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Looking for tips to draft a perfect essay outline? Writing an essay has been one of the most dreaded tasks for most of the students. Be it a scholarship, college, expository or any other kind of essay, the step which is considered to be the most complex one is to formulate an outline that gives a crux of the entire essay, in crucial times of emergency.

So, if you want to save your time, you can get in touch with our perfect essay outline writer at Assignment Help Era. We possess more than 500+ essay help experts in our panel, who have gained special expertise in every kind of essay that has become a hurdle in the paths of students.

3 Easy steps to draft a perfect essay outline

As per the experts of our essay writing help, research papers and essays are that academic piece of writing that invoke an enormous amount of efforts and anxiety. A lot of students have benefited with the tips that we have provided them for drafting a perfect essay. This has not only helped them formulate better essays for themselves, but also enabled them to save an enormous amount of time.

So, brace yourselves as now our essay help writers would be sharing a few steps that would definitely make you a pro in drafting a perfect essay outline for yourselves:

1. Analysing the essay prompt is a must

We have a panel of exclusive perfect essay writer team which understands the importance of comprehending the essay question. This is because, only when a student is able to decipher the question correctly, he would be able to move further. Even if students present a well-articulated essay, but it does not cater to the prompt provided, then it is futile.

In this situation, if you want to draft an essay outline that helps you in writing the entire essay correctly, then you can ask these questions to yourself, just like we do:

Like What are the topic, word count, and type of research that needs to be used?

What is my opinion on this topic and how can I relate it with what I have learnt?

2. Bifurcate the sections into introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion

Make short headings under each of these sections and briefly discuss the ideas that you will be mentioned in them. A perfect essay writer makes sure that the points mentioned under each heading are as brief as possible.

3. Thesis statement

This is considered to be the heart and soul of a perfect essay outline. This is because, if you are able to formulate an appropriate thesis statement, then you have won half of the battle already! As per our perfect essay outline writer, the thesis statement must be concise and also inclusive of all the highlights that you need to address in your essay.

4. Wrap up the essay in the conclusion

This is the last section in the outline of the essay. Here, you have to revisit the thesis statement and summarize all the main findings of the essay. A perfect essay outline is that wherein the conclusion serves the purpose of wrapping up the entire text and reiterate the solutions.

Example of a perfect essay outline

Now that we have shared with you a few basic steps that would ease the task of drafting a perfect outline for your essay, it is time for us to demonstrate the same with the help of an example. With the help of this essay outline, you would be in a position to understand this better.

This is just a general outline that is considered to be a perfect essay outline for almost all the essays. In case, you still face problems in drafting an outline for your essay, then you can get in touch with us.

Some effective tips to create an essay outline quickly

Do you have pressing deadlines to submit your essay, then make use of these tips shared by our perfect essay writer and get going with your outlines instantly.

  • Conduct comprehensive research on the topic
  • Recognise the objectives of the essay
  • List out the main highlights of your research
  • Organise your ideas systematically
  • Revise and eradicate repeated ideas

Take help from our team of essay writers

Assignment Hippo has proved to be a one-stop destination for samples, tips and tricks, guidance over different kinds of essays and more for more than a decade now. Just like we have assisted you in letting you know the ways of creating a perfect essay outline, we are fully geared up to help you with all your doubts, in a variety of essays. In addition to these, we also make sure to offer you our wide range of value-added services as well.

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