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Visual Basic was initiated for the user to learn and do programming for different software. Visual basic assignment assists application as well as databases. It is more expedient to users than any other programming language software. It requires a minimum amount of coding from the programmers to write a program. As well, this method of drag and drop is used in the visual basic. A programmer is permitted to make queries, different forms, and other versatile applications in visual basic. A programmer is also eligible to control the functions of events as well as their attributes.

What Is Visual Basic: - Visual basic is one of the programming languages used to construct software, application files, and ActiveX control files. Visual basic is the encoding language. It is the programming language developed from the basics that allow generating web pages with the help of predefined tools. These tools enable providing a Rapid Application Development (RAD) for the graphical user interface. It is an event-driven programming language, which gives an Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Elements of the Visual Basic by VBA Assignment Help Experts

Before you look for visual essential assignment help, you must know about the basic elements of the Visual Basic that support the programming language's working. Below we are inculcating some of the significant features:

  • Selection and Recurrence Structure: Like any other programming language, loops and structures are vital to understanding the Visual Basic assignment help. If/else statement and if/else/then selection are some of the significant selection structure.
  • Use of variables and constants: -
  • Exploit of operators and expressions: -Different assessments operators are used such as <,>, <=, >=, <>, is, is not, and like operator.
  • Tools to Design Application: -Visual Basic Assignment provides the mechanism to design the application and web pages without any coding.

Application of Visual Basic: -

  • It helps in assembling software as well as application.
  • You can generate files like create files such as .dll, .exe, .exe, and ActiveX control.
  • You can do the designing devoid of any coding and with the help of drag and drop functions.
  • The language can deal with the database, and hence people can deal with massive databases and handle Data Base Management System using the Visual Basic language and script.
  • It has been exhausted into different language visual basic. NET, Visual Basic for application (VBA), Star office Basic, and Gambas and ASP. Therefore during the visual necessary homework help, you can ask for the work based on these languages.

Some of the Common VBA Help topics are: -

  • Program design and coding.
  • Variables and arithmetic operators.
  • Exception Handling.
  • Decision structures, procedure & loop structures.
  • Program and GUI design.

Challenges Faced by students Dealing with Visual Basic assignment: -

  • Not having enough knowledge of the programming language is highly critical to complete the flawless visual necessary assignment.
  • Lack of the possessions to get the relevant data about the visual essential assignment topic.
  • Having less knowledge of the basic visual base.
  • Not having sufficient skills in writing a visual basic assignment with perfect correctness.

The VB is a programming language which mostly fails from the definite model of programming. This language includes the tendency of allowing the development of all easy apps. In addition to complex apps, they are made with the use of a visual basic project.

The Main features of VBA Programming Languages: -

  • Visual Basic is a unique coding language. Visual Basic enables you to speedily and easily build up a bank of visual controls with sliders, switches, and meters.
  • VB can interface with code written in C for the ability.
  • Other graphical user interfaces (GUI) are no enhanced.
  • Visual Basic gives a valuable strategy for building us.

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The purpose of this assignment is to become proficient in
•	Constructing a database in MS Access
•	Connecting a Visual Studio Application to a database and create a Dataset
•	Using the DataGridView control to display a Dataset
•	Bind controls to a Dataset


1) Create a database
a)	Download the Excel file Online Grocer Data.xlsx from the Canvas site.
b)	Create named ranges for the three tables in the spreadsheet
c)	Open MS Access and create a blank database
d)	Import the named ranges of the spreadsheet to an MS Access database.  Repeat the following steps for each table
of the spreadsheet that you want to import to MS Access i) Go to External Data>New Data Source>From File>Excel
ii)	Browse for the Excel file and Import the source data into a new table in the current database
iii)	Next window.  Show named ranges.  Select a named range.
iv)	Next window:  For each named range check First Row Contains Column Headings v) Next window: For each field,
select data type vi) Next window: Choose “let Access add primary key”
vii)	Next window: Import to table – the table name should be the same as the Excel sheet name
viii)	Next window: Close.  A table will be created in the MS Access database that shows the data that is on
the corresponding Excel sheet
e)	Name the MS Access database HW3_Team_XX_DB, where XX is your team number.  Save the database as a 2002-2003
version of MS Access.  This file should have a suffix of “.mdb”.
(10 points)

