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Nursing students are expected to be empathetic and be capable of taking care of different emotional needs of different types of patients. The nursing school teaches an array of subjects that improve the understanding of a patient’s emotional wellbeing. Abnormal psychology is one of the profoundly taught subjects.

What Is Psychology?

Psychology is the study of the mind, cognition, and cognitive behaviors.

What Is Meant By The Term “Normal”?

Behavior is said to be normal when it falls under the accepted categories of society. Anything which deviates from the normal societal standards can be named abnormal.

What Is Abnormal Psychology?

4 D’s Of The Abnormal Psychology


A behavior is said to be dangerous when there is a possibility of the person either harming themselves or causing harm to others. People who do not have control of their emotions are often perceived to be dangerous. This is considered abnormal behavior.


Whenever a person acts in a manner that is not accepted as normal by society can be termed as a deviation. Eccentricity is being different from being abnormal. Having views and perceptions which does not set the societal standard can make a person eccentric but not abnormal. Eccentricity is a good characteristic in many instances and sets an individual apart from others, often making him achieve great heights. Abnormality is when many parameters of an individual differ from the clinically proven standards of normalcy.


When a person engages in behaviors that are not normal and are good enough to impact their personal and social growth, it is considered to be a cognitive dysfunction. When a person undergoes a traumatic situation or is under depression, his unwillingness to do anything, run errands, focus on his progress, interact with others, eating unhealthy, etc. can take a toll on their social, mental, and personal health.


It is the feeling of being overwhelmed by the environment around a person. An individual might act differently to handle the distress or in response to the distress.

Abnormal Psychological Behaviors

Neurodevelopmental Disorders

These are congenital defects in the cognitive capacities of a person. Such a person often suffers from lower intelligence and lesser learning capacity. An IQ score under 70 points out at an impaired intelligence.

Communication Disorder

It is a neurological disorder characterized by the inability to communicate properly via speech and language. Inability to hear, inability to speak, inability to comprehend, inability to properly speak, stuttering, and stammering are considered to be the signs and symptoms of neurodevelopmental disease.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( ADHD)

Individuals with this disorder are generally hyperactive to the extent that it interferes with their growth on the personal and social fronts.

Bipolar Disorder

This disorder is characterized by episodes of mood swings. The rapid switch from an extremely sad to an extremely happy mood or vice versa is a characteristic of these disorders.

Anxiety Related Disorders

Frequent episodes of excessive fear, worry, anxiety, and restlessness are seen in this disorder. High neuroticism or an increased perception of the threat of society is seen in these conditions.


Some people perceive certain objects, animals, or phenomena to be highly threatening. These people are known as phobic to these stimuli. Some people might experience extreme symptoms like nausea, tachycardia, and the fear of death on being confronted by the thing which they fear.

Stress Disorders

Traumatic events can lead to acute or chronic stress-related disorders. These are characterized by symptoms such as hallucinations, dementia, inability to memories small things, difficulty to feel good, a sense of guilt, irritable mood, increased anger, aggressiveness, hopelessness, fear of re-experiencing a traumatic event, a feeling of living on the edge, suicidal thoughts, etc.

Illness Anxiety Disorder

This is the fear of having a medical condition that has not been diagnosed yet. Even despite normal medical reports, these people tend to have undetected disease pathology, about which they are greatly worried.

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