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Was the US Civil War Inevitable?


The civil war was fought in the United States from the year 1861-1865. The war was fought between the two powers of America namely states loyal to the Union and southern states. Slavery was the act that was prevailing in the whole of America. Blacks were treated as slaves. And this act of slavery was deeply rooted in the country. The major cause of this war was the enslavement of blacks. The background of this war lies after Abraham Lincoln won the elections. There were almost seven states that can be considered as the slave states in the country. Lincoln was not ready to free the slaves, and this led to the war. The formation of Union was the favorable by Lincoln. This agitated the southern side and they called for the war.

America was declared as an independent country after the country won independence from the British in 1783. This newly formed country expanded its power and started conquering the lands of the southern area. The strong discrepancy between south and north always created stress. The north side of the country was more populated and industrialized. Norther n’s were in favor of enslavement of slavery. The southern side on the other hand wanted to secede from the United States. The war broke out took the bloody shade. It killed more than 60000 people.

The Historical Information

On 20th December 1860, Carolina decided to withdraw from the union. Another six states withdraw their role from the union noticing the secede of South Carolina By the next year, 7 states united and became the Confederate States of America. It was a four-year-long war between the United States and the 11 Southern states who withdrawal from the union and form the Confederate States of America. The secession of the Southern States leads to slavery and armed hostility. Between 1815 and 1861, northern states of the United States were growing fast in the terms of technology and culture. Whether the southern stars were all about having large farms which used to produced crops. Slavery was one of the main components in the Southern states.

Northern states used to invest their money in the factors and industrialization and the northern use to put all their money on slavery and slave. Southern states were popular for their land and farming, but they used to invest more money in slaves rather than the land. The first political incident noticed was the Missouri Compromise of 1820. And the war between America and Mexican resulted in the United States gaining a huge amount of land which also scented a new source of dispute. Over time, the two sides became more and more aware of their rights and polarized. In 1860, when Abraham Lincoln became the president of the United States and Was working for an antislavery commission, the Southern state was carried away by the news.

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In 1861 April, enemies fired the entrance of Fort Sumter. Sadly, it was the deadliest incident that took place in South Carolina. And later that incident, four Southern states left the union. The northern State had many advantages over the Sothern because Northern America was much more advance in every field than the Southern States. The northern States popular was more than the South and the was constituted with better facilities like transportation, network, canal, and railroads. They had improved militants which were well equipped and trained. Some of the advantages that the Southern state could have enjoyed were. They fought in their motherland and they also had military, but they were not trained as the Northern states. Secondly, Southern States has the best commanders such as Robert E Lee, Joseph, and Stonewall. The Northern States took the following measures to win control over the southern States. Some of the goals were securing authority over the Mississippi river, prohibiting the south boundaries to restrict the trading with international borders, reduced the ability of the south to generate goods and services and last was to confederate the army out of the attack.

The South fought very hard to stop the Northern States from accomplishing these goals and lose the war against North America. The major disadvantage that South people faced was regarding the slaves. And North suffered because they did not act according to their president. And the Southern became more vulnerable when there was a complete ban came into the existence issued by the North.

Inevitable war

The war was surely inevitable because of the causes and issues behind the war. The war was a serious issue and it was unavoidable due to the conditions that America had lived that way for so long that it turned into a war. Historians claim that there can be a possibility of a compromise where two states could settle. Other histories state that the compromise was ignored by the upcoming generation. And the evidence regarding the generation sounds quite genuine. At that point may want the states being reality joined together. It may want to likewise have contended that revisionist antiquarians writing at some stage in the Nineteen Thirties and Forties wanted actual verifiable placing seeing that they "inspected the motives for the Civil War whilst war as a strategy for looking after troubles changed into now no longer considered as a valid arrangement." They were taken into consideration struggle fare to be a super fiendishness even though withinside the nineteenth century, the battle changed into considered as a valid strategy for looking after troubles. In this manner in line with nineteenth-century lawmakers, geared up conflict might have been considered as an unavoidable boost to propel their political philosophy as soon as a danger emerged.


To conclude the inevitability of the war, one can access that the war was an inevitable occurrence because there were many differences in the thought process of the South and the North. Lincoln, the president of America at the time believed that it is not appropriate for the existence of two states. It was somewhere important to settle the two different ideologies and unit the nation. Settlement and compromise were the options, but political settling would have led one state to rule over the other’s ideology and wiping out the other’s culture. the north or the South never grew together economically or politically which created a huge amount of disturbance in America. The war created disturbance but the result of the war was the abolition of slavery and the state accepted the United. This war causes a lot of disturbance, and Lincoln was assassinated, North won the war.