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What is Agrostology

Agrostology is the study or say the investigation of the grasses and also known as graminology. Students studying Agrostology in Australia are responsible for the upkeeping of agribusiness, grass generation & protection, and ecological agriculture.

The branch of Botany deal with the study of grasses, and their classification came into existence in the year 1708 by the German Botanist Johann Scheuchzer. Today the agrostologists make all their effort to determine the genetic inheritance, their nature to adapt to a specific habitat, and the relationships between different groups of grasses in the family.

Characteristic of Grasses Explained in our Agrostology Assignment Help

The grasses come under the largest and most important families of plants: the Poaceae. According to the Botanists, there are near about nine thousand species of grasses across the globe. They are available in a variety of habitat and undoubtedly the primary source of food.

The grasses are long and feature narrow leaves; they have flattened, round, or even hallow stems and can grow up to 100 meters and grow along the ground. The flowers of the grasses are small, and they don’t have petals like usual plants but generates a huge amount of pollen.

Moreover, the grasses don’t have flowers; they are mainly florets due to the size, and their fruits are popular as grain. Grasses like Wheat, rice, and corn are the essential consumption of human beings. It also provides much-needed calories to the body.

The sugarcane and bamboo also come under the grass family, and both are quite instrumental as food and construction material.

The grasses are mostly Monocotyledonous, which means they feature only one cotyledon in their seeds. On the other hand, they have a Fibrous Root System that comprises seminal or adventitious roots for supporting the plant in life.

The grasses also lack woody stems, so they are completely flexible, and they are the ultimate in adopting a range of conditions. You can find grasses in the rain forests, deserts, cold areas, and almost all habitats. The grasses reproduce in two ways; firstly, they reproduce through the seeding process and stems.

Types of Grasses

Warm Season Grasses

The grasses that sustain in the warm climates and grow without difficulty are the warm-season grasses. Usually, they need very less water for their survival and prevalent as C4 plants due to the availability of 4 carbon atoms. The Bermuda grass, Sudan Grass, and corn are examples of warm-season grasses.

Cool Season Grasses

The cool-season grasses usually grow under medium temperature and sunlight. They also require abundant water and Co2 level of more than 200 ppm. The grasses like rice, barley, Perennial Ryegrass, Tall Fescue are the primary examples of cool-season grasses.

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