Snapshot Algorithm Assignment Help

Distributed Snapshot Algorithm:

  • Assume each process communicates along with an additional process utilizing unidirectional point-to-point channels (i.e. TCP connections)
  • Any process may start the algorithm
    • Checkpoint local state
    • Send marker on each and every outgoing channel
  • On receiving a marker
    • Checkpoint state if first marker as well as send marker on outgoing channels, saves messages on all other channels until.
    • Subsequent marker on a channel: stop saving state for that channel

Distributed Snapshot:

  • A process finishes whenever
    • It receives a marker on every incoming channel as well as processes all of them
    • State: local state plus state of all channels
    • Send state in order to initiator
      Distributed Snapshot
  • Any process may initiate snapshot
    • Multiple snapshots might be within progress
      • Each is separate, as well as every is distinguished through tagging the marker using the initiator ID (as well as sequence number)

Snapshot Algorithm Example:

Snapshot Algorithm Example

a) Organization of a process and channels for any distributed snapshot

example of snapshot algorithm

b) Process Q receives a marker with regard to the first time as well as records it's local state
c) Q records all incoming information
d) Q receives a marker for its incoming channel as well as finishes recording the state from the incoming channel

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