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Students learning SPSS need to write and submit a dissertation paper in order to earn masters and other higher degrees. Writing a dissertation cannot be easy all the time especially if you are writing for SPSS. But no need to worry, Assignment Help Era is now available in your region with best SPSS dissertation help. Here a team of talented writers are available who assist in writing their dissertation paper.

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OSCOLA Reference Style Used In SPSS Dissertations

Students who are studying in UK schools, they must know the references style named OSCOLA. It is one of the most common types of references in the UK.

OSCOLA includes two "golden rules" that are consistency and consideration. If you are writing SPSS assignments, you must have to be well-versed with OSCALA references. Our SPSS dissertation expert says that OSCALA references are very far different from those of MLA, APA, Harvard etc. They also add to their statement that "OSCOLA does not have in-text citations or endnotes, instead of this, they use footnotes as a citation".

Ideal format for your SPSS Dissertation

Our experts have drafted more than hundred of dissertation paper and thus they have knowledge about how to format the SPSS dissertation. The common sections of a dissertation are-

Title page: Title of a dissertation must be original, clear and targeted as per the audience.

Abstract: Writing an abstract is common in the dissertation. It is generally written for 300 words. It must not be too lengthy but should include all the important points.

Introduction: Introduction is the main part of the dissertation. Many readers are interested in reading the introduction section. Thus, it is important to write a concise and clear introduction to your paper.

Methodology: Here, you are required to present the types of methods that have been used to collect data and information. Following are the common types to collect data; descriptive, quasi-experimental, experimental and correlation.

Literature review: Now, you must include a section for your literature review. The best way to write a literature review is on the basis of information collected above.

Conclusion: At the end, write the conclusion part. It is same as your introduction. The only difference is here you must analyse the results of your research and present it effectively.

You may need Help with these topics for writing SPSS Dissertation Assignments

SPSS is a software package related to statistics and used for batched, interactive and statistical analysis. Students must have knowledge about the different topics covered under the study of SPSS. For example - reading data, working with multiple sources of data, data editor, cross-tabulation tables and more. All these are explained below by our experts offering SPSS dissertation services.

Reading Data

Are you writing assignments for topics like reading data? If yes, you must have the knowledge to read the data which is imported from and to SPSS data files via different sources such as MS Access, MS Excel etc. If not, you might need help from SPSS professionals.

Using the Data Editor

Such topics deal with the way of entering a numeric types variables or a string type of variable in the data file of SPSS. In order to perform this activity, variable and "data view" option are used which are available in SPSS. It requires the skills to handle the missing data efficiently and the ways to add value labels, variable labels and string variables.

Working with Multiple Data Sources

Working for multiple sources of data is a topic for SPSS students. It requires the knowledge of the ways to switch forth and back between the data sources. Writing assignments for this topic will provide knowledge to compare the contents of various data sources, copy and paste, and develop different subsets of variables and cases which are used for analysis. You will also come to learn how to merge different data formats without saving each data source.

Identifying the Summary Statistics

The above-given topic talks about the measurement level of the variable effects of statistics. It affirms the summary statistics and measures for the types of scale variables and categorical variables.

Cross Tabulation Tables

Our SPSS assignment experts also provide online tutorials for cross-tabulation variables. Attending such tutorials will not only help you in enhancing subject knowledge but also provide guidance to design your assignment. Under this tutorials, you will come to learn how to collect samples from different case studies in various types of cross-tabulation tables, for example - count VS percentages, simple cross-tabulation, significance testing and more.

Creating and Editing Charts

Last but not least. Students can also choose to create and to edit charts for their assignment where they will be required to present the ideas to create a chart by using the chart builder gallery and how to edit those charts as well. The experts offering SPSS assignment help through guided sessions to students have a well-understanding of the usability of examples that are based on Grouped Scatter Plot, Pie Chart, Bar chart, etc. Thus, taking help from them can be helpful for students in gaining maximum marks in their assessment.

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