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SIT10216 Certificate in Hospitality Assessment Answer

SIT10216 Certificate in Hospitality

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The industry of hospitality is a wide range of fields expanding from food, lodging, management, planning, transportation. The course of hospitality is the art that requires management with the tincture of innovation. Many countries’ colleges offer this course. It is known as Bachelor in hotel management. And then a student can opt for the masters in the same. Hotel management offers a wide range of courses, from the front office of managing to the back office. Many skills are required for the course. A student should be a good listener, can adjust to different environments. One should be responsible and disciplined. Growth and boom in the hospitality industry cannot be neglected. The demand for humans as a resource in the hospitality industry is increasing day by day. With the huge demand and the increase in the number of hotels, there is a demand for more chefs. The scope in the hospitality industry is immense. Many universities are offering good placements to their students. The course of management in this field requires immense experience and knowledge. A manager must have the leadership quality, one must be a good communicator and inculcated with the skills of time management and team spirit.

About the course

The certificate I in hospitality is the basic level of education in hospitality. A learner will learn a wide range of subjects, ranging from the management of hotels, motels, coffee shops, clubs, pubs, etc. A learner will deal with diverse people and learn practically to manage everything.

Job roles

There are different jobs that a learner can pursue after the completion of this course. This field or sector of hospitality has opened gates for many job roles, some of which are mentioned below.

  1. Area manager
  2. Chefs (executive, sous chef)
  3. Housekeeping manager
  4. Motel or hotel owners.
  5. Kitchen steward.

There is no licensing required for this field. But the learner familiar with the rules and regulations required for the sector of hospitality.

Course details

The course has 06 units that must be completed by the learner. Out of the 06 units, 03 are core units and the rest 03 are the elective units.

Core units


Elective units




For the elective units following information must be considered

  • 03 elective units must be selected from the elective list below.
  • 03 elective unit may be selected either from the list below or from elsewhere within this training package or imported from any other endorsed Training Package or accredited course, provided the selected units contribute to the vocational outcome of the qualification and do not duplicate content already covered.

The details of Core units are mentioned below:

Unit Code

Unit description


Working effectively with staff members.


· Providing the information to the customer

· Assisting customer.


Participation in work practices that are safe and sustainable.

The details of the elective units are mentioned below.

Unit code

Unit description 


hygienic practices for hospitality.


hygienic practices for food.

The details of Group B is given below:

Unit code

Unit description


Effective Work cook.


Effective Work at hospitality service.


Coordination in cooking.

The details of units covered under administration are given below:

Unit code

Unit description


Management of the meetings.


Analyzing information.

The details of the unit covered under Client and customer service:

Unit code

Unit description


visitor information.


lost and found.


club reception.

The details of the communication and teamwork unit’s are given below:

Unit code

Unit description


Making of a presentation.


protocol requirements


Management of conflict

Computer management and ICT operation’s details are given below:

Unit code

Unit description


Creating databases


Creating electronic presentations


Design business documents


Develop complex spreadsheets


This hospitality course is for the learners that wanted to proceed with their future in the sector of hospitality or the management of hospitality. There would be training that will be provided to the learners during the course related to the activities that will be performed during the job. The learner will be exposed and engaged in the various tasks to get complete knowledge about this course. There would be the practical knowledge which learner will be imparted with along with all the practical training to overcome all the challenges that arise in this process. A learner can avail many benefits from the course of hospitality.

This course is for the students that wanted to gain knowledge and study glass industry operations in detail at a higher level. The development of any organization depends upon its management. Many people are engaged in hospitality and wanted growth in their careers. This course can make their task easier by inculcating them with the skills of hospitality operation better.

There are many benefits and training that are given to the learners. The government is also approving this course and many scholarships are provided to the learner from the government’s side. There are many benefits of doing this course. Many people are getting salary hikes from the course. There are many benefits offered to the learners. Many incentives and training are provided to the learners. Scholarships are also awarded. The government also provides loans to students who are not able to afford this course. The hospitality course is for students that have immense interest in this process. The students know the needs and demands of consumers.

 Many universities offer certificates course in this field. Students can pursue the same courses in this field. And if a student wanted to pursue higher studies in the same field then the course of certificate I in hospitality is for them. There is a training program developed for the people who wanted to take their career at an advanced level from this course. There are many programs designed for the advanced level in this course. Besides these two advantages, there is a hike in the salary of the people after the completion of this course. This course will surely give students more creativity and ease of presenting themselves. This is a booming sector that required many people, learners pursuing this course will have more opportunities for them in the future.

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