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Boxes that are Ticked in Data Structures Studies


A data structure of fixed size which is capable of storing the same type of data. Arrays can be in the form of arrays of strings, arrays of integers, arrays of floating-point numbers, or even the arrays of arrays which are also known as 2D arrays. Also, random access is possible in arrays which makes them indexed. About the fixed size of an array, the insertion and deletion of elements from it cannot be done directly. For instance, to insert an element in the array, a new array with an increased size will have to be formulated and arrays are utilized for the creation of other data structures like heaps, hash tables, or vectors.

Linked Lists

Linked list are known to be a sequential structure in which the elements are stored in linear form and the elements are interlinked which makes the random access of elements, a complete prohibition. The three basic operations performed on a linked list are Search, Insert, and Delete. Searching for an element in the linked list can be done through a simple linear search and for insertion, it has to be done either from the start, from the end, or the middle of the linked list. For deleting an element, there is no direct way. You can delete it from the end, from the start, or the middle of the linked list.


Stacks operate on the principle of LIFO which is Last In First Out and this data structure is the most common one to be found in the programming languages. The reason behind it being called a Stack is because it resembles the real-world stack of plates. Push and Pop are the two initial operations performed on a stack. Push means the insertion of an element on top of the stack and Pop involves the deletion of an element from the top and returning it. Also, isEmpty is the function used for checking whether a stack is empty or not.


Queues work on the principle of FIFO which stands for First In First Out and it is known as queue because it resembles the real-world queue of people waiting. Enqueue and Dequeue are the operations that are performed on a Queue where enqueue involves the insertion of an element at the end of the queue, and dequeue involves the deletion of an element from the beginning of a queue. In the process of multithreading, queues are extensively used to manage the thread and the implementation of queuing systems like that of priority queues is also carried by the Queues.

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