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Do you remember the school teacher's boring confused session about the War of US Independence? Such topics used to scared us and keep us away from other interesting subjects. However, if you are a student studying history courses from an American university, you will be probably be asked to write projects in the form of essay, report, case study analysis, PPT presentation, video creation etc. If you get stuck at any stage while writing assignments, US history assignment help service is available for you.

Few Lists of Topics Illustrated By Our US History Assignment Expert

Assignment Hippo is associated with a huge number of assignment writers who have completed their studies from US colleges and universities. They have identified the lists of assignments topics related to US history. These topics can be helpful for students in writing their assignment.

  • Characteristics of the 13 British Colonies
  • Europeans vs. Native Americans
  • Causes of the Revolutionary War
  • Causes of the Civil War
  • Westward Expansion
  • Industrialization
  • The Post-Cold War World
  • Social Movements
  • The Interwar Period

All these topics have an important role in APUSH exams. APUSH exams generally conducted the measure the knowledge of US history and to check the ability to make connections between historical content. Thus, students who are preparing for APUSH exams can also be benefited from such topics.

Types of Assignment Covered By Our US History Assignment Expert

Students of top universities of the US are asked to write different types of assignment such as essays, case study, research paper, dissertation, thesis, term paper etc for their history subject. Sometimes, writing assignment becomes a difficult task and thus they need US History assignment help by experienced writers. Following are the types of assignment covered by our experts:

PowerPoint Presentation Assignment

The United States of America is known for its top-rated universities and colleges. There are universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Harvard University, Cornell University, Yale University and University of Florida etc who ask the students to create powerpoint presentation as a part of their academic assignment. As per the experts of US history assignment services, your presentation shouldn be clear, straight to the point and impressive.

Case Study

The student pursuing a higher education program in the field of history must have to write assignments based on different case studies. Analysing a case study and making a report is not an easy task and thus our US history assignment help expert is available to resolve the issues faced with your assignment. The topics may be like the cause of civil war, Ethics and Vietnam War, the effect of industrialization on American Social Movements etc.

Report Writing

Among the university's assignment, report writing is the trickiest one. You have to be the top-level subject matter expert who possesses good research skill, writing skill, proofreading and editing skill as well. Students must have the skills to present their writing descriptively and critically. In case, if they lack these skills can simply avail US history assignment services where talented writers are available to help them.

Research Paper

The most difficult part of writing a research paper is a thesis statement. It can be termed as the foundation of the research paper. It takes a lot of time to research and write thesis statements and also, the statement must be supported with a piece of strong evidence and examples. If you need any type of assistance in writing your history research paper avail US history assignment help services.

Paper Writing

Students enrolled in the topmost prestigious university in the USA, you can be asked to write a dissertation paper. Preparing a unique and quality based dissertation within a short period cannot be easy for any student. In such a situation, they can get helped by US history assignment services. The experts associated here have prepared dissertation assignments for topics like writing a dissertation on the abolitionist movement in the United States, their contribution and key leaders, discuss on the Lincoln Douglas debates on governmental power and slavery and their impact etc.

Examination and Online Quizzes

Nowadays, US universities also assign online examinations and quizzes to students. These exams are conducted online by the university. Students get the specified time to complete such assignment. To attempt these types of tests and quizzes, one must have complete knowledge about the subject if not they will require US history assignment help service.

Why Choose Assignment Hippo For US History Assignment Help?

There are several services and benefits offered by Assignment Hippo. But the services which make us best in offering US history assignment help are as listed below:

A conference call with the expert - Students can reach to our experts offering US history assignment services to know how their assignment is going to be prepared. Video call after submission - Once we deliver the assignment, students are free to contact our US history assignment expert to understand the complex concepts and theories of their assignment.

Live to track of the assignment - Now, you can easily track the order of your assignment with us. You can either check your order status from our website or you can call us to know the current status.

Exciting offers and benefits - Students always get offers and discounts with us. Our US history assignment services offer the following benefits; discounts on bulk orders, seasonal and festival discounts throughout the year etc.

To experience high-quality paper writing service and history assignment help, you can place your order with us.

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