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Thesis work is a receipt to your academic degree. A reflection of analysis capabilities in tandem with logical and rational thinking in the thesis paper is quintessential for an “A+” grade. Only a professional can do this with the culmination of years of experience in writing the thesis paper. Assignment Help Era is prominent in providing Thesis help Canada with enormous efforts. We have 2250+ PhD experts from different backgrounds who thoughtfully structure and organize the correct thesis format for the required subjects. Several students raise queries about the correct thesis structure format. So, here is the correct thesis writing format used by our experts.

Thesis writing Format

It certainly requires a proper structure and format, otherwise, your professor might ask you to make changes over and over again. A good thesis consists of two parts. One should state what you intend to argue and how you plan to argue. Besides, you should have proper supportive material for your argument. Here, at Assignment Help Era, our thesis professionals perfectly work on each segment of thesis writing to provide you with quality thesis writing service.

So, here a few steps for writing a thesis paper along with the samples written by our professionals.

Title: This part includes in the institution, author, department, advisor, mentor, date of delivery along with their email addresses.

Abstract: It describes the importance of paper and gives a synopsis of your main results. It should be concise, quantitative, and readable. No more than 1-2 paragraphs and consist of 400-500 words. To write your abstract, answers to these questions should be visible: ‘What, why, how did you do it?’ Also, state the learnings and one implication.

Table of Contents: Here, you should include headings, subheadings, intent headings along with their page numbers.

List of Figures: This should have page numbers of all figures used along with a small title.

List of Tables: This must include the page numbers of all tables used along with a small title.

Introduction: Write a statement that motivates the reader to read your thesis paper. Apart from this, an introduction should include significant research issues that the main body discusses or tackles. Next to that, you can cite the previous research in the same field or the first idea or contemporary relevant work. The introduction should represent these aspects:

  • The goal of your paper.
  • Background understanding with its relevance to the question.
  • Acknowledgement of the prior work on which you have created a thesis.
  • Scope of the work along with the roadmap.

You can find this sample written by our thesis experts. Here the topic for the thesis is Abuse detection on twitter. Here, at Assignment Help Era, your query ends for best online assignment writers.

Methods: This section informs the reader to believe in the results and also describes the procedure, theory, and materials, techniques, calculations, calibration, and procedure. The method section should answer a few caveats such as- accurate replication of the study, the reoccupation of sampling stations, statistical analysis, laboratory analysis, and replication of the main algorithm of software. Here, you should not incorporate the results descriptions and citations should be restricted to references.

Results: The results consist of tables, graphs, figures as actual observations. Here, you should give both positive and negative outcomes and indicate variation. Segment your result with proper subheadings.

Discussion: Here, you write the synopsis of most important results. It should be like a brief essay answering key caveats. The caveats are observation patterns, generalization and relationship of results and its exceptions, multiple hypotheses, and evidence for interpretations. Additionally, avoid bandwagons and fashionable viewpoints if it does not have a supportive result.

Make it rich in references and background for the result argument. You can also contact our team to write a professional thesis homework for you.

Conclusion: Here, you write the most important statement of your observation. Go back to problems that you have mentioned and present a conclusion based out of your observation. Do not repeat sentences of discussion, introduction, or abstract.

Recommendations: Include if needed. There should be considerable action to solve the problem. Also, you can give future investigations on the same field.

Acknowledgement: Acknowledge those who help you out. The help can be of financial, technical, or intellectual.

References: Here, you need to cite concepts, ideas, and data that are not owned by you. Do not use footnotes here.

Appendices: Incorporate all your data in this section. Please note that tables and figures should embed in the text if it is not so long.

We hope that after reading the above format, your query for ‘how to write a thesis writing statement step by step’ is resolved. But if you require further assistance, then do contact our team of experts right away!

Feel free to contact Our Canadian thesis experts who are available 24x7 for assistance

Assignment Help Era guarantees the most reliable and trustworthy thesis writing services in Canada. Often students ask questions such as, ``Can you make my thesis assignment on time? Definitely! We strictly adhere to deadlines. Apart from this, we take care of:

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In addition to these services, our Canadian Academic writing experts can also assist you in the future and make you understand the terms and terminologies of the thesis assignment. If you really want an excellent outcome, it is, however, crucial to get your work done on time and it should meet the required standards as per the university norms. In order to achieve this, you deliberately need the support of professionals who understand thesis writing thoroughly. To experience the quality and affordable academic assistance, do fill the form available on our website and we will get back to you in no time!

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