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Remember yellow Pages!! In the 1900s, when the telephone was hanging around and getting all the attention, it provided a platform to all the business to advertise their services. Soon it became the SOP for boosting the business territory, and it was utterly sensible to adopt such unique moves.

Similarly, the worldwide web brought a new revolution for the business across the world, and within no time, it became a status quo. It was truly more than the phone directory that worked as a mirror for most of the business. Quickly the WWW swept away the printed form of advertising and showcasing products and services.

Today almost all businesses go online to reach out to the customers, and today the websites have become an integral part of every business irrespective of the size or volume of the business.

Realizing the prospect and demand of websites all the universities across the globe emphasize more on providing students key insight on web designing & development in the Computer Science & Engineering course. The professors also focus on academic obligations like assignment writing and essays and access students based on the quality of writing and skills.

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What Does Website Development Means According to Our Professionals?

Simply put, web development is all about structuring and maintaining the websites, and it is the effort put behind the picture of a website for making it aesthetic and offer a seamless user experience. Moreover, website development is all about to bring together all the relevant codes and make the website workable.

It comprises of web mark-up, coding and more specifically client-side scripting, server-side scripting, server and network security configuration.

Types of Website Development

The website development can be categorized into

  • Front-end development (client-side)

  • Back-end development (Server Side)

  • Full-stack development

The front-end or client-side development is all about the layout, design and interactivity of the website where the website developers employ the concepts of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Front-end development makes the website visually appealing, include drop-down menus and text along with a set of programs and codes for structuring key elements.

The back-end website development is all about the server for hosting the website, storing necessary data along with applications for running the website and a database that contains elementary data.

The back-end website development ensures smooth functioning of the server, applications along with the database and use a variety of back-end or server-side languages like Java, PHP or Python.

On the other hand, the full-stack website development is the combination of front-end and back-end processes. It relates both the client-side and server-side programming as well. .

A Definite Guide to Get into the Website Development Process

The website development is not like something which you can do with your eyes shut. It requires a lot of understanding, extensive knowledge on the programming language and comprehending the needs. Students into website development should access the type of website, the need of coding languages and key resources before getting into developing a website.

In such a scenario, our website development can be instrumental in enlightening you with the best knowledge. Here is an overview of the website development process that you need to follow for crafting an engaging & user-friendly website.

Plan Your Website

The foremost thing is website development is the planning, as a developer, you need to come up with a definite plan or say wireframe. It offers a vision and direction to move forward for making a successful website.

It describes what you are going to picture and what information you need for implementing your ideas. Remember while drafting your wireframe you need to have the answers for

What content you are going to use on your website page and how to organize the pages into the right categories.

Write the Necessary Codes for Your Website

Right after planning the elementary ideas for your website, you need to proceed for writing codes. There are different codes for the front-end as well as back-end which cultivates different functionalities of your website.


The HyperText Mark-up Language is the fundamental programming language for any website. It is used since the last quarter of the 90s and persuades the minimum requirement for developing a website.

Our website design and development assignment help provide the best insight on HTML and its definite usage. At current times HTML5 is the latest version, and it is quite popular for mobile application development.


The Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) came into the picture in the late 90s like HTML is instrumental in using various design elements like layouts, colours and typography into your website. CSS rightly provides the aesthetic value to your website and goes well with almost all browsers.


The primary advantage of JavaScript is he added functionality to your websites; it helps in adding the animations and interactive features in your website for enhancing the user experience.

Ultimately languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the essential part of website development although there are other languages like C++, Java and Python. They are the building blocks for any website for sure.

The Back-end of Your Website

The back-end of your website is all about handling data for providing the necessary functionality to the front-end developments. In this, the database is highly crucial for storing, unifying and processing the data. At the same time, the server is responsible for sending and processing all the data requests.

A server is nothing but a mediator between the database and the client. Both the database and server work together for creating the base of a website.

In the back-end development aspects like logic code, database management and infrastructure also quite essential. In this, the logic code is primarily a set of rules that defines the response and interaction of various objects in a website and database management defines the process of data organization and its effective management.

The Frontend of Your Website

The front-end of a website describes how the users are going to see the website, and it includes a combination of languages like JavaScript, HTML and CSS. The front-end also manages the fonts, navigation, responsiveness and browser compatibility. It also represents your vision for a successful website.

A Sample Assignment Handled by Our Website Development Experts

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