5 Reasons why you should study abroad in South Africa

South Africa is considered to be the most ethnically and culturally diverse country in Africa at the same time. There are approximately 5,300 American Students that study abroad in South Africa because this country is considered to be one of the most popular study destinations for studying abroad. Here around 11 different official languages are thus recognized and it is considered to be the largest Asian & European mixed racially communities in Africa, also there are more different reasons to study in the place like South Africa. South Africa is considered to be the most multi-faced and dynamic location to study abroad and is considered to be a nation that includes a diverse multicultural population with 11 national languages, wildlife parks, advancing social renewal, expansive coastlines, active outdoor adventures and distinctive ecological systems at the same time. If we talk about Cape Town you can study here and witness the nation’s ongoing social transformation as one of the manifested ones in the new initiatives that eventually provide economic empowerment, equity advanced through education and public health services at the same time.

Why do students want to study abroad in South Africa?

South Africa is as far away from the United States as you can get their non-stop flight from that of New York to Johannesburg it would take about 15 hours 20 minutes. However, students want to study abroad in South Africa can initially turn many Americans off to travel along for a vacation at the same time and you don’t need to spend less time. Therefore, students want to study here because it is affordable and because of its natural and cultural riches.

5 Reasons why you should study abroad in South Africa

Politics in South Africa

South Africa is considered to be the most democratic and the important countries on the African Continent. The political turnaround of this country has eventually experienced the extraordinary n all terms. If we talk about the political parties the African National Congress is still in control and in power but now is under the leadership of Thabo Mbeki.

South Africa is not only about politics but more than that but people tend to focus only on politics more than anything else. Perhaps, South Africa is actually famous for the varied natural environment it has. South Africa is situated basically at the extreme south of Africa that too with a long coastline that eventually stretches around 2,500Km and also across two oceans. Generally, South Africa does have a great variety of the climate zones that too from the extreme desert to the Kalahari near Namibia and to a Lush subtropical climate that too with the border of Mozambique. It however quickly rises through the mountainous escarpment that too towards the interior plateau known to be Highveld.  South Africa does have more than 20,000 different plants and about 10% known species of plants on the Earth. Travelers do have a variety of options especially when it comes to selecting how to experience all of these natural wonders. Thus, the city life of South Africa is considered to be well known. South Africa is considered to be the world-renowned only for the Wine production.

Study Abroad in South Africa School and College Choices

However, there are numerous f amazing schools in South Africa and there are eventually dozens of universities and colleges, so no matter what you study you will initially get a great education. But you need to make sure that wherever you enroll yourself to make sure there the classes are only held in English. Yes, you cannot deny the fact that South Africa is considered to be the home to 11 official languages which includes Afrikaans, Zulu, and English & Ndebele among the rest. It is however mandatory for you to become excellent and proficient in one or two of the Non-English Languages at the same time in order to get an experience in your South African experience. Students who desire to study in Abroad i.e. in South Africa should initially consider all of the programs that are initially available to them in order to make the right decision about what should they do.

Therefore, as you know South Africa is a country that initially offers so much that you cannot even think of because it is initially impossible to quantify. Be its majesty of the Natural environment to that of the bustling city life of the Joburg, South Africa is indeed a country on the rise.


Generally, the QS World University Rankings of 2018 initially features around 9 South African Universities that include highest International Ranking position that is basically claimed by the University of Cape Town and also the University of the Witwatersrand which is on the 19th rank. However, In South Africa the Public Universities are usually divided into three types called traditional universities that are academically in focus second was the University of Technology that are more vocational and then the comprehensive universities that initially provides a combination of both the types of Qualifications. The Department of Higher Education & Training is initially responsible for the tertiary education & vocational training that initially include Adult Basic Education & Training (ABET) Centres. The nine provinces of South Africa initially have their own education departments that usually implement both the national & local Policies.

So, if you basically study in South Africa, because it usually takes three years of full-time study to complete one bachelor’s degree and after one or two years in order to complete the master’s degree. However, the academic year is initially split into two semesters, in particular, the first start from early February to that of early June and the second semester starts from Mid- July to Late November.

Countries such as Australia & New Zealand and also those who study in South Africa do not initially receive an overall grade for their bachelor’s degree initially with a level of the honours such as 1st or 2:1 After their third year of the study as students have the option to either graduate with bachelor’s degree certificate at the same time in order to take further one year honours course only to get their honours certification. This is considered to be an extra postgraduate year of study that includes your research thesis must be initially completed or finished in that particular area of study that is initially considered to be a bachelor’s degree. However, Universities that are in South Africa do provide multicultural student communities with good academic facilities there is, however, a wide range of clubs and social activities that are performed and with it good support systems only for the International Students. So, if you’re keen in order to know more about South Africa Universities and about the campus there are initially many universities in South Africa that have community volunteering schemes that initially provides you with opportunities in order to get involved in the development only for the local area.

5 Reasons why you should study abroad in South Africa

All of the natural wonders are surrounded in the Country. South Africa do count with a numerous variety of all the fascinating cultures, warm people with the rhythm, local traditions & soul of this is just a plus point. In the past few years, the international students out there prefer to study in traditional places like Spain, UK or France. So, if you want to encourage yourself and others to study abroad you should not miss out this multi-faceted place which includes abundant wildlife, beautiful landscapes and sensational climate.

But before making your final choice here are 5 reasons that why you should study in South Africa:

  1. As it is considered to be the most multicultural countries in the world so you get to admire all of the different and beautiful landscapes and one of the African Languages at the same time is a bonus for you and also you can visit the oldest archaeological sites there and experience what one can never in the entire life if not travelled to South Africa.
  2. You can enjoy and live in South Africa’s epic and sensational wildlife and also you will get to see and feel the beauty of forests and exotic animals too only through Safari experience
  3. You can become the part of reintroduction for this country in the world stage because its evolution to democracy has initially seen the implementation of all the new constitutions, new health challenges, new educational policies & new economic priorities. South Africa is also considered to be one of the top next study abroad destinations.
  4. As you know this country does have an amazing & excellent university and here the first African business school is also located that was awarded by the AACSB Accreditation and is considered to be the best business schools that provide the world’s best business programmes.
  5. It initially provides you with the amazing and the perfect climate over 300 days of sunshine each and every year in some of the parts.

So, if you really want to experience your life in one of the topmost diversified and the most complex countries on earth you may definitely study in South Africa. As South Africa has initially made the significant return in these past few decades by developing a better and beautiful democratic society that is now celebrated as the central part of this national identity such as 11 official languages are included and this country is also nicknamed as the rainbow nation due to its unique and specific multicultural character. Though, there are still multiple problems that initially have to be addressed in the Country South Africa which includes high rates of the poverty, violent crimes and HIV/AIDS. But apart from this, however, the country duly excels in many other specific areas that initially offers some of the world’s best and most sensational wildlife and natural scenery with assorted & lively cities and towns and with it a strong and beautiful selection of the most amazing and excellent leading universities with the international outlook as well. So, what’s waiting for? Go try studying here in order to experience life like you never dreamed of because it is worth it!