are working on currently. DDL also can be used to code a program and use specific techniques such as insert, update, and delete. These are unique codes because when use of making a database is so vital you cannot change information like a regular table without redoing the work that you have put into the table. When coding with DDL you will have to insert a delete and tell the computer specifically what you want to delete, update, or insert to get it to appear or removed from the table or database. Working in this industry can be challenging when dealing with this type of computer information and working with the computers that we go to in the industry that we are working with to keep the database up to the next level in the computer that we start to do in working with programming with SQL and DDL. The SQL and DDL works hand in hand in making sure that the database is put together properly. SQL and DDL works great and ensures that your information comes together properly to get your database fixed and working well.

Inner join is part of the relational model and returns only matched data to what you are searching for. Inner join works well because you can search for certain information and relate tables and join table together to make it one big database without problems. Also, as we learned not only is there an inner join there is also an outer join. Inner and Outer joins work well in making sure that the focus goes on in the tables and joining things together. Excellent work and dedication requires the information that is needed to get to the next level with the database.

Sum is in the relational model as well as the entity relationship as we have learned from our textbook. Use of these help to make your computer database work well because you can add things without having to do a long drawn out process but also add a value to the page that helps you get to the next level in the society of the computer network. The DDL also comes back to playing a role in this because of the information that we use when we program in SQL to get to the next level. Working together in the SQL these codes come together in the process and makes our program or database much more user friendly in getting to the information that is needed based upon the input that we are using. As we found out with our databases over the last 4 weeks that the information we put in has been repetitive but also gets us to the next level as we have learned more codes to get the page to the next level within the society of the programming by learning new ways to code and get the results with less input. The input is important but also requires the use of the information that is needed within the computer and the information that is required by the client that we may be coding for. Use of a blueprint in coding also gives you the advantage in getting ahead in the coding process because you can usually catch your mistakes before any time coding is being done. Working out in the community as well as making the security of a database is key but also makes it unique to each standard database and table. The tables can be connected together by use of join to get to the next level. The next level of working within these tables and databases can use the information that is unique and requires coding but also reduces the redundancy of the information that is being requested by linking. Linking is vital in these standards of these papers to get us to the next level of the society that we are working in the coding of the process. Using MySQL, we find that the information on the workbench if one keystroke is wrong can either cause it to work well, not at all, or get a different result than that of what you may have wanted. The MySQL gets us to the point that is well needed to work out the table and get us to that point.


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