What event inspired Francis Scott Key to write The Star-Spangled Banner Assignment Help

Star-Spangled Banner Assignment Help

Introduction to the Unit

The Star-Spangled Banner is the national anthem of the United States with the music which was effectively adapted from the anthem of a singing club, and having effective, and relevant words by the Francis Scott Key, and after a century for all its general uses, and the four-stanza song was effectively adopted as the national anthem through an act in 1931. Francis Scott is famous for writing the Star-Spangled Banner after the Battle of Baltimore during the war of 1812 but instead of this, he effectively penned the famous lyrics which he hardly mentioned in his life. The poem named as The Defense of Fort McHenry was written by Francis Scott in which he melded the fabric of the American life, and he also put this song in the music, and then the words get morphed into the Star-Spangled Banner which effectively become the national anthem of the United States in 1931.

Francis Scott Key and Star-Spangled Banner

Key, as an attorney, wrote the lyrics for the song after witnessing the attack on Fort Briton McHenry, and Key's lyrics were first published. It was published in the press in 181 with the title "Defense of Fort Mc Henry", and it was later printed in the Baltimore area newspapers with an effective sign that the words were effective to be sung. with the tune of Anacreon in Heaven, and his title was later changed to Star-spangled Banner when he appeared on the track that same year. Key's songs were distinctive, and indeed became very popular and a powerful expression of patriotism better than during the Civil War, with all of its emotional depiction of the national flag. has become the symbol of the still-new nation, and by 1861 it was practically as devastating as through the division of the nation.

The Key Skinner and the Beanes were effectively waited for on a ship that was behind the British Fleet and watched for 25 hours as they bombed British Fort McHenry, and after the continuous bombing, the British effectively gave up their attack, and left away, as Key effectively turned to the fort to see the American flag while the flag was still flying higher this mainly inspired the words to write a poem which was titled as the “Defense of Fort McHenry”, and after some time this poem was renamed as The Star-Spangled Banner.

Star-Spangled Banner has its two-mystery number the first is that no one knows for the certain regarding how the poem would get wound up at the Baltimore printer with the following morning, and the second one is nor we know about how the words later would find as their effective way onto the music sheet for the tune which was the theme song for the Anacreontic society in England to belt out the songs.

The national anthem and flag of the United States inspired important legacies of the War of 1812, when British forces effectively assembled to attack Baltimore in September 181, as Francis Scott witnessed All bombing and saw a giant 30* US flag 2 meters high. The garrison has moved in there are four lyric stanzas that are the popular tune of this song. The flag and anthem of the United States are called the "Star-spangled Banner". The Star-spangled banner is an icon of American history often ranked for the Statue of Liberty and the Heads of Liberty. The purpose of the star banner is to effectively prolong the useful life of the best person in charge of the project and its main purpose is to never make the flag look like the first time. it first flew over Fort McHenry. While conservators were productive, more than 12 million people viewed the museum's glass preservation lab.

The Star-spangled Banner is famous for its patriotic song of the United States of America, and this poem has four stanzas. The Star-spangled Banner was effectively-recognized for official use by the United States as the Navy in 1889, and this was effectively implemented as the national anthem by Congressional resolution of 3 May. 3 signed by the President of the United States Herbert Hoover

Francis Scott Key

Francis Scott Key was a thirty-five years old attorney who was not in the military during the war of 1812, and he effectively found himself as the enemy lines during September month in 1814. He effectively watched several battles of the British to take Fort McHenry, and this fort mainly related with the Baltimore Harbor as the Britisher has captured Washington D.C. in 1814, and plotting the siege for Baltimore, and planning for attacking the Fort McHenry. The Key regarding Francis Scott effectively suggests that both the extreme patriotic, and the pious from his earliest childhood days in the early 1780s is until his death in January month, and being as a young man, he effectively consider joining the Episcopal priesthood but instead of this he also gets opted for the law, and secular life.

The lyrics of the Star-Spangled Banner come from The Defense of Fort M Henry, a poem written on September 1st by a thirty-five-year-old attorney, and one of the actors named Francis Scott as well as after witnessing the bombardment of For Mc Henry by British Royal Navy ships at Baltimore Harbor as in the Battle of Baltimore at the time of the war in 1812. The key was mainly to draw inspiration from the leaf spectacle. The United States flag is effectively reflected in the famous lyrics of "Star-spangled Banner" and the red light of the rockets and bombs exploding in the air.