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Is Ubuntu and Linux the same thing? What is the difference between Ubuntu and Linux? Is Ubuntu better than Linux? What is Ubuntu Linux used for? What type of OS is Ubuntu?

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We all are caught in the middle of a war that’s going on between the two most popular operating systems that are Windows and Mac OS but there are also a considerable amount of people, (mostly developers) who prefer Linux, which is an open-source Operating System.

According to our Linux Assignment Help Experts, students must be cognizant of the terms Open Source and closed source in order to have a comprehensive understanding of Linux and its diverse versions. Fret not if you don’t have relevant prior knowledge, we will decipher every technical term for you that might act as a hindrance to your Ubuntu Assignment making.

An operating system can be ideally delineated as a series of software on computer hardware that conducts itself as a footing for other computer programs. Whether to monitor computer resources or to allocate them whenever an executing program needs one, the operating system consistently performs these jobs in order to ensure that the intended tasks are being down without any hassle. It behaves as an administrator and ensures that the program in execution has the required memory, processing power, and every other resource that it might need in order to perform the intended task. That is all about an operating system, but what about Open Source?

Operating Systems such as Mac OS and Windows are closed-source that means all of their source code is developed by their respective organisations or the individuals associated with them. The source code itself is a proprietary piece of intellectual property and its usage is a specific licensing agreement or another and no external entity can make any kind of changes to the source code. Unlike closed-source or compiled Oses, an open-source operating system is one whose source code is freely accessible to anyone who wants to see and modify it. (Assuming that you are acquainted with both the terms now)

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Just by downloading the Linux operating system, you can see how it works as its source code is open to everyone. If a Linux user finds an error or bug, he/she can make changes in the source code in order to fix the problem and contribute to the next version of Linux, which is one of the prominent reasons why developers prefer working on it. Apart from that, it gives you the advantage of developing your own operating system by making use of the Linux Kernel, which can be referred to as its foundation. This advantageous feature brings us to Ubuntu. Let’s take a look at what Ubuntu is and how it relates to Linux.

Ubuntu Assignment Help Experts Disclose The Difference Between Ubuntu And Linux

Ubuntu is nothing but a distribution of Linux. It is an advantage of Linux lingo that a distributed operating system can be created by making use of the Linux Kernel which behaves as the foundation of the respective OS. There’s an array of different Linux distributions that are free and a substantial amount of users avail them as per their requirements, but with limited support options, highly-skilled programmers find it intimidating to install such distributed OSes and that’s where Ubuntu comes in.

The intent of developing Ubuntu, which is a distributed Operating System, was to endow developers a software platform which is free of cost but functions as same as the other closed-source OSes while also aiding organisations to devise computer systems with an eye on efficiency and cost management. If it aligns exactly with your requirements, you can download it on your system and run abreast of your existing OS, or you can replace the old one and make Ubuntu as your main operating system to get your tasks done.

Based on Linux Kernel, Ubuntu entirely relies on the architecture of Linux to interact with a computer’s hardware so that software can perform the intended task. The commands that Ubuntu makes use of in order to perform tasks follow the same procedures and rules as the other Linux distributions do but it has a few additional features and a peculiar style. The graphical user interface is much alike to other operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS while the applications can be selected by typing commands or a mouse -- there's no need to learn a library of commands or terms.

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