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The world's simplest idea - ‘democracy’, took at least two and a half millenniums to come by. And the reason we are talking about it, is because our today’s topic is synthesis essay examples, or synthesis essay writing — the process of which is more or less the same. Is this a coincidence, or are we actually discovering the extent of labor and time that can go into creating a synthesis? Yes, the idea of democracy can be awarded as being the quintessential synthesis essay example of all times. Back in the 5th and the 4th century BCE, Plato, followed by Aristotle, gave democracy the first theoretical face, backed by logical arguments and convictions toward the idea. For those who do not know who Aristotle was, it is perfectly fine since you might be writing a synthesis on Quantum physics. However, the fact that all the syntheses, whether political or scientific, goes through the same process of probe, ideation, logic, arguments, perspective, evidence, result, and a little bit of rhetoric, you might want to know that Aristotle was a Greek philosopher, and the mentor of Alexander The Great. Aristotle’s nascent ideas on democracy, however, could not see the true light of the day because of the approaching Dark Age, when hardly any significant developments were recorded — until they were eventually taken up by the modern materialist philosophers like Machiavelli, Rousseau, Hobbes, Mill, Rawls, Marx, etc., and imparted it the distinguishable shape and composition that we, in the present day, cherish as human civilization’s one of the greatest achievements.

From the great ideals of federalism, decentralization, plebiscite, to rule of law, welfare state, affirmative action, free speech and expression, fundamental rights and duties, justice, or republic, only came as a response to the very idea of democracy, through countless ventures into writing the theses and syntheses, by scholars in the 18th, 19th, and 20th century. We hope now you have at least an added clue on what form of commitment, writing a synthesis incorporates. Now, let’s do it with some synthesis essay examples you were looking for.

Synthesis Essay Example #1

The below synthesis essay example is on feminist philosophy, and a unique perspective on the central idea of feminism.

Disclaimer: The below synthesis is only an hypothetical example for students to acquaint with, or give them a clear picture of, writing a synthesis. The arguments made below do not profess, or challenge the works of any philosopher. Neither does it seek to be utilized anywhere, other than in writing a synthesis essay on subjects unrelated to feminism.

“As the idea of feminism was time and again defined by the first wave philosophers like Mary Wallstonecraft, to the second and third wave philosophers like Simone de Beauvoir, and Nivedita Menon (respectively) - to be a movement of equal treatment and opportunities, a political stance, and a negation of the present-day family system based on women’s oppression and patriarchy. But as one progresses into the late third wave, in studying the newer theories along with contemplating the on-the-ground working of the things, the discourse also deepens. In my case, feminism turned out to be much of an embodiment of inclemently broad socio-economic, and political outlook. Feminism seeks to accommodate the want of justice for not only women, but all the sexes that exist. All the sexes that continue to combat under the oppressive regime of the patriarchal society that is destructively biased and yet not penalized by the law. Women, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Men, and all those sexual identities this sentence did not accommodate, are the victims of it. All of them. Why men though[1]? Effeminacy. By the definition put up by Wikipedia - Effeminacy is the manifestation of traits in a boy or man that are more often associated with feminine nature, behavior, mannerism, style, or gender roles rather than with masculine nature, behavior, mannerisms, style or roles[2]. This has resulted in enough persecution of the men by men as well. And since, feminists embrace the idea of allowing other critical causes into their movement, the fight for women against the patriarchal structure, for once, has become a fight for all.

My other findings define sexuality to be something that cannot be restrained within some walls created by society. Of course, this has also been asserted by a number of feminist philosophers, which is why, there is nothing new to it, except the fact that - it is indeed a fact. A perfect piece to back this proposition up would be this excellent article written by Prof. Anne Fausto-Sterling, Biology and Gender Studies, published in NYtimes[3].

So, sexuality is not fluid, and definitely not a binary thing. Also, there used to be matrilineal clans and family systems in the past, in Hawaiian, African, and Indian cultures[4] — unlike the present day family system. This reference further fortifies and rightfully normalizes nonconformist, non patriarchal family systems, in addition to voicing the fact that a change in the very system would be absolutely normal. Patriarchal family system was not the only system before, nor is it now.

In conclusion I would say, being a feminist is being aware of the past. Being a feminist is being opposed to that every social structure that necessitates oppression, alienation, and humiliation of women and all other sexes.

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