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Assignmenthippo.com provides the best professional online services to the students for story writings. In primary classes, the students are usually given to writing stories in their assignment work. They are given tasks to write stories with different plots. Every story has protagonists and antagonists and few significant characters to beautify the plot with some interesting twists and turns that end with a powerful message. But for the kids, it gets arduous to portray their imagination into a perfect story using ornamental vocabulary and accurate grammar. It is important that a story is exciting when read by the teachers or any reader or evaluator. So, writing is difficult but to write a good narrative is even harder.

The level of narrative writings differs from primary classes to secondary classes and continues till the professional level. When the story writing is for kids, the plot might be simple with lively and riveting characters, but there is always a pressure of giving a powerful message to the readers. Also, when the story writing is done by a professional writer or a novelist, the standard is raised higher. The plot is sometimes very dark and complicated or full of fantasies and science fiction, but mostly the protagonists are complex and convoluted. It belongs to the professional story writing methodologies. So, there are variations in this narrative writing that put pressure on the mind of the writers, if the story is understandable or not, or if the sentences are formed correctly or not. To avoid such doubts, our writing website Assignmenthippo.com provides you with the best story writing services with rules and tips on how to write a story for beginners as well as professionals.

Assignmenthippo.com is the story generator for kids and a plan maker for professionals. Our website provides the best online story writing plots with story writing examples. For kids or beginners, who do not know the format to write a creative story, we provide them with the best services. They can provide us with the rough outline of the story they want to write, and we will follow our steps and procedures to give a face to the ballpark idea of the customer. This way, we can write children’s stories with morals and a short story for primary class students. And for novelists, when the story to be written reality stricken and dark, our story writing experts give tips to draw out the imagination of the writers into words. We preserve the great ideas of the great novelists and give them a structure to continue their stories. Assignmenthippo.com is a helper and a story writing tool for the professionals who need a little push to make the writing perfect. In fact, our writers give a clear framework to the haphazard ideas of the novelists. Our online story writing organization comes in handy for urgent help or to push the limits and even to give motivation to the people to jot down their ideas on the blank sheet.

Assignmenthippo.com provides you with the top best tips to write the best story that our experts also follow to design the ballpark concepts into a high-standard creative story.

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  1. Jot down your ideas at one go- When a story is written, all the cells of imagination in the brain of the writer activates, and they start to imagine the story they are writing. So whatever strikes in the mind of the writer should be scribbled down at a go. It should be written down raw and unfiltered. The imagination that comes at the first time is the most appropriate one. It is said to come out of the mind naturally. If it is a short story, then it should be written in one sitting, and if it is a novel or long story, then it should be completed in one season, i.e., three months. So, the first tip is as soon as you get the idea to write your best story, it should be expressed immediately at one go.
  2. Give life to your protagonist- A good protagonist is a key ingredient to any story. A protagonist is the hero of the narration. So, without a hero, your story is incomplete. It is important to give some vital role to the chief character. It is not necessarily required for a protagonist to be a human character; it can also be an abstract concept. In a romantic story, the chief characters are supposed to be given a role that tends to spread love to their other half. And if it is science fiction, then the protagonist should be made powerful. And most importantly, the role of the main lead should end with spreading a very meaningful and significant moral. A protagonist in a story should be developed in such a way that by the end of the story, the readers will fall in love with the character, its role, and the power the leaders possess in trapping the attention of the reader in the most effortless yet efficient way. So, the development of the protagonist is the second most important step of writing a story.
  3. Bring twists and turns to the plot- A monotonous flow of the story will make the readers snooze a little. A story is only interesting when there are suspense and climax in the plot. Unexpected twists and turns and unbelievable situations will give chills to the readers. It will keep the reviewer get on the edge of the seat and wait for the next situation to occur in the story. If the readers ask questions like, “What will happen next?” or “Why did the protagonist say that?” that means the story is successful in keeping the readers hooked up throughout. Also, the story writer should also keep in mind while developing the suspense in the story that oversharing is harmful for the narration. It is an unpopular opinion, but in a story, the reader should be allowed to freely think about the plot in a different direction. The climax should be flexible and pliable so that the reviewer will come up with their own perspectives.
  4. Eye-catching dialogues- Dialogues are a very important part of story writing. It gives voice to the characters. Good dialogues make the readers go into the depth of the plot and get engrossed in reading the story. Every character should be given a unique style of delivering the dialogues. Good speeches and one-liner not only explain the characters better but also create a picture in the mind of the readers. They start to imagine how the scene would actually look like when these dialogues are delivered from the respective characters. And good dialogues can only be written when the writer has detailed knowledge about the character and expressing the emotions connected with the characters in the right amount. Correct words should be used while writing the dialogues, and the sentences constructed should not be too difficult for the readers. The dialogues should be relatable and should sound like the character you developed. Therefore, eye-catching quick-witted dialogues are the secret of a successful story.
  5. Give a significant moral of the story- Readers read stories to get the message of the story in the end. If there is no powerful moral to convey to the reader, then it should not be considered as a story. Either the narration should completely end with a powerful message that will be engraved in the hearts of the readers for ages, or it should give a hint that the story is not over yet and the sequel will soon be published.
  6. Edit your story in layers- Never a story is written in the first chance. Even top-notch professional novelists check and recheck their writings to spot the flaws and errors. Most of the time, there are more than three drafts that check the writing thoroughly in layers. The first layer is totally rough writing, where the raw ideas of the writers are written. The second draft is for correcting and improvising the writings from the conceptual, contextual, and grammatical aspects. Then the final draft is the polished one that can publish.
  7. Publish your work with an attractive title of the story- A good and alluring title of the story is very important because readers judge the book by its cover page and title. If you are writing a short story, then just an attractive title would do, but if you are writing a long story or a novel, then make sure you have done the best selection of cover page as well as the title, making the story ready to be published or submitted among the readers.

Therefore, Assignmenthippo.com is an online story writing service provider that presents the best techniques to help in story writing, whether it is a school assignment or a story written by the writers to publish. It gives long story ideas with amazing topics that would drag in the attention of the readers. Our professional story writers draw a base of the story from the ballpark ideas of the customers and provide them with work as they expected from us. Assignmenthippo.com has been delivering high-standard stories and has been promising online support to its customers worldwide.