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SIR30316 Certificate III in Business-to-Business Sales Assessment Answer

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Business to business sale is the services and the products which are sold by one company to another. It is quite different from the business and the customer sales. Business to business sale requires smooth communication and good manipulative behavior. It is not easy to carry forward business-to-business sales as it is a tough task to explain different outcomes and the importance of the services to the other party. Both the parties must agree on the agreement and must discuss the scope and future of the service. Salespeople should take care of the prospect's needs so that they can adopt the services. Business-to-business sales talk about the products and services which costs much more than that to the done with the consumer. Business to business sale is much longer and complicated in terms of the business to consumer sales. It is not restricted to any of the services or conditions i.e., sales can be about software s or any equipment, but it has to follow some of the characteristics. Business-to-business sales can cost according to the high quality of the products or services. They can even deal with it in millions and millions of monetary values. Business-to-business sales must work on a critical policy or documented agreement. Because these services and actions tend to cause an impact on the operation of both the party. The professional and employees head must make procurement and be responsible for the sales process. Experts should involve while dealing with the new guidelines and objectives in business-to-business sales. There is more than one stakeholder involved in business-to-business sales. The business is not run by a single person. There are many stakeholders and some of them are hidden while others only concern with the profit amount. Completing a transaction between business-to-business sales can be a long process. This is a very long process because of the involvement of the stakeholders and many calls and guidelines are made before finalizing the terms and conditions. Business-to-business sales have less amount of customer. There are only a few parties who show up interested in buying an organization's product or services. It is very little in comparison to business-to-consumer sales. The market for the business-to-business sales is very narrower. There are various goals, target, and way of selling which makes it distinguish from sales in business to business and business to consumer. Both the models have different scope and scale to meet the sale process.

Business to business sales holds different value and cost from the one other.


There are several benefits that one can have after the competition of the course. The different methods help the candidate to under the business-to-business sales much better. The qualification enables the candidate to learn the practical and the internal exposure in the business entity. Since the consumer in the market is very less in business-to-business sales, the role of the candidates expands to work on the communication and manipulative skills to convince the client. The candidates also learn about the legal knowledge which is necessary which making agreements and the policies for one another. The government provides aid and assistance to the students who are in trouble with monetary or other matters. The course is built sufficiently and there is advanced version is available to study the specifications of roles in the business entity. The roles and the positions attached with them are highly repetitive. The salary and incentives attached with the post are decent and it enables the candidates to run their living smoothly. The previous students who have completed this course claimed that the units are very well designed which gives an abundance of knowledge about working in the different firms.


The qualification offers proper guidelines for the students who are willing to build a business. The qualification is sufficient to build the individual into business experts. We taught different tactics and knowledge which allows the individual to enhance their knowledge. We provide them with several skills and methods to enhance communication with the clients and effective roles to improve business-to-business sales. The qualification gives a proper guide to the individual which helps them to deal with the business analysis and help them to promote their work and services to the other business and wholesalers Candidates have many options to choose after the competition of this course. They can go for the sales executive, business sales executive, customer executive. No extra qualification is being required for entry into the course. There is the total of 10 units which is demanded by his course. Candidates have the choice of their favorable executive and core unit. Generally, core units are built for providing better knowledge to the students.

  • There are no extra requirements for entry into this course.
  • The units which are required to be completed must have 5 core units and 5 elective units.
  • Candidates can select the units by doing research and looking at the job outcomes.




Make sure to divide the area between the customers and the cooking/baking area


Try to build good relations with the customers by building a relationship so that more customers would increase your sale.


Try to maintain the business-to-business skills using different techniques and methods


Work effectively with others and try to maintain a healthy environment at workplace


Make sure to work under safety measures and regulations


Build reputations in front of the customers


Take care of the issues faced by the customers and deal with them

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