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Animal biotechnology and its history

The topic is wide enough to incorporate various aspects of gene mutation of animals. For a long time, people have started crossing the animals to find out the results. There are various scholars and researchers in the field of animal biotechnology. These experts have considered the importance of transgenic animals that has the potential to offer unique opportunities to the pharmaceutical industry.


This process incorporates the transmission of genes from one living organism to the other. Usually, with the help of gene splicing, the required vector is transferred from the desired gene to the host. The ultimate aim of transgenic is to identify the gene function and the DNA sequences that can likely improve the production of various products like milk, medicine, meat, and wool.

Knockout Gene Technology

The existing technology of the animal is replaced by indigenous gene to a specific nutrition process. An entirely new DNA sequence is formulated that knocked out the existent DNA.

Somatic Nuclear Transfer of Cell

Under this technique, multiple copies of clones are produced with the help of the same type of genes. There are various categories of animals that are cloned since the year 1996. Sheep, moose, goats, cattle, pigs, and the list go on for the animals that are cloned for a long time.

Culture of Cells in Products

There are various virus vaccines produced with the help of animal cell cultures. The intimates of different biochemical that contain a good weightage of proteins like cellular biochemical, enzymes, and hormones are some of the proteins that are very helpful to produce vaccines. Various antibodies can be created with the help of tissue transplants.


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