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How do you feel when you ask someone to introduce himself and you don't get an impressive introduction in return? Of course, you won't like it at all. The same happens when you are asked to write an essay. The essay introduction must be spectacular and engaging. It is the front face of your essay, so it must be framed in such a way that it captures the reader's attention. But, it is not an easy task to frame an up-to-the-mark essay introduction. Generally, learners find it challenging to create a well-ideated essay introduction with a strong central idea. There are two parts of an introduction - first is where you tell the readers, what the essay is all about. And second is where you put the central idea or the thesis statement of the whole write-up. Both sections should be informative, unique, and catchy.

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Different Sections of Essay Introduction

The beginning of an essay is the most essential part of your whole write-up. The introductory section consists of two or three paragraphs that introduce the essay topic to readers. An essay introduction includes three sections. All these parts of an essay introduction are described below.

Opening Question or Statement

An opening statement is the beginning of an essay that attracts or hooks the reader's attention. This section should be engaging enough that readers can spend their time in reading the write-up further.

Supporting Lines or Sentences

To make the essay complete, there must be a link between the opening statement and the thesis statement. The connection between these statements is created by supporting sentences. It connects the hook to the central idea to tell readers what the write-up is all about.

Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is just like the backbone of every essay. It shows the plan and purpose of the essay. The whole write-up revolves around the thesis statement to justify the argument in the most credible manner.

While writing the introductory section scholars, must pay equal attention to all these parts. You should have a proper understanding of framing essay introduction properly. In case, you face any sort of queries, can avail essay introduction writing services offered by our professional essay experts. Our profound academic experts have written endless essays with an excellent introduction. One of the recent samples of essay introduction written by our experts is shown below.

The images given above reflect the quality of work that we offer to all our clients. By writing an essay introduction under the guidance of our professional essay writers you will score the highest grades in academics. To frame all the three parts of an essay introduction like a pro, you need to follow specific tips given by our seasoned academic helpers.

Tips to Frame an Attention-grabbing Essay Introduction

As we know that an essay introduction is a road map of the entire essay. So, you need to frame the plan in such a way that you achieve the destination. Our experts have suggested some best tips to create a scoring essay introduction easily.

Understand the Purpose of the Introduction

Before you begin writing, you need to understand the purpose of the essay introduction. Our professional essay introduction writing help provider says, 'The main aim of the introductory section in an essay is to engage the reader by presenting the topic effectively' Ensure that you don't include a lot of facts in the introductory section because they are meant for the body of your essay.

Don’t Get Informal

Every one of us knows that in academic writing, we mostly prefer to use a formal tone. Even if we have to write a personal essay, we should not use a formal language as we can. In some cases, it is mentioned or allowed to use informal language. Only in that condition, you can use an informal tone. Otherwise, always stick to the academic style and language.

Attract Readers Attention

Always start the introductory section with something interesting that makes you stand out from the crowd. A unique introductory section will always grab the reader's attention and create engagement. Remember, if readers get something unique to learn, they will surely read the write-up further.

Begin with a Question

For making the introductory section readers-friendly, started with a question or a thesis statement. The questions should be strong enough that you can explain its different aspects throughout the write-up to prove the central idea. Also, it should be relevant and worth reading so that readers get the solution of the question prompted in the introduction and feel a sense of satisfaction.

Add Interesting Facts

don't stuff too many facts in the introduction. You can include some interesting facts that can influence readers to step ahead and learn more about the topic that you are explaining. Make sure that you are using relevant facts from authentic sources. And don't forget to cite the facts.

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