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SIS20219 Certificate II in Sport Developing Athlete Assessment Answer

SIS20219 Certificate II in Sport Developing Athlete

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Sports activities perceive different forms of physical activities competitively or in form of various games that aim for the application of maintaining or improving physical activities and other related skills in the course of providing enjoyment to all the participants and in many cases it also ranges to entertainment field to spectators. The sports perceive less stress, mentally and physically on the participant. Sport-related activities can go through well-organized or casual participation of individuals that in every way take part in the improvement of physical and mental health of the participants. Many different sports exist that varies from the inclusion of a single participant to multiple in teams who competes with other teams and their members. In such type of sports activities, examples found are racing, soccer, volleyball, cricket, basketball and baseball etc. Various contests are held and arrange in the forms of competitions, tournaments that result and ends with the production of a champion. Prizes and awards are the end products of a tournament which is given to the winner or champion in a tournament. Other sports leagues provide an annual champion by the arrangement of different games and other activities related to sports in a regular season of sports which is then followed by playoffs in some cases. Sport is an activity which in general is considered as a system of activities that is based on physical dexterity or physical athleticism along with major competitions for example; Olympic Games that admits only sports that meets the definition of it. Different organizations that could be a council of Europe for example, take part in precluding activities without notice of any type of physical element from the classified level of sports. However, any number of competitions other than non-physical activities put its claim for the recognition of such many sports as mind sports. The international committee gives the recognition of both bridge and chess sports as bona fide sports categories, and the international sports federation committee gives the recognition of five non-physical sports such as chess, bridge, checkers, xiangqi and go, and put a limitation to the number of other mind games that can be get admitted as sports. Sport is in many cases is governed by a set of customs or rules that serve to make sure there is fair competition in a tournament and game that allows a consistent adjudication of the winner.

An athlete is referred to as a sportswoman or sportsman who takes part in the competition in one or multiple sports that includes speed, endurance and physical strength. The application of several sports for example golf or auto racing has become a controversy to date. Athletes can be professionals or fresh amateurs. Many professional athletes have gone through a good development of physical fitness which is obtained exclusive and extensive physical training and other strictly followed exercises that is accompanied by a good and strict diet plan. Athletes who are involved in exercises such as isotonic exercise have an extra level of mean left ventricular end-diastolic capacity in volume and are tend to less likely to acquire depression and other mental unfitness. Because of different strenuous activities, athletes are more likely to visit salons for massage than the general population. The sports performed by the athletes require a huge amount of strength basically who have lower calorie ingestion than the other athletes on the comparison.

Different titles have been given to the athletes among them is the world's greatest athlete that belongs to the world's top-level winner or competitor in the males and females category in field and track. The male category usually consists of 10 events that include long jump, 100 meters, high jump, shooting, discus, javelin, racing etc. In the female's category, it consists of seven events: high jump, racing, 200m, long jump, javelin, discus and 800m. Though we know, the world's greatest athlete title seems a natural award or title for those events that have a traditional association with the females/males that officially began with Jim Thorpe.

Sport and athletics is an important segment of Australia that dates back to ancient colonial times. Australian rules the following sports are rugby union, rugby league, football, soccer and tennis among the ancient times when organised in Australia. The national summer sport is given to cricket. The major four famous sports in Australia are football league, rugby league, basketball league, soccer league. There are many professional leagues in sports in Australia that includes football, rugby, basketball etc., in both males and females category. Sports came into Australia in the 18's during the time of the first athletics tournament which was held after which horse racing, cricket and other sailing clubs along with different competitions got started. The lower classes community would often play sports on public holidays and the upper communities would play more often like regularly or at weekends. Some sports were also banned in Australia by the British parliament such as hunting in a law which got implemented in the year 1835. In the late 1830s racing got started and got established in New South Wales along with the other parts of the country.

How can we help you for SIS20219 Certificate II in Sport Developing Athlete ?

The course is offering interested students the basic and advanced concepts and strategies in athlete study and introduces the regulatory framework including the process of creating plans and how it executed. Building up effective communication with social behaviour. The course will also help the students with practical knowledge and skills which are important for strategic analysis and implementing plans for effective management. The units in the course provided will develop a good understanding of the basic concepts related to athletics and sports management and how it is implemented and run, what are the acts and regulations behind it.

Description of the qualification

The qualification describes the validation, evaluation and designing process along with the risk management strategies in the field of sports and athletics. There is no such requirement of licensing, legislation, or certification to avail of the respective qualification.

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