2) Create a Query in MS Access
a)	Go to Create>Query Design.
b)	Build a Select Query that links the three tables: Category Table, Inventory Table,
Product Table
c)	Make a one-to-many relationship from the Category Table to the Product Table by linking the CategoryID fields.
d)	Make a many-to-one relationship from the Product table to the Inventory table by linking the SKU fields.
e)	Show the following fields in the Query:
i) Category Description from the Category Table ii) Product ID, Product Description and Price from the Product Table
iii) SKU and Available from the Inventory Table iv) Name the query “QueryCategoryProductInventory”
(10 points)

3) Create a connection to the MS Access database
a)	Create a DataSource for the MS Access file.
b)	Make sure that a copy of this MS Access database is made for the DataSet that will be used by the application.
(10 points)

4)	Create two parameterized queries on the DataSet
a)	Create a parameterized SELECT query on the DataTable called
QueryCategoryProductInventory that filters the DataTable for a User-selected Category.  Call this query the
FillByCategory query.  Sort this query by Price (ascending) and Available (descending) in that order.
b)	Create a parameterized UPDATE query on the DataTable called Inventory that updates the Available field
for a selected SKU.  Call this query the UpdateInventory query.  (10 points)

5)	Add Controls to the Form for displaying data.
a)	Create a DataGridView named dgvXXXCategoryProductInventory and a
BindingNavigator called bnvXXXCategoryProductInventory where XXX is your team number.
b)	Bind these Controls to the table in the DataSet called QueryCategoryProductInventory. (10 points)

6)	Add a ComboBox to the Form.
a)	Bind the ComboBox to the DataTable called CategoryTable.
b)	Set the Display Member property to Description and the CategoryID.
c)	The event handler for the event of selecting an item in the ComboBox should run the FillByCategory query
on the DataTable called QueryCategoryProductInventory so that the DataGridView for this DataTable will show
a list of products that is filtered for the category that the User selected in the ComboBox. (15 points)

7)	Add a ListView control to the Form
(5 points)

8)	Add a Button to the Form
a)	The text of the Button should say “Add to Cart”
b)	The event handler for clicking on this Button should perform the following actions:
i)	Retrieve the ProductDescription and the Price of the product that the User selects from the DataGridView.
Use the SelectedRows property and the Cells property to retrieve these values.
ii)	Add the price of the selected item to a variable called totalSale.
iii)	Add the ProductDescription and the Price to the ListView for the User to see.  Do this by adding a
ListViewItem to the list of items of the ListView.   (10 points)

9)	Add a Button to the Form
a)	The text of the Button should say “Remove”
b)	When the User selects an item from the ListView and then clicks this Button, the event handler for
clicking on this Button should perform the following actions: i) Deduct the price of the selected item
from the totalSale. ii) Remove the selected item from the ListView
 (5 points)

10) Add a Button called Checkout.  The event handler for clicking this button should display the totalSale
in a Label.
(5 points)

11)	Bells and Whistles
a)	Set the size of the Form and the columns of the DataGridViews so that all data and column headings are
visible to the User with no empty space on the DataGridView.  Use the column editor to set the text, width,
font, text position, wrapping properties of each column.   The User should not have to scroll the
DataGridViews horizontally.
b)	Personalize your application with your own color scheme for the Form and Controls.  Besides being
visually appealing, it is most important that this scheme be clear and the layout of the form be logical
and easy for the User to follow.
c)	Define Fonts that are consistent, clear, easy to see and do not overlap label boundaries or other
objects on the Form.
d)	Make sure that all Controls are aligned and spaced symmetrically within the form. (5 points)

12)	Submission:  Make a zip file of your entire directory that contains all of the files of the solution
and the MS Access file.    Name this zip file according to the Submission Requirements that are posted
on the Canvas Site.  Upload the zip file to the Canvas assignment site.
(5 points)

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